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By Mike Johnson on 2011-04-20 22:51:00
Welcome to's live coverage of Juggalo Championship Wrestling's "Up in Smoke" Internet PPV, which is taking place in Southgate, Michigan. JCW has been doing bi-weekly PPVs for a few weeks, and this will be my first chance to sample the product founded by the Insane Clown Posse.

The JCW PPV opened with the crowd chanting "Family." I have no Juggalo knowledge, so I have no idea why. They held a countdown for the show to begin while showing off the JCW logo.

They announced the DJ for the night and the announce team, which is Kevin Gill and ICP's Shaggy. Gill welcomed everyone watching around the world and said they have a special show tonight. He ran down the lineup for tonight.

They have a ring girl and the ring announcer is dressed like a clown. Makes sense, I guess!

Second in a Three Match Series: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sal, Man of 1,000 Gimmicks - Loser of Series Leaves JCW

The announcers said that Sal has promised a gimmick that is unbeatable. The announcers are talking about the smell in the room, saying it's something "medical" since it's April 20th.

It was noted that Jacobs won the first match, so if Sal loses, he's gone. Jacobs is doing his Emo gimmick from ROH, right down to the old Lacey song and waving his cell phone in the air.

Sal's gimmick was that he came out as Emo Warrior Jimmy Jacobs, wearing a wig and carrying a cell phone while looking all forlorn. That was pretty cute. They are playing it up like Jacobs is looking in a mirror.

Jacobs took the mic and said, "I'd like to start off tonight...." but Sal took the mic and started saying it instead, saying he wanted to start with a poem. He alleged Jacobs likes an alternative lifestyle.

Jacobs attacks Sal but Sal quickly reversed every attempt and nailed Jacobs. The crowd chanted for Sal who worked over Jacobs. Jacobs responded by grabbing in a testicular claw. Jacobs used a series of double stomps on Sal and covered him but Sal grabbed the ropes at two.

Sal was sent into a corner but came back with several chops. Jacobs cut him off and nailed a tornado DDT off the ropes for a two count. Jacobs started putting eyeliner on. Why, I have no idea. Sal nailed him in the gut with a kick and stuck the eyeliner pencil where the sun doesn't shine. That wasn't a DQ.

Sal slipped out of a powerbomb attempt and suplexed him over for a two count. Sal went to the top but Jacobs took his legs out from under him and nailed a superplex. Jacobs came off the top with a back senton splash and pinned Sal.

Your winner, Jimmy Jacobs!

As a result of the loss, Sal must leave JCW. The announcers wondered how Sal was going to feed his family.

A sad Sal headed to the back.

Decent back and forth match. The announcing is certainly pretty blue so it's taking a little getting used to. They have a multicamera shoot in what looks to be a pretty intimate and full venue.

The DJ is spinning songs between the matches. They are pushing a Wednesday 5/4 return titled "St. Andrew's Brawl" as its taking place at St. Andrews Hall.

Things Gordon Solie never said on a broadcast #1 - "Look at that a**" which was said by the announcers about the ring girl.

Bull Pain & Isabella Smothers vs. Zach Gowen & U-Gene

Isabella Smothers is allegedly the daughter of Tracy Smothers, according to the announcers. It's Mickie Knuckles, who was seen for a second as Moose in TNA. Gowen and U-Gene came out to Bon Jovi. Last band I expected to hear on this was Bon Jovi.

Pain backed Gowen in the corner and began beating him down. Pain missed a charge in the corner. Gowen nailed a missile dropkick off the ropes and tagged Eugene. Eugene and Gowen doubled on Pain for a two count.

Eugene was cut off by Pain, who tagged in Smothers. She locked a side headlock on Eugene and was shoved off into the ropes. They crisscrossed. Eugene got her to stop and grabbed her boobs. He then ended up riding her like a horse and spanked her.

Gowen tagged in with a slingshot splash. The referee was distracted putting Eugene out of the ring, allowing Pain to clothesline Gowen. Smother suplexed Gowen for a two count. She dragged Gowen over to the corner and tagged Pain back in.

Pain continued the beating and nailed an inverted DDT on Gowen for a two count. Smothers tagged back in and locked in a side chinlock. Eugene rallied Gowen, who nailed a jawbreaker. Gowen went for a tag but Smothers speared her and covered him for a two count. She followed up with a back senton splash for another near fall.

Smothers went to the ropes for another back senton splash but missed. The announcers are ripping her apart for being a redneck slut. In deep vulgar description. Wow. Eugene made the hot tag and took out Smothers. Gowen and Eugene double suplexed Pain. Gowen nailed a moonsault from the top, but the referee couldn't make the pin as he was trying to break up Eugene, who had chased Smothers around the ring and kissed her.

Gowen tried to tell Eugene to get with it but was nailed with a DDT by Pain and pinned.

Your winners, Bull Pain & Isabella Smothers!

The storyline is that Tracy Smothers won't be happy his daughter is involved with Pain.

Kevin Gill interviewed U-Gene and Zach Gowen after the match. Eugene said they almost had the win. Gowen said that they had it but the referee was with Eugene. Gowen said that he loves Eugene but he didn't come back to JCW to lose. Eugene said that he was sorry but in his condition, Eugene needs to be there for him to complete him and be his other leg. Gowen said they needed to get it together and come back stronger in two weeks.

Rhino vs. Sexy Slim Goodie

Goodie is doing a Buddy Rose-esque deal as the heavy set guy with long blonde hair claiming to be a slim guy.

Goodie grabbed Rhino in a side headlock but Rhino shoulderblocked him down, worked him over in the corner and backdropped him.

Rhino set up for the Gore but Goodie jumped out to the floor. Rhino followed and worked him over, before sending him back in. Rhono whipped Goodie into the ropes but Goodie stopped and grabbed him in a front facelook. They looked lost for a second.

Rhino clotheslined him over the top to the floor. Rhino and Goodie battled on the floor. Goodie nailed him low and got the better of Rhino. He tossed Rhino back into the ring. Rhino charged him but was kicked down.

Things Gordon Solie never said #2 - "Rhino took that bump viciously."

Goodie choked Rhino against the ropes, then locked on a rear chinlock. Rhino fought his way out but was snapped back down to the mat. Goodie did a cartwheel and dropped an elbow. I have to say, I am entertained by his gimmick.

The fans started to chant for Rhino, who started to make a comeback but was cut off. Goodie went to the top for a legdrop but missed. JCW plays organ music when guys go to the top rope, almost like a baseball game calling for people to yell "Charge!"

Rhino fired up on Goodie and clotheslined him, then nailed a back elbow. He belly to belly suplexed Goodie then set up for the Gore. Rhino nailed it and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

This was a nice traditional heel vs. face match. Nothing groundbreaking but a lot more entertaining than I would have expected going in.

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