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By Joshua Higham on 2011-05-17 10:42:10

Chikara presents “Anniversario and his Amazing Friends” Saturday, May 21, 2011 at the Palmer Center in Easton, PA. Belltime is 7 pm.

We celebrate the ninth birthday of Chikara with the beginning of the 12 Large Summit, the round robin tournament to crown a Chikara champion. Chikara returns to the hotbed of Easton that has seen some amazing moments in the past few months, including the Dark Ciberknetico in October and the near-riot between Claudio and Kingston in February. It speaks to the quality and depth of the Chikara roster that they can be missing quite a few wrestlers due to other commitments (Castagnoli, Delirious, Del Rey), overseas tours (Tursas, Ophidian, and Icarus with Osaka Pro), and injury (Jigsaw and Amasis) and still put together eight big matches. 
Hallowicked vs. Mike Quackenbush 
The first match of the 12 Large Summit Block A, the teacher and protege and frequent partners will go at it to get the first win of the tournament. With only 5 matches per person until the final in November, every win, loss, and draw matters dearly. You do not want to start out 0-1. 
3.0 vs. The Unstable 
This feud started as good harmless when 3.0 called The Unstable boring earlier this year. In Brooklyn, before their scheduled match, Vin Gerard of the Unstable entered the crowd and began talking to a female fan. This brought out Shane Matthews and Scott Parker, as Matthews went after Gerard before escorting the female, later revealed to be Matthews’ girlfriend, out of the Warsaw.
The Colony and Madison Eagles vs. BDK (Ares, Daizee Haze, Pinkie Sanchez, and Jakob Hammermeier) 
There’s plenty of bad blood between the Colony and the BDK over the past 18 months. The Ants were among the first assaulted by the BDK right before Pinkie Sanchez revealed himself to be one of the Chikara traitors. Ares and Castagnoli took the Campeonatos de Parejas from Fire Ant and Soldier Ant and then with Tursas won the 2010 King of Trios with a little help of Derek Sabato. Madison Eagles joins with the Colony for atomicos action. Can Ares’ lead the BDK to victory in his first Chikara match since losing the Campeonatos in December? 
Frightmare vs. Archibald Peck 
The Young Lions Cup holder, Frightmare, will face off with one of the newest members of the Chikara roster, the leader of March Madness, Archibald Peck. The Cup is not on the line, but Peck wants to get to a winning record in Chikara, after losing to Kingston in March and defeating Colt Cabana in April. Frightmare will have to keep one eye of Veronica with the baton on the floor. 
Eddie Kingston vs. Sinn Bodhi 
Sinn Bodhi made some comments during the live Preshow-A-Go-Go that did not sit well with most of the Chikara fans. He will address those comments in Easton and then meet Eddie Kingston one on one (though, The Batiri will certainly be lurking somewhere close). Eddie Kingston is headed for the 12 Large Summit and has to be one of the favorites. Bodhi can be a major spoiler and get into the head of Kingston. Or Kingston could have taken offense at what Bodhi said and beat him down. 
The Throwbacks vs. The Batiri 
This is a rematch from the Tag Team Gauntlet at King of Trios Night 3. The Batiri was disqualified when Obariyon went low on Dasher Hatfield. The DQ gave The Throwbacks their third point, but they immediately lost it when Hatfield was met with a Royal Butterfly from Sara Del Rey. The Throwbacks surely want revenge from the shot to the junk (see: avoid the baseball pun and keep it PG), but the second point may be more important.  
Ultramantis Black vs. Chuck Taylor 
Ultramantis Black seems to be recovering from his evil ways with the formation of the Spectral Envoy. With two big evils introduced to Chikara, the BDK and The Dark Army, both of which have direct ties to Lord Mantis, FIST may have taken a back seat as a rudo force. FIST reached the finals of King of Trios and may be on the rise again. This is a first time one on one meeting. Their paths haven’t crossed much in the past, but this is a dream matchup for longtime Chikara fans. 
Hieracon vs. Brodie Lee 
Hieracon will be the only representative of the Osirian Portal in Easton. He stands alone with one of the biggest members of the Chikara roster on the opposite side of the ring. Classic matchup of speed versus power. Hieracon has been impressive since his transformation, but a Big Boot from Brodie Lee can stop anyone in their tracks. 
For tickets, go to General admission tickets are $20.


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