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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-13 20:20:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of TNA's Against All Odds 2011 from Orlando, Florida.

The 2011 TNA Against All Odds PPV kicked off with a video feature covering all the recent TNA storyline events, including Mr. Anderson's TNA title win, Fortune turning on Immortal and the Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett storyline.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcomed everyone to the PPV, going over the top matches. They announced that Generation Me were unable to make it to Florida due to travel issues, so they won't be able to compete in their scheduled match to name the top contender for the X-Division championship.

Robbie E and Cookie made their way to the ring. Robbie took the mic and said that he's got good news and bad news. He said that the good news was that since Generation Me had travel issues "aka were afraid of Robbie E", he was the new top contender to the X-Division championship. The bad news was that no one gets to see him wrestle tonight. He demanded the referee count Generation Me out of the ring to make it official and told him to hurry, since "we have to get to the clubs."

The referee called for the bell and began making the count. Robbie E did a fist pump as each number was counted off. He won via countout and began celebrating, carrying Cookie around the ring.

E began leaving the ring and Taz wondered if he even knew that Kazarian was going to defend the title tonight. As he made his way to the ramp, Kazarian's music began and out came the X-Division champion. He backed up Cookie and E towards the ring. Kazarian took the mic and said that while E was OK with getting out of there with a cheap victory but as a member of Fortune, he can't not let everyone get what they paid to see. He said that perhaps E didn't get the memo, but there is indeed going to be a championship bout tonight. He said it was going to happen right now.

TNA X-Division champ Kazarian vs. Robbie E

As Kazarian put down the mic, E attacked him on the ramp but Kazarian beat him back down to the ring. Kazarian tossed him in the ring and hit a Gutwrench suplex. Cookie tried to interfere but was thwarted. Kazarian set up E on the ropes, then kicked him off to the floor.

Kazarian went to the top rope for a dive but Cookie went to interfere. Kazarian grabbed her but E grabbed Kazarian's legs and yanked them out from him. Kazarian took a hard bump down, crashing into the stairs. E slammed Kazarian's arm into the stairs.

Kazarian fought back but was kicked down. E went to the ropes for a fistdrop and covered the champion for a two count. He shoulderblocked Kazarian into the corner. E argued with the referee, allowing Cookie to choke Kazarian in the corner. E used his boot to choke Kazarian against the ropes.

Kazarian came back with a right hand and a side Russian legsweep for a two count. E cut him off and went back to work on Kazarian's shoulder and back. He used his knee to try and strangle Kaz, then nailed him with a snapmare. E locked in a side chinlock to try and force Kazarian down.

Kazarian made a comeback with a clothesline and scored a close two count. He went for the inverted tombstone but E slipped out and went for a swinging neckbreaker. Kaz escaped and rolled him up for a two count. E kicked Kazarian into Cookie, who nailed him. E rolled up Kaz for another two count.

E stalked Kazarian, slapping him and trash talking. Kazarian ducked a move and caught Robbie with the inverted tombstone for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champ, Kazarian!

Solid, well worked opener. Good stuff.

Christy Hemme interviewed Scott Steiner and Beer Money. Scott Steiner was all over the place with a silly interview, saying he was going to have the same match he always had, kicking someone's ass. Beer Money picked it up, saying that they were going to take Immortal's flunkies out. James Storm started a "You suck" chant, saying that the fans will be chanting that for their opponents tonight.

AJ Styles' music and out came Styles in street clothes. Styles joined Tenay and Taz at the announcing position.

Scott Steiner & Beer Money vs. Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy

The announcers were pushing Terry vs. Steiner as a battle of two of the biggest physical specimens in the business. AJ Styles noted that Ric Flair would return to Impact Thursday.

Steiner and Gunner started off. Steiner shoulderblocked him down and chopped away at him. Gunner went for a leapfrog and failed, so Steiner tossed him with a belly to belly suplex. Murphy got tossed as well. Terry tagged in and the two faced off. Fans were chanting for Steiner.

Terry began making bodybuilding poses, so Steiner kicked him low while the referee wasn't looking, then dropped an elbow. Murphy tagged himself in and locked up with Steiner. Steiner controlled him and then tagged in Storm. Storm nailed an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline for a two count. Murphy caught him with a knee to the gut and tagged in Gunner, but Storm nailed a kneelift and a hangman's neckbreaker.

Gunner came back to toss Storm over the top but Storm skinned the cat and worked over Gunner with a series of clotheslines and punches in the corner. Terry nailed Storm, who was then caught with a clothesline. The Immortal members worked over Storm in the corner. Gunner slammed Storm and dropped an elbow for a two count.

They continued controlling Storm as Murphy locked in a rear chinlock. Storm fired back but was grabbed by the hair and slammed backwards to the mat. Terry tagged in and picked up Storm, hitting a big over the shoulder powerslam for a two count. He went for another but Storm slipped out and nailed the Backstabber.

Storm went to make a tag but Murphy tried to prevent it. Storm kicked him off and tagged in Robert Roode. Roode went for a move but there was a miscue and Gunner ducked, Roode, undaunted, saved it by rebounding with a big clothesline. Roode then clotheslined Terry out of the ring and hit a rolling snapmare off the ropes on Gunner for a two count. Storm drilled Gunner with a spinebuster for a two count but Murphy broke it up.

Terry went after Steiner and attacked him on the floor. Beer Money made a comeback and teased DWI but Terry tried to attack them. He nailed Murphy and was hit with a double suplex by BeerMoney. Roode nailed a spinbuster on Gunner, thrn Murphy. Terry grabbed him for a chokeslam but Roode slipped out and nailed a spinebuster as well.

Roode went to the ropes for a suplex on Gunner but instead tagged Steiner, who nailed a top rope Frankensteiner and scored the pin.

Your winners, Beer Money and Scott Steiner!

Solid six man tag, other than a few moments. For a match I really had no emotional investment in seeing, this was a nice surprise as it was laid out well. The heels did a great job of holding their end up here. Terry and Steiner were used in ways to show off their strengths while Beer Money are so good, it's ridiculous.

Christy Hemme interviewed Brother Devon. Devon said that while his sons did everything he taught them to do on Impact, he's not letting them be involved in the match tonight. They weren't happy. He said that he didn't want them to be a sacrifical lamb tonight and told them that while he knows they weren't happy, they were still his sons and they needed to do what he asked. He told them that he loved them but they needed to watch, not get involved. They finally agreed. Devon's delivery was good.

Samoa Joe vs. Pope Dinero

Pope's tights were mocking Joe's "gonna kill you." They locked up after Pope ducked out of the ring early. He tried to get the better of Joe but the second Joe was obviously unphased, Pope walked out of the ring and tried to head up the aisle back towards the locker room. Okada, dressed like Kato from the Green Hornet, backed him to the ring, where Joe did a dive to the floor. They noted he was Joe's camerman that helped him expose Pope. They called him Okato, which came off so lame.

Back in the ring, Joe nailed a headbutt but Pope cut him off and suplexed Joe over. Joe popped right back up and clotheslined Pope. Joe peppered Pope in the corner with strikes and punches. He nailed a back splash in the corner followed by an enziguiri.

Joe began working over Pope again but the referee (Jackson James of course favoring the heels) stopped Joe, which allows Pope to thumb him in the eye. Pope tossed Joe to the outside, slammed him into the apron, and tossed him back in the ring. Joe mounted a quick comeback but was clotheslined as he rebounded off the ropes.

Pope worked over Joe and nailed his diving shot over Joe's back, landing on the floor. Pope drilled Joe with a neckbreaker for a two count. Pope came off the ropes but was caught with an inverted atomic drop, kicked in the face and nailed with a back senton splash for a two count. Pope nailed Joe in the face as Joe lifted him over his back and removed a turnbuckle pad as Joe recovered.

Pope tried to slam Joe into it but Joe stopped him and they went back and forth with near falls. Pope came off the ropes but Joe grabbed him in a rear naked choke. Pope tapped out immediately, so quickly it wasn't even funny.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

Joe had words with Jackson James, to the point I thought he had DQ'd Joe for using the choke. Pope asked for a handshake and Joe, after hesitation, accepted it. Pope nailed Joe and slammed him into the exposed buckle, busting him open. Okada tried to help but was laid out. Joe went after Pope, who retreated out. Pope smiled as he left while Joe was pissed.

Match was good. Okada's gimmick is awful!

Christy Hemme interviewed Mickie James. James said she was excited about her title shot tonight. She said that the only reason Madison Rayne has the title is because Tara laid down for her but tonight, when Rayne lays down, she won't be getting back up. OK promo.

TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James: Last Knockout Standing

Someone has a sign that read "I'll pay Flair's bar tab." Hilarious.

They battled to the floor immediately. Rayne went after James, who caught her with a kick on the floor. Rayne came back to slam James into the ring steps. The referee began to count her out but she made her way up and back to the ring.

James unloaded on Rayne, who retreated to the floor. Rayne tried to walk out but James charged and nailed her from behind. Rayne came back and began unloading with shots across her back, then whipped her into the railing. They went back and forth on the floor. James reversed an Irish Whip and Rayne hit her head on the ringpost. Rayne recovered and nailed a DDT. The referee began counting James down but she made her way back to her feet.

Rayne went after James but James caught her and tossed Rayne to the floor, where the referee began counting her down. James nailed a bodypress off the apron to the floor. They began counting both women down but Rayne went under the ring. James followed. They emerged on the other side of the ring. Rayne tried to nail James with her loaded glove but James moved and Rayne hit the ring steps. Rayne was kicked and was down but James picked her up and tossed her in the ring.

James went to the ropes but Rayne nailed her and sent her falling from the ropes to the floor. James pulled herself up to her feet at the nine count. Rayne went to nail James with the glove but James grabbed her arm and snapped it off the ropes. James came off the top with a Thesz Press, then hit a spinkick. James grabbed the glove from Rayne's hand. Tara hit the scene so James nailed her with the glove.

As James stood over Tara, Rayne nailed her with brass knuckles and James was counted out.

Your winner and still Knockouts champion, Madison Rayne.

This had a some nice moments but never really got out of first gear in my opinion. They were killing each other but there was no real flow here as opposed to a back and forth deal. It was good for what it was as they both tried hard and it was really physical.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy said he was going to get his title back and wished Ken Anderson well, "you a**hole."

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