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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-20 22:56:00
Welcome to's live coverage of the 2011 Elimination Chamber PPV from Oakland, CA.

During the countdown show, they announced a sixth Smackdown talent will enter the Elimination Chamber. Interesting to note they spent a lot of time pushing The Rock's return as well. WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto De Rio

Del Rio turned his attention to Kofi Kingston, calling him trash and saying Kingston can’t stop destiny. Kingston’s music started, cutting off Del Rio from completing his rant.

They locked up and Kingston backed Del Rio into the turnbuckles but Del Rio slipped out of the ropes to force a break. There was a sizeable chant for Del Rio early. Del Rio called for Ricardo and when the ref stopped Del Rio’s announcer, Del Rio grabbed Kingston and rudely slammed him over. Kingston slipped out of a tiltowhirl backbreaker and dropkicked Del Rio, who escaped to the floor to cut off Kingston’s momentum.

Kingston followed to the floor and kicked Alberto while he was down. He deposited Del Rio back into the ring and followed suit with a series of right hands and forearms. Kingston charged Del Rio but was backdropped over the ropes. Kingston landed on his feet but was knocked off the apron to the floor when Del Rio shoulderblocked him into the ringpost.. Del Rio grabbed the Intercontinental champ and whipped him into the ring steps, then tossed him back into the ring for a two count, Del Rio locked in a submission but Kingston refused to tap.

Del Rio continued the assault on Kingston, beating Kingston with punches as he held him down. Del Rio nailed a nice belly to back suplex for another near fall. He scissored Kingston’s body and squeezed, trying to work Kingston down. Kingston fought back and came off the ropes with a nice forearm for a near fall. Kinbgston and Del Rio fought back and forth until Kofi drilled Del Rio with several double chops and a dropkick. Kingston nailed the Boom Drop and began setting up for Trouble in Paradise. He went for it but Del Rio ducked the kick. Kingston missed a splash in the corner but used the ropes for momentum to kick Del Rio in the head.

Kingston came off the ropes with a flying bodypress but Del Rio pulled his knees up as they connected, changing the tide of the match immediately. Del Rio scored several near falls and went for a superplex but Kingston fought him off. Kingston nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. Del Rio caught Kingston with several strikes to the ribs and scored another near fall.

Kingston countered a move into a DDT but Ricardo Rodriquez distracted the referee, who missed the initial cover. By the time the ref went to count the fall, Del Rio was able to kick out at two. Kingston went to complain but Del Rio caught him and went for the rolling armbar. Kingston slipped out and nailed a kick to the head for a two count. Kingston went for a diving attack in the corner but missed and was nailed by Del Rio.

Del Rio locked on the rolling armbreaker but Kofi locked his fingers to prevent Del Rio from torquing the arm. Del Rio beat on Kofi until he let go. Alberto locked in the move and Kofi, after failing to reach the ropes, finally tapped.

Your winner, Alberto Del Rio!

Real good back and forth opener.

They show Randy Orton backstage, standing around, wondering what was going through his mind. As the announcers spoke, Michael Cole said Booker T headlined Wrestlemania. I guess I missed that show.

Todd Grisham interviewed World champion Edge backstage. Grisham asked Edge his frame of mind after the last few weeks. Edge said that after everything he went through the last few weeks, he knows what he’s walking into. He said that after Vickie Guerrero, ten tons of steel is a walk in the park. He said that he knows no champion has ever survived the Elimination Chamber but he knows what it takes to win a Chamber. Drew McIntyre showed up and asked Edge how he feels knowing that Kelly Kelly lost her job, an innocent victim of Edge’s problems. He said that Edge took something important to him, so he’s going to take Edge’s prized possession, the World title. Edge remarked that Kelly and the World title have one thing in common – neither will ever be seen with Drew and walked off. Drew wasn’t happy.

They replayed the awesome Elimination Chamber video package.

The Chamber began lowering.

Smackdown Elimination Chamber: World champion Edge vs. Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Wade Barrett vs. Rey Mysterio vs. ?

Before the Elimination Chamber began, Teddy Long came out and reminded everyone that he fired Dolphg Ziggler, then announced Ziggler's replacement would be Big Show. Everyone else (except Edge, who wasn’t out here yet) looked shocked and pissed. Drew McIntyre showed some good fire when he came to the ring, getting right in Kane’s face and then banging his head against his pod’s glass to fire himself up.

Edge and Rey started off. Edge backed him into the corner and worked him over but Rey came back with several kicks. Rey rebounded off the ropes but was nailed with a flapjack for a two count. Edge whipped Rey into the corner but Rey kicked him off and nailed a twisting DDT off the ropes. Rey kicked Edge in trhe face as he rebounded off the ropes but Edge backdropped him over the ropes into the Chamber’s steel grate outside the ring. Edge and Mysterio battled in front of McIntyre on the ropes and Rey nailed a top rope rana for a two count.

Back on the grate outside, Edge shoved Mysterio backwards into the cage several times and then began stomping him. Edge slammed Rey’s head into the pod containing Kane. Edge tossed Rey back into the ring and covered him for a two count. Edge grabbed at Rey and whipped him into the corner but Rey slipped out and nailed a drop toe hold.

The countdown kicked off and Wade Barrett was released into the match.

Barrett began attacking Rey. There was a “Let’s go Wade” chant. Edge attacked Wade and beat him down in the corner. Rey and Edge worked over Barrett, but Edge tossed Rey sliding out of the ring and across the grate, which looked nasty. Barrett dropped Edge and scored a two count. Barrett provoked Big Show, who was still locked in his pod.

Barrett grabbed Rey and nailed a scoop slam for a two count, then whipped Rey into the buckles hard. Barrett went after Edge, who was outside the ring on the grate, slamming him into the cage, then covered him for a two count. Edge came back to backdrop Barrett over the ropes onto the grate. Barrett grabbed at his leg. Mysterio nailed Edge and went to the top but Barrett pulled him off. Wade went for Wasteland, nailing Edge with Rey. Rey pulled off and climbed up the cage, then nailed a rana into the ring on Wade. He went for the 619 but Edge killed him with a Yakuza kick for a two count.

Edge began stomping Barrett as the countdown for the next competitor continued. Kane was released and cleaned house on all three, covering Barrett for a two count. Kane then turned his attention to Rey, beating him in the corner. He whipped Edge into Barrett in the corner, then nailed a big boot on Edge. Mysterio nailed a hard shot to Kane, setting Edge up to score a two count with a kick of his own. Wade then kicked Kane and scored a two count.

Drew McIntyre was going nuts demanding to be let out.

Kane mounted a comeback, working over Barrett on the outside, beating him with punches. Barrett fought back and tried to send Kane into the Cage but Kane countered and Barrett was nailed. Rey went to the ropes to prepare for a dive but Kane nailed an uppercut and Rey fell backwards, upside down in the corner. Edge nailed a running kick to Rey and scored a two count.

Kane continued controlling the battle field as the countdown for the fifth competitor let out Drew McIntyre.

Drew went right after Rey, running him like a dart into one of the pods. Drew and Wade doubled up on Kane outside on one of the grates, nailing a double kick. As Barrett entered the ring, Drew kicked the ropes, nutshotting him and then threw Barrett into the pod backwards. The glass exploded, leading to a “holy sh**” chant.

Drew then attacked Edge, screaming and beating on him while gaining several near falls. He went for the Futureshock but Edge escaped, kicked him in the gut and nailed a DDT. Edge was too beaten to make the cover, instead pulling himself up to attempt a spear. Fans were chanting for it. He went for the spear but instead Kane grabbed him for a chokeslam. Edge escaped and nailed Kane. Kane landed in the 619 position but moved before Rey could nail it, killed Edge and then sent Rey headfirst at Mach speed into a pod. Drew went for Futureshock but was backdropped over the ropes onto Barrett on the outside.

The countdown to let Big Show in ended and all six men are now in the bout.

Big Show took out everyone. He sent Drew flying out of the ring with a massive chop. He then went hunting for Barrett. Show finally caught him, sending Wade into another pod, breaking the glass. Wade tried to climb away but was chopped to death across the chest, then run into the cage. Show KO’d Barrett with a right hand and pinned Barrett.

Wade Barrett was eliminated.

Kane came off the top with a clothesline, taking out Show. Edge came off with a top rope elbow for a two count. Drew went for Futureshock and nailed it on Show, but Show kicked out. Rey, perched atop a pod, nailed a seated senton for another two count. They kicked Show into the 619 position. Rey nailed it and Edge speared Show. Kane took out Edge and Rey, then teased a chokeslam on Show. He nailed a chokeslam and scored the pin.

Show is eliminated.

Drew went for a running dive on Kane but was caught and chokeslammed for the pin.

Drew is eliminated.

Rey came off the ropes with a legdrop on Kane for a two count. Kane shoved him off but Rey kicked him. Rey came off the ropes but was caught in a chokeslam. Rey kicked him off and nailed the 619. He came off the top but was caught by Kane. Edge speared them both and covered Kane.

Kane is eliminated.

Kane nailed Edge after he was eliminated and then chokeslammed Rey. He grabbed Edge and chokeslammed him as well.

Kane exited the Chamber with the final competitors, Edge and Rey, the men who kicked off the match, beaten and down.

They finally covered. Edge went for the spear but Rey countered and covered Edge for a two count. Rey hit a high cross bodyblock off the ropes for another two count. Edge whipped Edge into the corner but Edge was kicked off. Rey hit a Lucha takedown into a bulldog for another two count.

Rey went to the top rope but Edge tried to fight him off. Rey got the better of it and went for a rana but Edge caught him and nailed a sitdown powerbomb. Rey kicked out at the last second. Edge went for a powerbomb but Rey escaped and set up for the 619. Edge slipped away and Edge locked on an Indian Death Lock. Rey slipped him into a small package for a two count. This is so great.

Edge went for a spear but Rey slipped out. Rey went after Edge but was caught with another spear. Mysterio just barely kicked out, which Edge was shocked at. Rey nailed the 619 and hit a springboard splash for a two count.

Rey set up for the 619 again and nailed it. He ascended to the top rope and jumped off but Edge speared him in mid-air, scoring the pin.

Your winner and still World champion, Edge!

What a war of attrition!!! A really good Chamber match with some nice storylines within the match, some unique and original spots and brutal looking shots. The sequences at the end with Edge and Rey were nothing short of awesome. Drew McIntyre, Kane and Show had good showings as well. Barrett was fine in his role. I really enjoyed the hell out of this.

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