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By Mike Johnson on 2011-04-16 15:50:20
The CHIKARA Fan Conclave is currently ongoing at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. It's a pretty fun, unique atmosphere with everyone on the CHIKARA roster, in their personas, hanging out and interacting with fans taking photos and signing. I've only seen anything similar at the ECWA during Jim Kettner's era and it was fun just observing the interactions.

Former WWE and ECW star Blue Meanie was by visiting before the Conclave.

All of the Japanese stars were in attendance, signing autographs and taking contributions for Japan relief.

CHIKARA held a bodyslam challenge where fans could legitimately attempt to bodyslam the giant Tursas, which was a pretty well done segment where ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker was great in encouraging the fans and in keeping things going. Several of the CHIKARA regulars and wrestlers also got into the contest, including El Generico, Archibald Peck and Matt Classic. Akira Tozawa also failed but instead decided to bodyslam Keith Lipinski. He was thankfully stopped before Lipinski met his maker.

In the end, they were going to call an end to the contest, but Green Ant came out. He was wearing red white and blue pants, as the entire scene was a takeoff of Lex Luger slamming Yokozuna on the deck of the USS Intrepid. Ant actually lifted Tursas but before he could slam him, BDK mouthpiece Jakob Hammermeier (who was also very good in this segment) took out Ant's knee and Tursas collapsed on him. The other Ants came to the ring to check on him.

Singer Stan Bush then did a musical set. He was introduced by Mike Quackenbush, who noted that it's been a rough, weird weekend. He thanked everyone for their support of the promotion and said he couldn't think of a better way to put everyone in a good mood than with Bush's music.

They did a deal earlier where fans could do commentary live on matches that was broadcast on the Arena's videoscreen. Lots of merchandise for all the wrestlers as well.

Overall, a nice, fun gathering. Everyone seems to really be enjoying themselves.

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