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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-28 08:04:16
There's been a number of new WWE developmental talents in the last several weeks:

-Russell Walker (real name Reuven de Jong), who has fought MMA for K-1 and has a pretty extensive resume doing stunts for television productions. He had been working independents in New Zealand prior to signing.

-Jarrod Locke, a seven footer who competed in the UK version of American Gladiators as Warrior.

- DT Porter aka Donovan Ruddick from the Missouri area.

-Erick Rowan aka independent talent Thoruf Marius from the Minnesota area.

-Deshean Bishop, who wrestled as Navy Blue from WWA4 in the Illinois area.

-Rick Victor, who worked for the most recent version of Stampede Wrestling as Apocalypse and later in OVW as Apoc.

-Jason Mullens, who has worked the British independent scene as Nightmare.

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