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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-21 12:44:18
The Ultimate Fighter season featuring Brock Lesnar as one of the coaches will debut on SpikeTV on 3/30.

Online now in the Elite section is a new 51 minute interview with Bruce Hart discussing his new book "Straight from the Hart", his decision to write the book, other books on the Stampede era, his reaction upon learning the business was a work, running afoul of the Alberta Commission with angles, places he loved to work outside of Calgary, the importance of maintaining kayfabe, being stabbed overseas, discovering Dynamite Kid in England, the loss of territories in today's pro wrestling, working heel in Hawaii against bigger opponents, fans betting on pro wrestling in Singapore, his attempts to re-start Stampede over the years, appearing at Wrestlemania 26, why WWE needs to "reseed" pro wrestling, trying to get the company to subsidize a developmental version of Stampede, today's crop of WWE talents, the difference between "high spot artists" today and smaller workers in the 80s, refereeing Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 26, why that visit to WWE was weird, what he said to Bret in the ring during that match, his relationship with Bret today, politics in WWE vs. politics in Stampede, whether he's happy with the book now that it's completed.

Other recent interviews beyond Bruce include Buck Robley, Alex Wright, Eddie Edwards, Rhino, CW Anderson and more and we've got a full week of guests this week. To subscribe and check it out, click here.

Craig Smith sent the following....I attended the Jericho book signing at the Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ. I had to wait about two hours to meet Chris and get some autographs and picture. He also took time to answer a few questions like the secret to arm wrestling (which you'll have to ask him) and some Fozzy questions. I guess they are already working on new songs for the next album. Jericho had a few 5 hour energy drinks and a red bull so I imagine his schedule is hectic. He is heading to Dallas, TX tonight. There were probably several hundred people at the signing. Jericho stayed until he had gotten to everyone. It was good having Jericho back in AZ again, since WM 26 last year.

About 500 fans turned out for Shawn Michaels' autograph session yesterday at the 2011 ATA Trade Show in Dallas, TX. Michaels will be signing 3/12 in Middletown, NY. For details, visit

The Wrestlemania main events are now set in stone as the Elimination Chamber PPV has passed, so wants to know what you think?  What was the best match on the Elimination Chamber PPV?  Was it worth your time and money?   Finally, what do you think of the Wrestlemania main events?

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