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By Mike Johnson & Buck Woodward on 2011-05-08 08:00:00

May 8th
On this day in history in ....
1964 - The WWWF ran West Hempsted, NY, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Tony Marino defeating Jerry & Luke Graham.
1967 - WWWF ran Trenton, NJ with the following results:
-Jerry Graham defeated the Ox.
-Spiros Arion defeated Smasher Sloan.
-Bull Ortega defeated Arnold Skaaland.
-Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Arman Hussian.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Spiros Arion defeated Tank Morgan & Baron Mikel Scicluna.
1969 - The WWWF ran Washington, D.C. at the National Arena with the following results:
-John L. Sullivan defeated Tony Altimore.
-Dominic DeNucci defeated Lou Albano.
-Killer Kowalski defeated Arnold Skaaland.
-Bulldog Brower defeated Angelo Savoldi.
-Victor Rivera defeated Duke Savage.
-The Fabulous Moolah & Toni Rose defeated Alice Young & Betty Walker in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2 falls to 0.
-Victor Rivera (substituing for WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino) fought Prof. Toru Tanaka to a draw
1970 - The WWWF ran Elizabeth, NJ at the Armory with the following results:
-Dominic DeNucci pinned Arnold Skaaland at 12:10.
-Salah El Din pinned Frank Hickey at 11:25.
-Eric the Red pinned the Red Demon at 7:15.
-Lee Wong defeated Joe Turco via disqualification at 12:10.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino pinned Karl Kovacs at 15:25.
-Victor Rivera & Mario Milano defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mike Conrad in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0.
1973 - WWWF ran Hagerstown, MD, headlined by Freddie Blassie defeating El Olympico  Undercard results saw Juan Caruso defeat Ben Ortiz, Mike McCord defeat Ernie Lassiter and Tony Garea defeat Miguel Feliciano.
1973 - WWWF also ran The Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY with the following results:
-Joe Turco fought Miguel Feliciano to a draw.
-Iron Mike McCord defeatead Vincente Pometti.
-Moondog Mayne defeated El Olympico.
-The Fabulous Moolah & Dottie Downs defeated Lily Thomas & Tippy Wells.
-WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeated Freddie Blassie.
1974 - Jimmy & Johnny Valiant defeat Dean Ho & Tony Garea for the WWWF Tag Team Title in Hamburg, Pennsylvania at the Fieldhouse during a TV Taping for All Star Wrestling. This would be the only time this combination of the Valiant brothers would win the title. Johnny and Jerry Valiant would win them in 1979, right before they were renamed the WWF Tag Team Title.
1974 - Antonio Inoki defeats Killer Karl Krupp and Seiji Sakaguchi to win the 1st Annual New Japan Pro Wrestling World League.  Inoki, Krupp and Sakaguchi had all tied each other in the round robin portion of the tournament.
1976 - WWWF ran Boston, MA at the Boston Garden with a matinee event featuring the following results:
-Kevin Sullivan fought Baron Mikel Scicluna to a draw.
-Bobo Brazil defeated Rocky Tomayo.
-Executioner #2 (John Studd) defeated Pat Barrett.
-Executioner #1 (Killer Kowalski) pinned Jose Gonzalez with a knee drop to the head after Gonzalez hit the corner.
-Skandor Akbar defeated Man Mountain Mike at 9:42.
-Haystacks Calhoun defeated Crusher Blackwell at 11:16.
-Ivan Putski defeated Louis Cyr at 8:27.
-Stan Hansen defeated WWWF Tag Team Champion Louis Cerdan via disqualification at 7:28 when Tony Parisi and another wrestler made the save after Hansen knocked Cerdan out with the lariat.
-Ernie Ladd fought WWWF Tag Team Champion Tony Parisi to a no contest at 9:20.
-Stan Hansen won a 20-man battle royal by last eliminating Jose Gonzalez; other participants included Bobo Brazil, Haystacks Calhoun, the Executioners, Jerry Blackwell, WWWF Tag Team Champions Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi, Louis Cyr, Man Mountain Mike, Ernie Ladd, Kevin Sullivan, Superstar Billy Graham, Ivan Putski, Gorilla Monsoon, Scandor Akbar, & Baron Mikel Scicluna; order of elimination: Graham by Brazil via a headbutt; after the elimination, Graham got back up on the ring apron where he received several more headbutts from Brazil until he was sent to the floor; Putski by one of the Executioners; the Executioners by Cerdan & Parisi; Cyr by Brazil; Ladd by Brazil via a headbutt; Brazil was eliminated; Cerdan by Hansen; Parisi by Hansen; after the elimination, Parisi returned to the ring where he was attacked by Hansen and Akbar and thrown to the floor by Akbar; Akbar by Gonzalez via a dropkick; Gonzalez by Hansen via the lariat.
1976 - After the matinee in Boston, the roster split into two, running events that evening in Kingston, NY and New Haven, CT.  The CT event was headlined by Ivan Koloff vs. Bruno Sammartino with Haystacks Calhoun as the special referee.  The NY event was headlined by Ivan Putski vs. Ernie Ladd.
1978 - The WWWF ran Washington, PA at The Senior High School Gym,  The benefit event had initially been scheduled for February 27th but had been postponed due to a coal miner's strike.  Results from the show saw:
-Dino Bravo defeated Johnny DeFazio.
-Dominic DeNucci defeated Strong Kobayashi.
-Ivan Putski defeated Stan Stasiak via count-out.
-Haystacks Calhoun & Larry Zbyszko defeated Butcher Vachon & Johnny Rodz.
1981 - The WWF ran Pittsburgh, PA at the Civic Arena with the following results:
-Johnny DeFazio defeated Jim Grabmire.
-Bruno Sammartino Jr. (David) defeated Pete Mitchell.
-Angelo Mosca defeated Dominic DeNucci.
-Farmer Jerome & the Carolina Kid defeated Sky Low Low & the Chocolate Kid.
-Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeated Lou Albano & Moondog Rex.
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated SD Jones via count-out.
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Killer Khan.
1982 -WWF ran the Boston Garden, drawing 13,007 with the following results:
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Pete Doherty.
-Tony Garea defeated Charlie Fulton.
-Mr. Saito defeated Pete Sanchez.
-Mr. Fuji defeated Rick McGraw.
-Greg Valentine defeated Johnny Rodz
-Blackjack Mulligan defeated Steve Travis.
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales defeated Adrian Adonis via disqualification.
-Tony Atlas defeated Jesse Ventura in a steel cage match.
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Bob Orton Jr.
1983 - NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated Billy Jack Haynes via disqualification in Cetralia, Washington.
1984 - Ivan Koloff & Don Kernolde defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood to win the titles in Raleigh, NC.  The undercard featured:
-Sam Houston defeated Ben Alexander.
-Brian Adidas defeated Bob Orton Jr.
-Adrian Street defeated Rufus R. Jones
.-Jimmy Valiant defeated Tully Blanchard via disqualification.
The same evening, Jim Crockett Promotions also ran Columbia, SC, featuring the following results:
-Vinnie Valentino defeated Jeff Sword.
-Gary Royal defeated Doug Vines.
-Jesse Barr defeated Barry Hart.
-Johnny Weaver defeated Kurt Von Hess.
-Wahoo McDaniel defeated Ernie Ladd.
-Ricky Steamboat defeated Dick Slater via disqualification.
1985 - WWF ran a charity event at the Shikellany, IL High School, headlined by  WWF Tag Team Champions Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik defeating The U.S. Express, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo.
1985 - WWF ran The Fieldhouse in Hamburg, PA with the following results:
-Tony Garea defeated Johnny Rodz (substituing for Don Muraco).
-Rocky Johnson defeated Rene Goulet.
-George Sanders (substituing for Ivan Putski) defeated Ken Patera via disqualification.
-The Fabulous Moolah (substituing. for Mad Maxine) defeated Wenona Little Heart.
-Salvatore Bellomo defeated Steve Lombardi; the match replaced a previously scheduled David Sammartino vs. Buddy Rose match.
-The Junkyard Dog fought WWF Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine to a draw.
1986 -  WWF ran Welland, Ontario at the Arena with the following results:
-Rene Goulet defeated Bob Marcus.
-Tony Parisi defeated Steve Lombardi.
-Candi Perdue defeated Judy Martin.
-Ted Arcidi defeated Iron Mike Sharpe.
-Cpl. Kirchner defeated Nikolai Volkoff.
-The Iron Sheik defeated Sivi Afi.
-Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart.
1986 -WWF ran East Rutherford, NJ at the Meadowlands, headlined by WWF champion Hulk Hogan defeating Don Muraco, Dory "Hoss" Funk defeating The Junkyard Dog and a tag match featuring Tito Santana & King Tonga (subbing for Hillbilly Jim) defeating WWF IC Champion Randy Savage & Bob Orton Jr. (subbing for Adrian Adonis) when Santana pinned Savage.
1987 - WWF ran Richfield, OH at the Coliseum, drawing 8,000 fans with the following results:
-Outback Jack defeated Steve Lombardi.
-Brad Rheingans defeated Frenchy Martin.
-Ron Bass defeated Pedro Morales.
-Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo defeated Jacques & Raymond Rougeau.
-Kamala defeated George Steele via disqualification.
-Jim Duggan pinned the Iron Sheik.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid in a steel cage match.
-WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned King Harley Race with a roll up after avoiding Race's headbutt off the top.
1987 - WWF ran Springfield, MA at the Civic Center drawing 2,776 with the following:
-Sika defeated SD Jones.
-Nikolai Volkoff defeated Jerry Allen.
-Demolition defeated the Islanders.
-Billy Jack Haynes (substituting for Jake Roberts) pinned the Honkytonk Man.
-Koko B. Ware pinned Danny Davis.
-Paul Roma & Jim Powers defeated the Shadows (Randy Culley & Jose Luis Rivera).
-WWF IC Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Randy Savage in a steel cage match at around the 5-minute mark
1988 - Kerry Von Erich defeats Iceman King Parsons in Irving, Texas to win the World Class Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title for the second time.
1988 - Tatsumi Fujinami defeats Big Van Vader for the IWGP Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan. The title had been vacated by Antonio Inoki (who was the initial IWGP Champion after New Japan decided to make it a regular title, as opposed to a yearly tournament championship, which it had been since 1983) due to a broken foot.
1989 - WWF ran The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ with the card broadcast over the MSG Network:
-Mr. Perfect pinned the Blue Blazer with the Perfectplex at 10:59.
-Bret Hart fought Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart) to a 20-minute time limit draw at 19:34; late in the bout, Mr. Perfect came ringside briefly, distracting Hart.
-Tito Santana fought Rick Martel (w/ Slick) to a no contest when Martel attacked Santana before the bout during Santana's entrance, with the referee deeming Santana unable to compete but would allow the match to take place later in the card if Santana's condition improved, which it did.
-The Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Hillbilly Jim at 9:15 with a running knee to the back and hooking Jim's overalls for leverage after Jim became distracted by Hart; prior to the bout, Jim danced with ring attendant Tony Chimmel at ringside.
-The Ultimate Warrior defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Rick Rude (with Bobby Heenan) via count-out at 10:02 when Rude began walking backstage as Warrior chased Heenan into the ring.
-Jim Powers pinned Iron Mike Sharpe at 10:34 with a powerslam.
-The Red Rooster pinned the Brooklyn Brawler with a sunset flip after the Brawler hit the turnbuckle at 10:10.
-Rick Martel (w/ Slick) pinned Tito Santana at 3:24 with his feet on the ropes.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated the Big Bossman & Akeem (w/ Slick) via disqualification at 15:12 when Bossman attacked the champions with his nightstick; after the bout, Akeem attempted to handcuff Ax to the bottom rope until Smash made the save with a steel chair.
-Zeus appeared on The Brother Love Show, with Zeus cutting a promo ripping on Hulk Hogan while claiming he was the true star of WWF's first film "No Holds Barred."
1989 - WWF announced Summerslam would be held at the Meadowlands in August 1989.
1990 - The NWA World championship is defended in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the first time in six years as Ric Flair defeated Road Warrior Hawk by DQ in 12 minutes.  The NWA card at the Metro Centre drew 1,200 fans and featured:
-Mike Rotunda pinned Bruce Martin.
-Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Joe Hogan.
-Mike Rotunda & Norman defeated Dutch Mantell & Kevin Sullivan.
-Road Warrior Animal pinned Bobby Eaton.
1991 - WCW ran Birmingham, Alabama at the Boutwell Auditorium featuring the following results:
-Big Van Vader pinned Black Bart.
-Bobby Eaton pinned Terrance Taylor.
-Big Josh pinned Rip Morgan.
-Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong defeated Michael Hayes & Jack Victory (who was substituting for Jimmy Garvin, who had a pinched nerve in his neck and was unable to compete.)
-Dustin Rhodes defeated the Angel of Death.
-Sting & El Gigante defeated Stan Hansen & Dan Spivey via disqualification when Hansen choked Gigante with his bullrope.
-WCW World Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair & Barry Windham.
1992 - WCW ran St. Joseph, MO at The Civic Arena, drawing 1,700 fans with the following results:
-Big Josh pinned Richard Morton.
-Van Hammer pinned JT Southern.
-The Junkyard Dog pinned Mr. Hughes.
-Ron Simmons pinned Cactus Jack.
-Nikita Koloff (subsituting for WCW World Champion Sting) & the Great Muta defeated Big Van Vader & WCW U.S. Champion Rick Rude via disqualification when Harley Race interfered.
-WCW US.. Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Terry Taylor defeated Tom Zenk & Marcus Alexander Bagwell.
-Ricky Steamboat pinned Steve Austin.
-WCW World Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton when Rick pinned Eaton after catching him coming off the top and hitting a belly to belly suplex as Rick was on Anderson's shoulders.
1993 - Wolfie D defeats Danny Davis in Memphis, Tennessee to win the USWA Middleweight Title, becoming the final champion in the belt's short (four months) existence.
1995 - The USWA ran Memphis, TN, headlined by Jerry Lawler & Psycho Sid defeating Brian Lee & Ron Harris in the main event.
1996 - WWF ran in Kuwait City, Kuwait, featuring the following results:
-Savio Vega vs. Duke Drose; Drose played the heel in the match.
-Kuwait Cup Opening Round: Steve Austin defeated Marty Jannetty via submission with the Million Dollar Dream after kicking Jannetty in the face as he ran into the corner.
-Ahmed Johnson vs. Aldo Montoya; Montoya played the heel for the match.
-The Bushwhackers vs. Bob Backlund & Isaac Yankem.
-Bret Hart defeated Leif Cassidy via submission with the Sharpshooter after catching Cassidy in the air as he attempted a leapfrog.
-The Undertaker pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley with the tombstone.
-WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Davey Boy Smith with a backdrop and the superkick.
1997 - ECW ran The Madhouse of Extreme, the Elks Lodge in Queens, NY with the following results:
-Axl Rotten pinned Chris Chetti.
-Spike Dudley pinned Little Guido.
-Balls Mahoney pinned the New Jersey Devil (Bill Wiles).
-Tommy Dreamer defeated Louie Spicolli.
-ECW World TV Champion Shane Douglas defeated Pitbull #1.
-ECW World Tag Team Champions The Eliminators defeated The Gangstas and D-Von & Big Dudley in an elimination match.
-Raven defeated the Sandman and Stevie Richards in a Three-Way Dance.
-ECW World Champion Terry Funk defeated Raven at the 4-minute mark.
-Taz & Chris Candido defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu at the 10-minute mark.
1997 - WCW ran Salina, KS with the following results:
-Bobby Eaton defeated Steve Armstrong.
-Konnan defeated Marty Jannetty.
-Yuji Nagata defeated Ernest Miller.
-Psychosis & La Parka defeated Silver King & Juventud Guerrera.
-WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Disco Inferno.
-Sting & Lex Luger defeated Scott Norton & WCW World Tag Team Champion Scott Hall.
1999 - ECW ran at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the following results:
- Little Guido defeated Mosco De La Merced with a Boston Crab.
- Justin Credible did an interview announcing that due to injury, Sabu was not being allowed to wrestle.  Credible bragged about putting Sabu out of action.
- Danny Doring defeated Bill Whiles with a double arm DDT.  Whiles was actually working as a timekeeper, and chanted "boring" while Doring and Roadkill were having an interview, leading to their match.
- TAKA Michinoku & Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Super Crazy & Spike Dudley when TAKA hit the Michinoku Driver #2 on Crazy for the pin.  The match had started with Crazy teaming with Super Nova, but the FBI attacked Nova, leading to Spike Dudley substituting.
- Chris Candido defeated Chris Chetti when Chetti was injured and could no longer continue.  Candido attacked Chetti on the stretcher, leading to ECW World Champion (and Chetti's cousin) Taz running off Candido.  Taz then beat up Chetti, saying if this is what he would do to his own cousin, Candido could imagine what would be done to him.
- Steve Corino vs. Axl Rotten ended in a no-contest when the Dudleys attacked Rotten, and Corino left.
- ECW World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz defeated Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney after 3D on Balls.
- ECW World Television Champion Rob Van Dam defeated Skull Von Krush with the five star frog splash.
- Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lynn & Francine defeated Lance Storm, Justin Credible & Dawn Marie when Francine pinned Storm after DDTing Dawn into Storm's groin.
1999 - J.R. Smooth defeats Michael Hayes for the Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee.
2000 - Chris Benoit defeats Chris Jericho for the WWF Intercontinental Title in Uniondale, New York, ending Jericho's 3rd IC Title reign after only six days. This marked the beginning of Benoit's second run with the belt.
2000 - WCW broadcast Nitro from St. Louis, MO with the following results:
-WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk defeated Norman Smiley & Ralphus in a handicap hardcore match.
-Shawn Stasiak defeated Capt. Rection.
-Mike Awesome defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a stretcher match.
-Kronik defeated Stevie Ray & Big T, Ron & Don Harris, and Big Vito & Johnny the Bull in an elimination match.
-Elizabeth fought Daffney to a no contest.
-Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash fought Mike Awesome, Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio Jr., & Konnan to a no contest in a handicap streetfight.
-WCW World Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting.
2002 - Tom Howard defeats Christopher Daniels in Santa Ana, California to win the Ultimate Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title.  Howard, already the UPW Shoot Champion, unifies the two belts.
2004 - The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, housed in Schenectady, New York held  their 2004 induction ceremonies. The 2004 inductees were Mae Young, Gordon Solie, Lord Little Brook, Terry Funk, Harley Race, Verne Gagne, William Muldoon, Vince McMahon Sr., Angelo Savoldi, Freddie Blassie, The Vachons, Len Rossi, and Dr. John Bonica.   In attendance at the ceremonies were Paul and Maurice Vachon, Angelo Savoldi, Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, Harley Race, Verne Gagne, Johnny Rodz, Killer Kowalski, Nick Bockwinkel, Dave O'Hannon, Lord Littlebrook, (The Missing Link) Dewey Robertson, Destroyer Dick Beyer, S.D. Jones, Angelo Mosca, Jim Powers, Ida Mae Martinez, Bill Eadier, Johnny Valiant, and Terry Funk.
2005 - The Mark Curtis Memorial Wrestling Reunion took place on at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN.  Tim Whitehead filed the following live report:
The Mark Curtis Memorial Wrestling Reunion took place on at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN.  All proceeds went to the Children's Miracle Network. The live crowd was small (about 300) but enthusiastic. It was something of a nostalgia event as it had the feeling of a Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) show. SMW ran monthly at Freedom Hall during early 1990s. It's hard to believe it's been a decade since SMW closed shop.
Tommy Noe, SMW's ring announcer, opened the show by introducing Les Thatcher & Chip Kessler, two of SMW's TV hosts.
All the wrestlers came to the ring for a ten bell salute to Chris Candido, who tragically passed away recently. Candido made a name for himself as a great heel in SMW during the promotion's heydey.
Area wrestler Mike Cooper sang the National Anthem.
Dirty Dick Flanagan won a battle royal. This event featured local East Tennessee stars as well as wrestlers from Mark Curtis' native Pennsylvania, such as Lord Zoltan. Beau James was among the participants, but he eliminated himself. The finish came down to Flanagan and Preston Steele. Heel Flanagan won in a surprise conclusion.
Mick Foley came to the ring. He gave a heartfelt speech about Mark Curtis. For those who are new to wrestling fandom, Mark Curtis (real name Brian Hildebrand) was a legendary referee and one of the most respected men in the wrestling business. He trained in his native Pennsylvania under Dominic DeNucci, but was too small to make it big as a wrestler. He became a referee, and was in many ways the heart of Smoky Mountain Wrestling during its four year run from 1991 to 1995. He not only refereed for SMW, but did much of the legwork for the promotion. When SMW folded, he was hired as a referee for WCW. He continued to work small indie shows in East Tennessee, both as a referee and sometimes as a wrestler. Mark Curtis tragically passed away in 1999 from stomach cancer. He was so respected by those who knew him that many of the top names in the business volunteered to work free at a fundraiser show for him near Pittsburgh a few weeks before his death. Several tribute shows have been held for him here in Tennessee in the years since his passing. In his speech, Foley noted that all the wrestlers on this show were working for free, and that there aren't many people he'd be willing to work free for, but Mark Curtis was one of them.
They then did a great angle (the type Curtis would have loved). Foley announced that he wished to introduce two men who have been a great influence to his career. Out came Al Snow & D-Lo Brown. They took full credit for being the two men in question. Snow said it was about time that Foley acknowledged that he had been a huge influence on him. Foley informed them that he had been referring to two other guys, not Snow & D-Lo. He accused Snow & D-Lo of exaggerating their importance. Snow grew angry and said he invented the Mr. Socko gimmick for Foley. He said the only exaggeration would be to call Foley a professional wrestler. Foley then called out the two men whom he truly credited with influencing his career, namely Dominic DeNucci & Shane Douglas (DeNucci trained Foley along with Douglas & Mark Curtis back in the 1980s). Snow exploded with rage, calling DeNucci an S.O.B. and blaming him for unleashing Foley and his assorted personas (Cactus Jack, etc.) on the wrestling world. Snow then claimed to have been a closer friend to Mark Curtis than Foley ever was. Douglas spoke up and made a match challenge. He suggested a main event match of himself & Foley (with DeNucci in their corner) vs. Snow & D-Lo, with the winners being able to declare themselves Curtis' best friends. Snow accepted, but only if Les Thatcher would be in thier corner and only if the Tri-Cities Tag Titles were on the line (this was a funny line since there are no such tag titles). Foley & Douglas agreed, with Foley adding, "It takes a great man to beat me, but it doesn't take him very long."
Eddie Golden defeated K.C. Thunder by reverse decision DQ. Thunder was managed by our old friend Allan Barrie, doing his Duke of New York routine. He was hilarious as always in taunting and insulting the crowd. The finish saw Golden splash Thunder, but the Duke pulled the ref from the ring before he could render the three count. As Duke argued with the ref, Thunder used brass knux on Golden. Thunder scored the pin, but afterward the ref found the knux on Duke and reversed the ruling. Golden went to punch Duke in the face. Duke noted that he was wearing glasses. Golden simply removed the glasses and then punched Duke.
Roger Anderson defeated Timber the Lumberjack. Timber was managed by Count Grogg. This was a brawling match. Timber produced an axe wrapped in barbed wire, but Anderson kicked it back into Timber's face and scored the pin.
Tim Horner & Cody Michaels defeated the Turbanators. The Turbanators do an Arab anti-American gimmick (Turban-ators, get it?). They're pretty good! They waved an Iranian flag and sported the curly tipped boots like Iron Sheik. They doubled on Horner forever until Michaels made the hot tag. He scored the pin when heel manager Perry James accidentally hit one of the Turbanators with the flag pole.
Terry Taylor beat Dr. Tom Prichard to win the Texas Heavyweight Title. Slow-paced but it was great seeing these guys. Dr. Tom was definitely a major name in SMW. Taylor won with a forearm.
Mick Foley & Shane Douglas (with DeNucci) defeated Al Snow & D-Lo Brown (with Thatcher). Foley and Snow really went at it, wrestling as if they were in a major promotion feud. Douglas came in and got doubled on for a while as Foley tried to make the tag. Foley finally made it back in. Snow put him down and hit the people's elbow, though only after an exaggerated number of rebounds off the ropes. Foley kicked out. Foley then did the worm, but due to his weight he couldn't exactly do it with the finesse of Scotty in WWE. This was hilarious! Foley lariated Snow from the ring and Snow sold it that he broke his elbow on landing. He did a great job, as it looked legit. But it was a ruse, as Snow posted Foley when Foley came to check on him. Foley DDT'd Snow and pulled out Mr. Socko, but D-Lo crotched Foley before he could use it. They continued imitating other wrestlers, as D-Lo did a bunch of Hulk Hogan mannerisms and then legdropped Douglas for a near fall. Douglas continued the routine, giving Stone Cold Stunners to both Snow & D-Lo. The match ended with a triple pin as Douglas pinned D-Lo, Foley pinned Snow using Mr. Socko, and DeNucci even punched Thatcher and pinned him. The crowd loved this match. Afterward, Snow and D-Lo argued, with Snow walloping D-Lo with Head. It was agreed as the show ended that all the participants were friends of Mark Curtis, as was everyone involved with the show and in the audience.
I really enjoyed this show! Everyone involved deserves praise for volunteering their time for this tribute to a great representative of the best side of the wrestling business: Mark Curtis.
2006 - During an edition of Raw from Anaheim, California, Jim Ross returned as the play-by-play announcer after a seven month absence (during which Ross underwent colon surgery, which was actually mocked during an edition of Raw). Ross had previously come back to call an edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, then called the Raw matches for Wrestlemania before WWE brought him back on Raw following the angle where Joey Styles quit the show the previous week.  On the show, Mick Foley turned heel during a Hardcore Triple Threat match with Edge and Tommy Dreamer, a bout that Foley was allowed to put together when Edge agreed to face Foley in a match of his choosing.  Edge and Foley double teamed Dreamer, bloodying him with a barbed wire baseball bat and defeating him.  Foley and Edge, who had been feuding, then shook hands and left together.
2007 - Edge stole another World title win at the Smackdown taping in Pittsburgh, PA.  DavidFJ filed the following report:
The Undertaker vs. Batista for the WWE World championship inside a Steel Cage:
They announced the match can be won by pinfall, submission or escape. Undertaker got a huge pop while Batista received a mixed reaction. Undertaker's arm is heavily braced and protected. Batista's right knee and quad is also taped up. The first five minutes saw some near falls. The crowd completely turned on Batista as he took control. Batista tried to escape but taker crotched him on the top rope. Taker took control for a moment, then both men hit each other with a clothesline and went down. Batista regained control of the match. Batista nearly scored a pinfall but Taker kicked up and regained control. He nailed a running clothesline in the corner then hit a big boot and a chokeslam for another near fall. Undertaker went for the Last Ride powerbomb but Barista countered and slammed Taker into the cage, busting him open. Batista nailed a spinebuster for a near fall. He tried to climb out of the cage but Undertaker caught him and nailed the Last Ride. Undertaker then tried to escape the cage. Batista began climbing out from another section of the cage, so both were trying to escape simultaneously. Both men hit the floor at the same time and it was announced as draw. Mark Henry came to ringside and attacked Taker.
Edge came out and cashed in his Money in the Bank title shot and began beating Taker, getting several near falls. Undertaker sat up, but was speared in the sitting position by Edge, who scored the pin. Edge is the new WWE World champion. The place went absolutely insane for the title change. After the match, Edge laid out Undertaker with the suitcase. The crowd then turned on Edge. Eight Druids came to the ring and carried the unconscious Undertaker from the ring.
2008 - WWE announced the release of Torrie Wilson, who had been sidelined for some time with a back injury.  Wilson would return for a Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 25 but to date, never wrestled again after her WWE release beyond that appearance.
2008 - WWE touted the buyrate for Wrestlemania 24, which featured Ric Flair's retirement bout against Ric Flair, boxer Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show and Edge vs. The Undertaker on top, with the following press release:
WrestleMania® XXIV Tops One Million PPV Buys…Again
May 8, 2008
STAMFORD, Conn., May 8, 2008 – WrestleMania XXIV generated approximately 1.1 million pay-per-view buys, amounting to $23.8 million in pay-per-view revenue in the first quarter of 2008. 
WrestleMania XXIV also grossed more than $5.85 million in ticket sales, making it the highest grossing live event in WWE history and in the history of the Citrus Bowl.  The premiere event in sports entertainment also set an attendance record for the Citrus Bowl with 74,635 fans from all 50 states, five Canadian provinces and 21 countries.
By comparison, WrestleMania 23 generated approximately 1.2 million buys and $24.6 million in pay-per-view revenue, which was recorded during the second quarter of 2007.
WrestleMania XXIV will be released on DVD on Tuesday, May 20.  Both the 3-disc deluxe DVD package and the 2-disc Blu-ray version will include all of the action and excitement of WrestleMania XXIV, as well as four and a half hours of extras - including the entire 2008 Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the WrestleMania Battle Royal.
Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at and  For information on our global activities, go to
2009 - TNA announced that Mick Foley would be hosting their new UK series "Epics", featuring episodes devoted to different stars' matches.
2009- Ring of Honor ran Boston, MA.  E. Kirby filed the following live report:
-Delirious defeated Ricky Reyes with a the shadows over hell. Fun opener, good to see Delirious back entertaining the crowd the way he does.
-Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeated the Super Smash Brothers with a powerbomb/blockbuster combination. Another fun match, Titus and King are SO over with the crowd. Smash Brothers received a "Please come back!" chant afterwards.
-Jay Briscoe and the Necro Butcher fought to a no-contest when The Embassy came out and attacked Necro. Eventually Jay joined in to help Necro fight them off, delivering a stunner to Ernie Osiris. Pretty disappointing match, playing it up too much that they are friends with each other and are just fighting for the fun of it.
-Bobby Cruise announced that a certain fan requested some mic time during the show, and asked him to be quick with it. The guy then called his girlfriend into the ring and proposed to her, to which she accepted. However, the crowd absolutely hated that this was happening, chanting "Please say no!" and the old Mr. McMahon "A**hole!" chant at the guy. Bobby Cruise then told them to leave and made fun of the situation, to which the crowd chanted for Cruise. I guess I can say I saw an official "first" for ROH.
-Kevin Steen defeated Davey Richards in an Anything Goes match. Simply amazing match. They pulled out all the stops here, using ladders, chairs, tables, blood and even brawling into the gym bleachers. Steen gets the win with a nasty package piledriver off the apron through a table that was supported by the guardrail and ring. Eddie Edwards attacks Steen afterwards, with a failed save attempt by Sugarfoot Alex Payne.
-Intermission had a special meet and greet with Sonjay Dutt, Bryan Danielson, Brent Albright and Colt Cabana. This was done to supplement the card changes due to Tyler Black and Mike Quackenbush pulling out due to injury. All four of them were really cool with the fans and seemed to enjoy meeting and taking photos with them.
-Bryan Danielson defeated Eddie Edwards and Sonjay Dutt in a three-way match. Really fun match, but the crowd would have liked to see it go 10 minutes longer than it did. Sonjay busted out the Double J strut, which really popped the crowd. Danielson made Edwards tap with a triangle choke from out of nowhere. Sonjay got also got a "Please come back!" chant.
-The Embassy(Jimmy Rave & Claudio Castagnoli with Nana and Ernie Osiris)and Joey Ryan defeated Colt Cabana, Brent Albright and Erick Stevens. Rave got the standard toilet paper treatment, which really popped the crowd. Started off almost as a comedy match, then worked its way into being a fun six man tag. Joey Ryan has one of the funniest gimmicks I have ever seen, and the crowd ate it up.
-ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn defeated Chris Hero. This match was amazing, both this and the Anything Goes match being match of the year candidates. Hero kept using the elbow, but not with the loaded pad, for many, and I mean MANY near falls. Insane spot where Lynn gave Hero a hurricanrana from the top rope to the outside of the ring. Lynn won with his cradle piledriver. It is amazing how hard and how fast Jerry Lynn can still go at his age.
- Overall, perhaps the best ROH show I have ever attended. Aside from the Briscoe/Butcher match, not a single disappointing match on the show. The Anything Goes match and the World Title match alone are worth the purchase of the DVD when it comes out. Announced that ROH returns to Boston University on September 25.
2010 - Ring of Honor held their Supercard of Honor event in NYC at the Manhattan Center.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:
*The Briscoe Brothers defeated Kenny King & Rhett Titus in a solid opener with lots of good spots. Really competitive. Titus and King had words after the loss. Titus was ready to throw down but King walked out.
*Erick Stevens pinned Grizzly Redwood. Rhett escaped an attempt to be tossed into the crowd and had a quick offensive spurt, including a dive to the floor on Prince Nana. After the pin, Nana ordered Stevens to keep beating on Redwood. Balls Mahoney hit the ring to his ECW theme song and cleaned house, making his ROH debut and getting the biggest pop of the night so far. Balls laid out Stevens with several punches and he powdered out. Ernie Osyris jumped Balls who wasn't fazed. He drilled Osyris with the Nutcracker Suite and led the crowd and Redwood in singing his theme.
*Sara Del Rey pinned the returning Amazing Kong. Kong got a huge standing ovation and the crowd chanted her name. The crowd then chanted, "F*** TNA" and "F*** you Bubba." Del Rey was accompanied by the Kings of Wrestling. Kong had control early but Del Rey began working on her shoulder. Del Rey knocked her to the floor with a somersault kick. They battled on the outside with Kong taking control. Kong missed a splash out of the corner. Del Rey went for a German suplex but couldn't get her over. Kong went for the powerbomb but Del Rey escaped and rolled her into an armbreaker. Kong got to the ropes and nailed Del Rey with the spinning backfist for a two count. Del Rey escaped a powerbomb and hit a German suplex for a two count. She used Chris Hero's loaded elbowpad and used the roaring elbowsmash to score the pin. Real good match.
*Christopher Daniels won a non-title match over ROH Television champion Eddie Edwards. Daniels came out to his old ROH music. The crowd treated him like a returning star and chanted "Welcome back". Some fans started crapping on TNA so Daniels pointed at the ROH letters and led a ROH chant. Daniels actually shook hands a la the Code of Honor beforehand, which is a big deal for those who remember the early days. Some really good back and forth wrestling early. Daniels caught Edwards with an STO and an Arabian Press for near falls. Edwards came back with a tope suicida to the floor. Edwards hit him with a running kick on the floor. Back in the ring, he continued the onslaught. He pushed Daniels backwards over the ropes and held his leg in a one legged crab. Edwards got several near falls and tied up Daniels in submissions. Daniels and Edwards went back and forth until Daniels caught him with a enziguiri. Daniels made a comeback with a series of clotheslines and punches, before running Edwards into the buckles. He superplexed Edwards for a two count. Daniels went up for the BME but Shane Hagadorn got involved. Daniels went after him as Edwards charged. Edwards ended up nailing his manager. Edwards snapped Daniels' ankle and took control. He snapped him with a jawbreaker while running with Daniels on his back. The crowd chanted, "This is wrestling." Daniels went for the palm thrust but it was blocked and he was suplexed over. They exchanged strikes. Daniels went for a springboard elbow but was caught and slammed down, then rolled into a one legged crab. Daniels fought back, caught Edwards with an uranage and hit the BME for the pin.
Daniels took the mic. He said he returned to ROH for the first time in three years and told the world he wanted to be called the best in the world. He said he stood across from Davey Richards that night because he was one of the best, but if you have to talk about the best, you have to talk about Eddie Edwards. He said Edwards is one of the elite and He wants more matches with people just like him. He said that as good as Eddie is, Daniels showed that he is just a little bit better. He told Edwards to tell his partner Davey Richards that if he wants to be the best, he has to beat The Fallen Angel. *Jim Cornette came out to promo the matches set for the second half of the show. He announced Terry Funk would be appearing.
*Austin Aries came out in a suit and said we were here to remember the memory of the two time ROH champion. He said he had been granted a manager's license. Delirious, his opponent tonight, and Daizee Haze came out. Aries tried to apologize for injuring Delirious saying he was lost in the moment and it was unacceptable. He gave Haze a white rose. He tried to give Delirious twinkies (which were called Golden Snack Treats..something the crowd chanted) as an apology gift. He offered to manage Delirious. Delirious threw down the twinkies, then took the mic and hit Aries with it. They rang the bell...
*Delirious smeared the twinkie in Aries' face. He nailed Aries with a suplex. He began choking Aries and refused to let go, trying to get revenge for the injury on TV. He was DQ'd. Delirious went to get the ring bell but was jimped by Kenny King and Rhett Titus. They beat him on the floor. Daizee jumped on Aries but he ran her backwards into the buckles. He and King teased a spike piledriver off the ropes but Delirious made the save with the bell. More of an angle playing off the storyline.
*In a NYC Last Man Standing Death Match, Kevin Steen defeated Colt Cabana. Cabana and Steen brawled on the floor immediately. Cabana took him to each corner on the outside. Steen was busted open immediately. They battled on the ring apron outside exchanging punches. Steen nailed a superkick. Steen whipped Cabana into the ringpost outside and brought two chairs into the ring. He cracked Colt across the back and went for a pumphandle slam on a chair but Cabana fought him off. Cabana nailed a sidewalk slam on the chair, which was sitting open. Cabana and Steen went back and forth, bringing a ladder and thumbtacks in. Cabana nailed a moonsault off the top onto the tacks. El Generico's music hit and he ran out. Colt was confused and was attacked by Steve Corino, who ran in fron the crowd. Generico unmasked and was Corino's son Colby. Corino pulled a barbed wire bat out and nailed Cabana with it. Steen put Cabana in a crossface, holding the bat over Cabana's face. Cabana was counted out. Caban was extremely bloody as he was helped out.
*ROH Tag Team champions The Kings of Wrestling defeated The Motor City Machineguns by DQ. The Machineguns got a huge reaction and lots of streamers. They did some great back and forth stuff but way too much to cover. There were some anti-TNA chants early. Sabin hit a tope through the ropes onto Hero. Shelley nailed a Ryder Kick off the top rope. The Kings took over, working on Shelley for some time. Claudio pressed and dropped him for a two count. Claudio held him up for a suplex then dropped him back on his feet in time for Hero to nail an elbowsmash to the back of his head. Sabin finally made the hot tag. He rana'd Hero and then hit a vaulting leap to the floor. Sabin nailed a tornado DDT off the ropes for a near fall. The fans chanted, "This is awesome." The Guns killed Hero with double team moves but Claudio broke up the pin. Shelley drilled him with a superkick and went for sliced bread #2 but Claudio turned it into the Ricola Bomb. Before he could hit it, Sabin drilled him. Hero took out Sabin. Shelly sent Hero into the buckles. Claudio nailed Shelley with a kick. The crowd chanted for ROH. Claudio nailed the Ricola bomb for a two count, then the airplane spin slam for another. Hero took out Shelley on the floor. They did the flying swing into a Hero dropkick for a two count. Sabin surprised Hero with a small package for a two. Shelley missed a flying knee drop and was drilled with an elbow for a two by Hero. Shelley and Hero went back and forth until Hero smashed Shelley for another two count. The Guns took control killing the Heroes. They drilled Hero with synchronized kicks for a close near fall. Sara del Rey argued with the ref. Hero put on the loaded elbowpad but before he could use it the Briscoes hit the ring and brawled with the Heroes. DQ city. They nailed del Rey with the Jay-Driller. Great match that hopefully won't be overshadowed by the finish. My guess is it was politically easier to do the DQ. The crowd hated the finish live, booing it and chanting "F*** the Briscoes."
*ROH champion Tyler Black pinned Roderick Strong. They started out slow. Crowd was with Strong early. Black caught him with a dropkick and began working on the shoulder and arm. Strong dropkicker Black's legs out from under him when he was on the apron. Outside, Black came back to throw Strong into the railing. Strong picked up Black in a backbreaker and threw him at the apron. Ouch. Strong brought him back into the ring and continued the assault using backbreaker variations. Black fired back with a punch but Strong snapped off a dropkick. Strong pulled Black outside and suplexed him off the apron to the floor. Strong hit a back suplex onto Black while they were outside on the apron. Tyler made a comeback with a neckbreaker and a kick to the chest. He nailed a standing shooting star press for a two count. Tyler tossed Strong over the top and hit a tope con hilo. Strong came back with a reverse suplex. He nailed several clotheslines and a sit down bomb for a two count. Black came back with a running forearm smash and tied Strong to the tree of woe. He hit a double stomp off the ropes. Strong came back with a Boston Crab. Black nailed a fisherman's buster with a cradle for a two count. Strong came back with a massive leg lariat for a two count. The ref was accidentally caught with a Black superkick. Strong nailed the Gibson Driver for a two count. Strong grabbed a second ref. Black nailed a powerbomb into the corner..sandwiching the second ref then a superkick for a two count. Strong nailed an over the knee backbreaker. A third ref was then bumped out. The original ref began to rise as they battled back and forth. Strong nailed another backbreaker for a two count. Black caught a charging Strong with a superkick. Strong came back with the Gibson Driver but it was only a two count. Strong was pissed about the count. He pulled Black to the ropes but Black fought him off. Black superplexed Strong and scored the pin. They brawled after and Strong promised this wasn't the end for him.
Notes: The show looked to be a legitimate sellout...Davey Richards missed the show as he was touring for New Japan...Last night was the final event in the Manassas, Virginia market as they just weren't drawing enough to keep returning....They will return to the Manhattan Center on 9/11.
2010 - Dragon Gate USA taped their Uprising PPV in Mississauga, Ontario at the International Centre.  Daniel Espina filed the following live report:
I’ve attended many Pay Per Views before including Wrestlemania 18, Wrestlemania 20, ECW Massacre On 34th Street, Unforgiven 2006, and Bragging Rights. Despite the competition, tonight’s Dragon Gate USA PPV may have been the most fun I’ve ever had attending a show, as well as been one of the best.
The attendance was anywhere from 400-500 people, it was big enough that extra chairs had to be pulled from the back as every seat originally put out was full. There was an energetic buzz in the air that can be felt when attending many good Toronto wrestling shows.
Before the actual pay per view was a bonus card for those with tickets in rows 1-3.
BONUS MATCH #1: Kris Chambers and Michael Elgin vs. ??????? and ??????
Before the arena filled up, many local wrestlers were given the opportunity for a seminar/tryout with Dragon Gate, the top four prospects were given the opportunity to wrestle in this bonus tag match. Sorry for the two wrestlers names I didn’t memorize.
This was a short but surprisingly well executed match that relied more on the basics of tag wrestling than anything else. There was only one move that came off poorly, everything else was completely fair. Kris Chambers looked particularly solid delivering an elbow drop all the way across the ring as well as executing a running somersault plancha over the top rope which caused the guardrail to come down. Chambers and Elgin came out of this as the victors. Not bad at all **1/4.
BONUS MATCH #2: Fray Match: Phil Atlas vs. Brodie Lee vs. Cheech vs. Cloudy vs. Xtremo vs. Brent B vs. Anthony Fiasco.
This match started with two competitors, than every two minutes a new man entered. This was elimination rules with the last man standing being declared the winner.
First thing to mention about this was that there was a large amount of noticeable talent for a free bonus match. In reality this thing was crazy enough to have been on the main card. It contained fast paced action, very impressive dives to the outside, and completed the task of getting everyone pumped for the pay per view. Xtremo received a decent sized cut on his side following a crash into the guardrail. Brodie Lee won the match after beating Cheech and Cloudy back to back. Very fun **3/4.
Once this bonus card completed, the general admission fans came in and the actual Pay Per View begun soon after.
MATCH #1: Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Akira Tozawa
And the crowd goes wild. Seriously it took just 2 minutes into the Pay Per View for the crowd to start going crazy. This match was a great back and fourth encounter that had some of the hardest kicks I’ve ever seen in my life. Mochizuki was the obvious favorite, but Tozawa did an excellent job as the crazy heel. Masaaki won following a knockout kick to the head. Awesome ***1/2.

MATCH #2: Tyson Dux vs. Gran Akuma
This was probably the least anticipated match on the main card so it went on at the right time. There was nothing wrong with this match, but at the same time it was terribly average. The end of the match had a huge amount of back and fourth pin attempts, than to the surprise of everyone, Gran Akuma actually got a victory when during his last pin he pulled the tights. It was fair but forgettable **.

MATCH #3: No DQ -Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley
This grudge match turned into a brawl quickly. They beat the hell out of each other with garbage cans, chairs, and even fought in the crowd at one point. Moxley’s manager did a really great job at taking cheap shots (and bites), however she ended up getting speared for her troubles. Unfortunately once Jimmy Jacobs started getting the upper hand in the match, Shingo and Yamato interfered and took Jacobs lights out. Seeing as this was a No DQ match the referee couldn’t do anything and thus counted to three for Moxley. A fun brawl **3/4.
--- Post match Jacobs continued to get beat down but BxB Hulk made the save. BxB offered Jacobs a World 1 t-shirt however Jacobs denied it and left the ring. ---

MATCH #4: Naruki Doi & PAC vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw
This was Dragon Gate vs. Chikara, and as most fans know that is like a combination of peanut butter and jelly (And this match was indeed delicious). You ever see a top rope springboard 360 corkscrew moonsault to the outside in person? It is nuts. I’ve never seen a wrestler pull off so many complex aerial moves with such ease that Pac completed them with. The end of the match had Pac nail a shooting star press knee drop onto his standing opponent, which gave Doi room to hit a couple kicks and a Doi Five for the victory. Great match ***3/4 (possibly ****).
--- Lenny Leonard got into the ring to call INTERMISSION, during this announcement the crowd started chanting “Please Come Back!, “Please Come Back!”. Lenny said that he’s sure that the people in the back will have heard these pleads.
Intermission gave me time to grab some Pizza and check out the merchandise table. There was a lot of great Dragon Gate, Evolve, and ROH DVD’s available including GASP! ROH: Dragon Gate Challenge (great show btw). Everyone seemed in positive spirits and was ready for the second half of the show. ---
BONUS MATCH #3: Rip Impact vs. ??????
Lenny Leonard announced that they were going to give two more try-out talents that made an impression a bonus match on the pay per view. Before this one could get started Brodie Lee ran down the aisle and BAM! crashed right into the ring apron lol, that’s not getting onto the DVD. Anyway Brodie Lee than composed himself and dismantled the two local talents to make an impression in DGUSA (and in the side of the ring). This match ended a no-contest.
MATCH #5: CIMA & Dragon Kid vs. YAMATO & Shingo
This was the first time Dragon Kid and Shingo have been in the ring together since Shingo turned on him at Fearless. Crowd was definitely excited for this one. Huge ovations for CIMA, he was probably the most over guy of the night.
This started slower than one might think, however it all built toward a terrific explosion of perfectly controlled chaos that just kept going and going. This was the type of match that you can only see in Dragon Gate, imitators don’t come close. Match ended with Shingo delivering a death-valley-driver like maneuver off the second rope on Dragon Kid. Exhilarating ****1/4.

MATCH #6: Open The Freedom Gate Title Match: BxB Hulk defends vs. Masato Yoshino
These guys had a tough act to follow, but luckily BxB has got enough charisma to intrigue the audience anyway. I was actually surprised at how well these two were able to hook back the exhausted audience and continue to make them cheer in excitement.
Moment of the match came when Masato Yoshino hit a top rope drop kick so hard that it caused BxB to land on his head. I’m not sure how many people believed Yoshino would win, but there was a fair amount of convincing false finishes nonetheless. Eventually it took three of BxB Hulks finishers (the sitdown side slam?) to end what was a better than expected match-up. Very, very good ***3/4 (maybe ****)
---During the post show Jon Moxley came down to tell BxB that by being champion he’s made himself a target for Kamikaze USA. Moxley told Doi that at any one point, and he won’t know when, he is going to get attacked out of nowhere. Unfortunately for BxB that attack happened immediately as Yamato and Shingo knocked him out from behind.
As more and more members of Kamikaze USA assaulted anyone and everyone in the ring, it was Jimmy Jacobs who ended up coming down to even the odds and make the save. It looks like Jimmy Jacobs will be forming an alliance next show. ---
Best news of the night came when CIMA grabbed a microphone and told everyone that “Dragon Gate USA will guarantee Toronto come back very soon”. The audience understood the translation, Dragon Gate USA is coming back to Toronto!
This whole Uprising show was great. There were three matches that were around 4 stars and nothing truly sucked. On top of everything there were a bunch of story advancements that are going to lead to wars within the promotion. All this leads me to believe that Dragon Gate USA is only going to get better. Seeing as the company has already won the wrestling observers 2009 promotion of the year award, that is a very positive thought.
For the future DGUSA will need to improve their production values, most noticeably the entrance way and the lack of BxB Hulk dancers. But I really feel if this company can use their momentum to continue growing, than a lot of positive things are going to happen.
Whether you came into this show looking for crazy highflying action, great technical wrestling, or a brutal brawl, this show had it. What was most surprising to me was the fact that the wrestlers themselves actually showed a great deal of personality and were very charismatic. It wasn’t even just about the matches themselves, but the whole experience was awesome. If you wanted you could talk to the stars and get autographs before and after the show, plus the whole atmosphere was very positive, containing a lively group of people who really wanted to be there. When leaving the show I didn’t see a single disappointed face, everyone was pleased.
Awesome job Dragon Gate USA, I will gladly be front row when you come back.

Thanks to for their assistance with archival results.

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