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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-01-30 19:50:19
Welcome to's live coverage of WWE Royal Rumble 2011!

We're live in Boston, Massachusetts and our hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Matt Striker.

The World Title match is up first, and Vickie Guerrero comes out before the match to remind us that the spear is banned in this match, and tries to lead the crowd in a chant of spear. They don't follow her lead, so Vickie reminds us that if Edge uses the spear, he'll lose the title to Ziggler.

World Title Match: Edge vs Dolph Ziggler

They tie up and Ziggler gets a kick to the ribs and takes Edge to the corner and starts pounding him repeatedly with rights, but Edge gets an opening and whips Ziggler hard into the corner. Edge lays in a few kneedrops and covers for 2, then hits a gutbuster for another 2. Edge whips Ziggler to the ropes and gets a knee to the midsection for 2, and Ziggler rolls to the apron so Edge slides between Ziggler's legs to the floor and yanks Ziggler's legs out from under him and he crashes down onto the apron, then rams Ziggler into the barricade. Edge picks Ziggler up and dumps him on the barricade, then rolls him back in the ring. Edge is too slow coming in and Ziggler hits him with a running boot to the head and a neckbreaker over the second rope for 2. Ziggler puts the boots to Edge and chokes him over the second rope, then covers for 2. Ziggler gets a chinlock but Edge fights his way out and sends him to the corner, but Ziggler boots him in the face and tries a sunset flip from the second rope and Edge rolls through and catapults him into the top turnbuckle for 2. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for 2, then the Mr Perfect necksnap for 2 and then goes back to the chinlock. Ziggler drops the chinlock and gets a textbook elbowdrop for 2 and Edge rolls out to the apron, so Ziggler takes a run and rams Edge off the apron. Ziggler goes out and rols the champion back in and covers for 2, then goes back to the chinlock again. Edge fiths his way free and sends Ziggler to the ropes and they wipe each other out with simultaneous crossbody blocks. Edge pulls himself up in the corner and Ziggler charges him, but Edge move and Ziggler crashes into the turnbuckle. Edge gets a pair of forearms and a Turk flapjack for 2, but Ziggler with a head and arm jawbreaker for 2 and Ziggler goes for the Fameasser but Edge counters to a sitout powerbomb for 2. Edge climbs to the top rope but Ziggler nails him and climbs up top to try a superplex, but Edge blocks and knocks Ziggler into the ring. Edge gets a flying bodypress but Ziggler rolls through and gets 2, then dropkicks Edge for another 2. Vickie is looking impatient at ringside as Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag and Edge blocks, then picks Ziggler's legs and gets a modified Sharpshooter, then drives his elbow into Ziggler's ribs over and over until Ziggler somehow makes it to the ropes. Edge chokes Ziggler on the second rope and goes for a crossbody but Ziggler moves and Edge hits the ropes, and Ziggler immediately capitalizes and hits the Fameasser and hooks the leg deep, but Edge kicks out at 2. Crowd popped for that one. Edge reverses an Irish whip and hits a big boot and sets up for the spear, but then remembers that he can't do that, and the hesitation is enough for Ziggler to get the spear. Edge escapes and pulls the Edgecution out of cobwebs and covers, but Vickie pulls the referee out of the ring and slaps Edge. Ziggler tries a charge but Edge gets an O'Connor Roll for 2, then gets right up in Vickie's face and Vickie slaps him repeatedly until Kelly Kelly comes out, pulls Vickie off the apron, and beat her senseless. Edge stands there watching the whole thing and Ziggler comes out of nowhere and hits the Zig Zag for a very close 2. Ziggler is now very frustrated but pulls it together and stalks Edge, and gets a sleeper right in the middle of the ring. Edge starts to fade but then starts to Hulk up and swings Dolph around and accidentally wipes the referee out. Edge finally drops down and gets a jawbreaker, and with the referee and Vickie both down, Edge realizes he can go for the spear. Edge sets up for it and nails Ziggler with the spear, and then plays dead as the referee comes to. All the referee sees is Edge and Ziggler both down on the ground and Edge "comes to" and hits the Unprettier for the win.

Winner: Edge

Edge smirks at the con he just perpetrated as Vickie stands screaming and slapping the mat from the floor. Terrific match, Ziggler looked like a million bucks here and appeared to have Edge beaten several times.

We see a video package promoting Wrestlemania 27 on April 3rd, just 63 days away!

Miz cuts a backstage promo saying that all the critics are calling him a lucky champion, saying that Jerry Lawler would be champion if it weren't for Michael Cole, and Randy Orton would be champion if it weren't for Alex Riley. Riley says that tonight, he's going to outclass Orton, and then Miz says that he's going to silence the critics because he's the Miz...and he's awesome.

WWE Title Match: The Miz vs Randy Orton

Someone in the crowd has a "CONGRATS YAMATO" sign. I love it. Miz tries a swing at Orton but Orton blocks and beats Miz down in the corner and puts the boots to him. He tosses Miz to the floor and rams him into the barricade, then does it again, then runs Miz over with a clothesline. He rolls Miz into the ring and kicks him a bunch. Then he stomps on him a bunch. Orton catapults Miz into the bottom rope and covers for 2, then punches him in the corner, then whips Miz across the ring and charges, Miz gets the boot up but Orton doesn't dig that selling thing, so he doesn't, and continues to beat Miz down. Miz whips Orton to the ropes and Orton holds on, but Riley hops up on the apron and snaps Orton's neck across the top rope and now Miz gets the advantage. Miz whips Orton into the corner but Orton comes out with a clothesline and Miz is down again. Orton waits for him to get to his feet and charges him, but Miz moves and Orton hits the turnbuckle and now Miz stomps him. Miz hits the Sydal clothesline and covers for 2, then gouges Orton's face and chokes him on the second rope. Miz distracts the referee while Riley nails Orton from the floor and Miz covers for 2 then goes to the chinlock. Orton makes it back to his feet and headbutts Miz, but Miz whips Orton to the ropes and gets a knee to the midsection and covers for 1. Miz comes at Orton and...yep, you guessed it, stomps him. Miz does more punching and kicking and then Orton starts punching and kicking back at him. Miz gets a back elbow and Orton, the king of selling that her is, kicks out at 1 again. Miz drapes Orton off the apron and hits a running kneelift and covers for 2, then goes back to the chinlock. Orton reverses to a sleeper of his own and Miz switches behind him and goes for a suplex and Orton blocks and gets a suplex of his own. Miz wakes me up by catching Orton with a Yakuza Kick to the face for 2 and then climbs up top, but Orton nails him and slowly goes up top, stares at the crowd for 20 or 30 minutes, and then finally hits a superplex for 2. Orton and Miz exchange blows in the middle of the ring but Orton gets the advantage and hits his neckbreaker across the back, but Miz backdrops Orton to the floor and Riley comes over and puts the boots to him. Miz goes out to the floor and rams Orton back and forth between the barricade and the ring apron, then rolls him back in for 2. Miz goes up top and comes off with a double axhandle for 2. Miz tries several more covers but Orton keeps kicking out so Miz gouges at his face and we go back to the chinlock. Orton starts to escape so Miz tosses Orton to the floor, Miz goes after him and catapults him into the ringpost and then rolls back in and the referee starts counting. Orton comes back in and he's done with this selling stuff, and hits Orton with a Thesz Press and starts unloading with rights. Miz fires back with some shots of his own, but Orton comes out of the corner and starts running Miz over with clotheslines and a powerslam. Orton does more stomping, but Riley distracts Orton and allows Miz to hit the backbreaker/neckbreaker for 2. Orton goes for the RKO, but Miz blocks so Orton hits the Angle Slam for 2. Miz rolls to the floor and grabs his belt and tries to leave, but Orton nails him and tosses him back in the ring and they distracted me with a replay so I missed what Miz did after that, but it knocked Orton down so Miz could cover for 2. Miz goes for a running boot to the head and Orton rolls him up for 2, then a European uppercut drives Miz to the apron. Orton pulls him back in and gives him the suspension DDT, then he starts slithering and pounding the mat to set up for the RKO. Suddenly, Nexus (minus CM Punk) comes down to ringside and Orton just stands there staring at them. Riley tried to sneak up behind him but Orton saw him coming and LAUNCHED him over the top rope onto Nexus. Orton hits the RKO, but the referee is nowhere to be seen so CM Punk runs in and hits the GTS and Miz covers for the win.

Winner: The Miz

CM Punk takes Nexus and heads to the back as Miz celebrates in the ring. I'm glad Miz won, but this match was absolutely atrocious, and it made Miz look weak because it took Nexus, Riley, and CM Punk all interfering for him to be able to beat Orton. Orton kicking out of Miz's stuff at 1 didn't help either. Absolutely awful stuff, and I'm glad they got this match out of the way on a PPV where they weren't the focus.

Todd Grisham reads a statement from the injured Cody Rhodes, who says that he was going to win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania, but Rey Mysterio shattered his face and hasn't yet apologized, so he would like everyone to respect his privacy in this serious time.

We see a video package of the fans in Boston giving their thoughts on who is going to win the Royal Rumble.

Divas Title Match: Natalya vs LayCool

Wait a minute, the Anonymous GM rears his head, and he says that he's in charge since Teddy Long is on the shelf, and he's not going to allow for the possibility of LayCool co-holding the Divas Title, and is going to change the title match. He gets a lot of email about how annoying Michael Cole is, but he doesn't want email about LayCool doubling the spam in his inbox, so he's changing it to a Fatal Four Way.

Divas Title Match: Natalya vs Michelle McCool vs Layla vs Eve Torres

Layla and Michelle beat Eve down and then work Natalya over, hitting a double facebuster, but Natalya comes back and works the both of them over and catapults Layla into Michelle. Natalya goes for the cover but Michelle drags Layla to the floor. Natalya goes after her and Layla takes her head off with a clothesline. Now it's Michelle and Layla alone in the ring and they have a staredown, but before they can lock up, Natalya trips Layla from outside as Eve rolls McCool up for 2. Eve and Natalya take LayCool out and Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter, but Layla comes in and nails Natalya so Natalya lays her out and puts both Layla and Eve in a double Sharpshooter. McCool comes in and kicks Natalya in the face and Eve rolls McCool up, but Layla nails Eve and gives her a neckbreaker and kicks her to the floor. LayCool stop to confer but Natalya runs them both over with clotheslines and hits a Michinoku Driver on McCool for 2. Natalya rams Layla into the corner and hits a discus clothesline, then picks Layla up for a powerslam but Layla slips out just as McCool goes for a big boot and Nattie moves, so McCool hits Layla. Eve comes in and hits a moonsault as McCool rolls Natalya up, but the referee counted for Eve and awarded her the win.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Eve Torres

McCool is absolutely livid that Eve's fall was counted and hers wasn't, but goes back to check on her BFF Layla.

We go backstage to Daniel Bryan (with Gail Kim), and Josh Matthews asks him what it would be like to go from NXT rookie to winning the Royal Rumble in less than one year. Bryan says that people may think he's a nerd, but it would be great to win the Rumble after less than a year. The Bellas come in with flowers and apologize for the way they acted last week because they didn't know they were a couple. They say Bryan and Gail make a great couple because they're the same, and they're not as good as they are. Gail gets offended by that and attacks the Bellas, and it turns into a big catfight with all three girls rolling around on top of Daniel Bryan. I bet this beats spending 60 minutes getting pounded in the head by Samoa Joe.

We see a video package looking at the various stats of the Royal Rumble match, including the total weight of everyone who's ever competed in the match, the person who's eliminated the most people in a single match and of all time, who's won the most Rumble matches, and more.

Note: from this point on I'll try and update every five entrants. Once I get to #35, I won't update again until the end of the show.

Okay, here we go!

Royal Rumble Match

CM Punk comes in at #1, and at #2...all of the Corre comes out and surrounds Punk in the ring. They come in and beat Punk down but Nexus comes out and a brawl breaks out before the match even begins. The GM sends another email and Michael Cole says that the GM wants everyone to stop this now and tells the referees to restore order. The GM says the only superstar who has the right to be in the ring right now is CM Punk, and everyone else must leave immediately and failure to comply will result in elimination from the Rumble match. So everyone else clears out and #2 is Daniel Bryan! Punk and Bryan tie up and Punk comes off the ropes and takes Bryan down with a shoulderblock, but comes off the ropes right into a dropkick from Bryan. Bryan with a pair of clotheslines and tries to dump Bryan, but Punk blocks and tries to dump Bryan and Bryan blocks and comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Bryan goes for a running dropkick in the corner but Punk moves and Bryan crashes into the corner. Justin Gabriel is #3, and he runs in and goes right after CM Punk. Punk dumps Gabriel to the apron and then he and Bryan knock each other out with a double clothesline, and Gabriel goes up top for the 450, but Punk moves and Bryan dumps Gabriel. It's back to Bryan and Punk, and Bryan lays Punk out with a European uppercut and tries to dump him again as Zack Ryder comes out at #4. Ryder goes after Bryan and beats him down in one corner, then works Punk over and stomps him down in the other. Bryan catches Ryder with European uppercuts and backdrops Ryder onto Punk, then tosses Ryder out of the match. Bryan snapmares Punk and repeatedly kicks him in the back and then tries to toss him, but Punk blocks and tries to toss Bryan. William Regal is #5.

Regal comes in and tears through both men with suplexes and kills Punk with a running knee to the head. Regal and Bryan trade European uppercuts in the middle of the ring with Bryan getting the edge. Punk nails Regal from behind but Bryan knocks both Punk and Regal out with kicks. Bryan tries to toss Regal as Ted Dibiase comes in at #6, giving Bryan a backbreaker and a dropkick, and then has a dropkick for Regal and a clothesline for Punk. Dibiase tries to eliminate Punk but Punk clings on to the ropes so Dibiase stomps him instead while Bryan DESTROYS Regal with kicks before hitting a knockout kick to the head. Bryan comes behind Dibiase and dumps him to the apron, but can't get him out. John Morrison comes in at #7 and comes over the top with a dropkick to Regal and then tears through everyone in the ring. He hit a springboard Tidal Crush to Punk and a Moonsaultplex to Punk. Dibiase tosses Morrison to the apron and Regal rams him off, but Morrison clings to the barricade and, as Regal is tossed from the match, Morrison climbs onto the barricade and leaps back to the steps and back into the ring. That was an unbelievable spot. Yoshi Tatsu is in at #8 and he goes at it with Dibiase before getting nailed by Punk. We see another replay of Morrison's incredible save a moment ago as not much happens in the ring. #9 comes out, and it's Husky Harris, and he comes in and fights everyone off and then stands protectively in front of Punk. Everyone goes after Harris, but he manages to stay alive as Chavo Guerrero comes in at #10.

Chavo comes in and gives the Three Amigos to Dibiase, but Punk disrupts it at 2 so Chavo gives them to Punk, and Morrison breaks it up at 2, so Chavo does it to Morrison and now Bryan nails him so Chavo finally gets all Three Amigos on Bryan. #11 is Mark Henry, and he comes in and destroys everybody. Chavo tries a crossbody onto Henry but Henry catches and dumps him. Henry goes to work on Punk and then Tatsu nails Henry from behind, but Henry no sells and clotheslines Tatsu out of the match. Punk catches Henry with a kick to the back of the head and Henry goes down, and now Husky Harris joins Punk in beating Henry down. JTG comes in at #12 and goes after everyone as Daniel Bryan continues to rip into Punk with kicks to the chest. Harris comes over and saves Punk and tries to dump Bryan as Morrison goes after Dibiase. JTG tries to dump Harris but he can't get him up. Now it's #13 and Michael McGillicutty runs out to join Punk and Harris in the ring. McGillicutty dumps JTG and then chokes Morrison on the second rope as everyone piles onto Husky Harris. Harris and McGillicutty dump Dibiase as Chris Masters comes out at #14 and goes right after Nexus. Masters hits a spinebuster on McGillicutty and gets Punk in the Masterlock and tries to toss Punk over the top but McGillicutty saves his leader. Bryan and McGillicutty go at it as David Otunga comes out at #15.

The Nexus now have enough numbers to rule the ring, and toss Daniel Bryan, Chris Masters, John Morrison, and Mark Henry and Nexus is left in the ring. Tyler Reks comes in at #16 and gets gang beaten in the corner. Punk stands Reks up, gives him a knockout kick in the head, and tosses him to the floor. #17 is Vladimir Kozlov and he comes in with a big boot to the chest of Punk, but the rest of them beat him down into a messy heap, and then Punk picks him up and tosses him. R-Truth comes out at #18 and they immediately swarm him and he tries to get away, but Harris hooks him and puts him into the corner so Punk can hit the climbing knee and bulldog. Punk picks Truth up tosses him out. Great Khali is back and he's out at #19, Nexus tries to swarm him like they have everyone else but he tears through the bunch of them and tosses Husky Harris. Khali goes after Punk and Punk begs off, but Khali grabs him and flattens him with a big right hand, and now #20 is out, and it's Mason Ryan.

Ryan and Khali go at it in the ring and Ryan singlehandedly lifts Khali over the top and dumps him to the floor. So Nexus is back at four guys as "Can You Dig It, SUCKA?" rings out, and Booker T comes out at #21. Ryan nails him as he comes into the ring but Booker T lays Ryan out with a scissor kick and then nails Otunga with an axe kick. McGillicutty nails him from behind but Booker nails the Book End, and Booker give the crowd the look and soaks in the cheers, and he does it...THE SPINAROONI! Punk tries to toss Booker but Booker reverses and tries to toss Punk instead and McGillicutty comes from behind to toss Booker. Nexus is dominant here, and #22 is...yeah, you knew this was coming: John Cena. Cena comes in and goes right after Ryan, bulldogs Otunga, and suplexes McGillicutty. Cena tosses McGillicutty and then clotheslines Ryan and Otunga out and it's down to Cena and Punk. Nope, didn't see that sequence coming the moment Nexus first wound up alone in the ring! Cena sends Punk to the corner and charges but Punk gets the elbow up and goes for the GTS, but Cena slips out and they wipe each other out with a double clothesline. #23 is out and it's Hornswoggle. WHY. He and Punk have a staredown and Punk but butts him and then turns his attention back to Cena. Punk stomps Cena down and goes for the GTS again, but Cena slips out and gives Punk the Attitude Adjustment over the top rope and Punk is out. Cena goes over and helps Hornswoggle up, and Tyson Kidd is out at #24. Cena lays him out and Hornswoggle gives him a flying headscissors before Cena gives him an Attitude Adjustment, then Hornswoggle picks Kidd up and gives him an Attitude Adjustment as well while doing You Can't See Me. Cena tosses Tyson Kidd and now they await #25, and it's Heath Slater.

Cena lays Slater out and then Hornswoggle gives him a Stunner. They do a double Five Knuckle Shuffle and Hornswoggle hits the Tadpole Splash and Cena tosses Slater. Now we WAIT SOME MORE for Kofi Kingston to come out at #26, and what's going to happen? I mean, they're all friends, right? Cena and Kingston come face to face and then they look up at the WRESTLEMANIA BANNER! IT BEGINS ALREADY! They decide that friendship is out the window and they tie up, Cena whips Kingston in and Kingston reverses and hits a back elbow. Kingston gets a dropkick and then leaps to the top rope for punches, but Cena rips his head off with a clothesline as Jack Swagger comes out at #27. Swagger runs over both Kingston and Cena with clotheslines and hits a Vader Bomb on Cena and another one on Kingston. Swagger hits another Vader Bomb on Cena and yells stuff at the crowd, but Hornswoggle nails him from behind. Swagger gets distracted by him and Kingston comes off the ropes with a flying bodypress and then springboards off of Hornswoggle for the double legdrop. Kingston goes to eliminate Swagger as Sheamus comes out at #28 and goes right after Swagger, killing him with a short clothesline, then nails Kingston, and hits the Irish Curse backbreaker on Cena. Hornswoggle goes face to knee with Sheamus and shoves him, but Sheamus just knocks him on his ass. Hornswoggle fires up and hits the Sweet Shin Music, but that just makes Sheamus mad and he goes after Hornswoggle again but Cena gives him a back suplex and Swagger chokes Cena out as Sheamus bicycle kicks Hornswoggle off the top rope and he is mercifully eliminated. Rey Mysterio is out at #29 and slides into the ring and Swagger tries to gutwrench him but Mysterio gives him a flying headscissors, then one for Sheamus, then a pop up bulldog on Cena and goes for the 619 on Swagger but Sheamus kills him with a clothesline and sits him up top. Mysterio fights him off and Kingston hits Trouble In Paradise and then Swagger nails Kingston and charges Mysterio and gets dumped to the apron. Mysterio hits a 619 on the outside and Swagger is eliminated as Wade Barrett comes in at #30.

Barrett goes after Kingston and tries to dump him, but Cena nails him so Barrett gives Cena a Boss Man Slam and then goes at it with Kingston again. Kingston chops Barrett down in the corner with kicks, and Dolph Ziggler comes out at #31, the first man to ever enter the Royal Rumble at that number. Ziggler comes in and nails Cena with a dropkick and then beats Sheamus down in the corner. Cena, Kingston, and Mysterio all try to toss Barrett but Barrett fights his way free and then he and Ziggler try to toss Cena but Mysterio saves. Barrett beats Cena down in the corner and chokes him with his boot as Diesel comes out at #32. Barrett goes right after Diesel but he goes through him and everyone else in the ring. Crowd starts a BIG Diesel chant as Diesel gives Kingston a Snake Eyes and then lays into Ziggler with elbows in the corner. Diesel with a short clothesline on Cena and then rams knees into Sheamus in the corner. Drew McIntyre comes out at #33 and goes right after Diesel and he and Sheamus work Diesel over in the corner. Crowd is cheering HUGE for Diesel as he gets choked on the second rope. Mysterio hits a 619 on Diesel and gets booed. Diesel and Barrett go at it as Sheamus and McIntyre stomps Mysterio out. Alex Riley is out at #34 and Cena nails him the second he gets in the ring and Barrett boots Diesel over the top rope. Big boos for that and Diesel gets a huge reaction as he exits the ring. Miz joins the commentary team as Ziggler beats Mysterio down in the corner. Big Show is out at #35.

Big Show walks past Diesel and they have a staredown in the aisle, then he gets in the ring and plows through Sheamus, McIntyre, and Barrett. Show chokeslams Barrett as Cena and Kingston try to toss Riley. Big Show tosses Dolph Ziggler and then McIntyre goes as Ezekile Jackson comes out at #36. Zeke rams right through Big Show and tosses him out of the ring before killing everyone else in the ring. So now Barrett has some backup and the two of them will work together in the Rumble match. Jackson chokes Mysterio in the corner with his boot as Sheamus and Barrett go at it. Santino Marella is out at #37 and he goes right after Sheamus and then goes after Zeke, but Zeke no sells him and Sheamus boots Santino in the face, and Santino rolls under the ropes to the floor. Sheamus and Zeke go at it next, then Zeke turns his attention to Cena and tries to toss him, and Barrett comes over to help but Barrett slips back in. Alberto Del Rio is out at #38 and slowly makes his way to the ring as Mysterio yells at him to get in and fight him. Sheamus nails Mysterio from behind and Del Rio still is coming to the ring when Randy Orton comes out at #39, and nails Del Rio, tosses him in the ring, and hits the RKO. RKO for Sheamus. Orton ducks Trouble In Paradise and gives him an RKO. Orton tosses Kingston. Orton clotheslines Sheamus out. Orton and Cena are the only ones on their feet and they slowly turn around and, in a scene reminiscent of Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan in 1990, stare each other down. Cena points at THE WRESTLEMANIA BANNER and they prepare to fight it out as Kane comes in at #40.

Everyone has entered the ring now, and Kane beats everyone down and then starts beating Orton up in the corner. Kane with a running clothesline and side suplex for Orton, but Zeke runs Kane over with a hard clothesline, then picks him up for a powerslam. Kane slips out so Zeke charges him and Kane ducks down and Zeke flies over the top. Kane rams Barrett hard into the corner and then nails Mysterio. Mysterio comes off the ropes and Kane catches him with a goozle, but Mysterio headscissors Kane over the top rope and then Barrett nails Mysterio and he goes out. We're down to four (in the ring, Santino's still on the outside), and Barrett tries to toss Cena while Orton tries to toss Del Rio. Cena fights his way back in and lays Barrett out and gives him a gutwrench suplex. Cena and Orton stare down again and circle each other, and then finally begin exchanging blows. Orton goes for the RKO, Cena escapes and goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Barrett nails Cena and gives him a suplex before putting the boots to Orton. Del Rio works Cena over and nails him with a running clothesline. Del Rio goes for another clothesline but Cena catches him and htis the Attitude Adjustment. Suddenly, Alex Riley runs back to the ring and Cena nails him, but suddenly Miz runs up from the broadcast booth and tosses Cena. Cena is not happy and he goes and says...something to Michael Cole that we can't hear, and then heads to the back. Orton, Barrett, and Del Rio circle one another and Orton goes after Barrett, but Del Rio nails him and Del Rio and Barrett double team Orton and choke him out in the corner. Orton clotheslines both of them and powerslams Barrett, neckbreaker over the back on Del Rio, and Orton sets for the RKO on Del Rio, but Barrett gets up first so Orton tosses him and Del Rio immediately comes up from behind and tosses Orton. Del Rio wins! Oh, wait a minute, Santino gets back in the ring and comes up behind Del Rio, sets it up, and hits the Cobra. Please no. Santino points to the Wrestlemania banner and goes to toss Del Rio, but Del Rio turns it around and tosses Santino, and it's now official...

2011 Royal Rumble Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto celebrates in the ring as we get about 67,000 shots of Alberto looking up at the Wrestlemania banner.

Thank you all for following's live coverage of Royal Rumble 2011, and I hope you enjoy the next two months of people pointing and staring at Wrestlemania banners. If you're Elite, then stay tuned for the postgame show that will be going up in the Elite section in just a short while.

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