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By Cohen Morrison on 2011-05-12 09:20:16
Here are the results from Hermosillo:

1: Chris Masters Def. Jack Swagger with The Masterlock.

2: Percy Watson Def. Zack Ryder - R-Truth Attacks Percy after The Match.

3: R-Truth Def. Evan Bourne.

4: Mason Ryan Def. Primo.

5: Kofi Kingston & Big Show Def. Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk.

6: Divas Championship: Brie Bella (c) With Nikki Bella Def. Eve Torres.

7: Sin Cara Def. Dolph Ziggler.

8: Main Event for The WWE Championship: John Cena (c) Def The Miz with Cena hits The AA on Miz & Cena posed with the fans to close the show.

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