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By Mike Johnson on 2011-04-04 13:40:13

Last night's Wrestlemania was the first time that no titles changed hand on the PPV.  It was also only the second time that a heel went out the winner in the main event.  The first time that went down was Wrestlemania 2000 when Triple H won a Four Way.  So, Miz was given a hell of a compliment last night.

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus were moved off Wrestlemania only for timing issues.  The decision was made the night before the PPV I am told. 

NWA champion Colt Cabana was at the show visiting.

In a correction from late last night, The Barbarians for Triple H's entrance at Wrestlemania were Lane Vasser, Wes Grissom, JT Talent, Chrisjen Hayme, Jessco Blue, Shaun Tempers, Matt Boyce, Lani Kealoha, Jacob Ashworth, and Andrew Alexander, NWA Anarchy wrestlers except Boyce & Kealoha who work out of Nashville, and Hayme who is more a regular for Ultimate NWA in AL.  I was told last night the Barbarians were developmental talents but that was an error.

Raw is currently scheduled to go off the air at 11:15 at the earliest but the USA Network has given WWE permission to go late if they need as they want a strong lead-in for the Tough Enough premiere.  Thanks to Chad Mosher.

Shawn Michaels, Sunny and The Road Warriors' inductions into the WWE Hall of Fame will be showcased on tonight's USA Network special at 8 PM Eastern.  They will obviously be heavily edited with the full version released on DVD as part of the Wrestlemania set.  I really enjoyed the hell out of the Hall this year and not having time limits on the speeches added a lot to the ceremony.  I know a lot of fans were griping about Drew Carey, but for every name like that (and Carey was a promotional tie-in for his GSN game show, nothing more), WWE brings in names like Bob Armstrong and Abdullah the Butcher, just because they can.  You have to take the good with the bad and WWE has given us a lot of good names that historically, they didn't need to honor.  So, I'll take a Drew Carey if it means Gordon Solie and Eddie Graham and The Sheik get remembered as well.

The word this weekend was that WWE wants to put in a celebrity and a female personality every year going forward, but that could obviously change.

Kevin sent word that Chris Jericho will be appearing on the syndicated Rachel Ray show tomorrow, discussing Dancing with the Stars with Cheryl Burke.

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