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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-21 12:43:17
MVP made his New Japan debut over the weekend:

Meanwhile, Nosawa, who was also scheduled to debut for New Japan over the weekend as MVP's partner, didn't have the same positive experiences. The night before his debut, he ended up arrested for stealing a taxi cab. As the story goes, he had been drinking and the driver was having problems finding his hotel, so Nosawa took the cab and was later apprehended. As you can imagine, he never made his debut. The Mainichi Times featured a story on the arrest, which you can read by clicking here.

Dave Lagana's latest podcast features a discussion with ESPN Sportscenter's Robert Flores, who often makes wrestling-related references while working as an achor at

AOL Fanhouse featured an interview on former NFL star turned independent wrestler Marcus Dupree at at this link.

Chris Kelly sent the following....Former WWE superstar Luke Gallows was a guest on this Friday's Unplugged hosted by JJ and Crelly. Luke phoned in from Puerto Rico where he is working this week and spoke about the following subjects: The Origin of "The Freaken Deacon" and his time in devolpmental, The Imposter Kane gimmick and if May 19th holds any signifigance to him, The Origin of Jesse and Festus and why they didn't remain a team, The Straight Edge Society and working with CM Punk, JJ asks Luke's thoughts on the current Nexus storyline and the obvious similarities to the SES, Luke discusses future bookings in Japan and Africa, His influences to get in the business, working matches with both Kane and Undertaker, JJ talks about The Recent return of the Rock and Luke gives his thoughts on the return. The interview starts at the 29 minute mark and can be heard at this link.

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