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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-01-30 14:58:01
Welcome to's live coverage of the final of three events on Dragon Gate USA's United Weekend, as they present the final round of the Open The United Gate Title Tournament and Jon Moxley faces Homicide in a No Rules Match.

-Brodie Lee defeated Rich Swann. Both men got great reactions from the crowd during their entrances. Swann tried to frustrate Brodie by avoiding locking up with him and dancing. Brodie finally just laid him out with a superkick to the face and then nailed him with a hard chop in the corner and hit a delayed vertical suplex. Brodie stood on Swann's face with no hands, hit another hard chop, and a butterfly suplex before turning him inside out with a hard clothesline for 2. Swann dodged a running Yakuza Kick in the corner and escaped a Brodie Slam and started chopping Brodie down with kicks to the knee. He tried a German Suplex on Brodie, but Brodie blocked and continued to no sell until Swann ducked a clothesline and hit a spinning enziguiri. Swann went for the triple jump 450 but Brodie dodged and gave Swann the Brodie Slam for the win. Swann is a selling machine and made it look like Brodie was killing him out there. Great opener.

-The rest of Blood Warriors came out and CIMA started snapping pictures of what was left of Rich Swann. Brodie gave Swann a running Liger Bomb as the rest of Ronin came down to ringside and stood watching helplessly. Finally Brodie chokeslammed Swann over the top onto Taylor and Gargano. Ricochet says that he and Doi were supposed to wrestle CIMA and Dragon Kid tonight, but they're all on the same side and aren't going to fight each other. Ricochet thinks they should take the night off, and CIMA agrees and thinks they should go downtown and do some karaoke instead. They start to leave, but Jimmy Jacobs comes out and says he does a badass version of I Touch Myself on karaoke, but the fact is that he's gone 0-2 this weekend, and he's laid out a challenge to any Japanese talent, but none of them accepted, so they're either ignoring him or they're scared. Jacobs says he has something to prove tonight, and asks which one of them is going to step up to the plate. Ricochet tells Jacobs to go to the back and find three guys, and suggests that he and his crew take on Ricochet, CIMA, Doi, and Dragon Kid in an eight man tag. Jacobs tells them they're on.

-AR Fox defeated Cheech. They do a feeling out process to start and Cheech got AR Fox in a bodyscissors and did situps and hit Fox with elbows everytime he came up, then got him in a no hands Sharpshooter. Cheech put Fox on the second rope and hit him with a dropkick and then nailed an STO for 2. Fox hit a Stratusfaction and then two Stunners that sent Cheech to the floor and over the guardrail, and Fox hit a running dive over the top rope onto Cheech. They head back into the ring and Fox tried a top rope Vader Splash but Cheech got his feet up and hit a pump handle suplex for 2. Cheech superkicked Fox into the corner but Fox went up top and hit a top rope Codebreaker for the win.

-Akira Tozawa and Jon Moxley come out for the next match, and Reby Sky walks out to the ring and comes on to Moxley, saying she knows they've had some tough times, but thinks they can figure things out and suggests they head to the back. Moxley tells Tozawa he's going to go hang out in the back and says Tozawa's got this one.

-Akira Tozawa defeated BxB Hulk in an easy Match Of The Year candidate. They start by doing a mat wrestling sequence and Hulk winds up on top and starts firing knees in on Tozawa. Tozawa escapes and they do the indy standoff, then go to a Greco-Roman knucklelock, Hulk turns it to a wristlock but Tozawa rolls through into a wristlock of his own, then Hulk cartwheels out and armdrags Tozawa and takes a side headlock. They do a back and forth sequence off the ropes and Hulk gets a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Tozawa takes a powder on the otside before coming back in and absorbing a series of kicks from Hulk. Hulk kills Tozawa with a superkick to the face, then picks him up and fires more kicks to the chest until Tozawa catches the boot and sweeps Hulk's leg. Now Tozawa takes Hulk to the corner and unloads with kicks before getting a short dropkick to the face. Tozawa is getting a big reaction from this crowd. Tozawa gets a three quarter nelson and hit a kneestrike to the face for 2, then went back to the three quarter nelson while repeatedly telling the referee to ask Hulk if he wants to quit. Hulk makes the ropes and they start exchanging chops in the middle of the ring, Tozawa wins that and then takes Hulk to the corner and gouges his face before unloading with more hard chops, and Hulk tries to block the last one so Tozawa just jabs him in the face and then kicks him in the back. Nice spot. Tozawa nailed more hard kicks but Hulk superkicked him out of nowhere, but Tozawa hit a pair of roaring forearms and went for a hiptoss, but Hulk cartwheeled through and superkicked Tozawa. They go outside and fight on the floor before coming back in and Hulk gets a three quarter nelson and peppers Tozawa with kneestrikes before getting a snapmare running kick, and standing moonsault for 2. Hulk puts the boots to Tozawa and continues to unload with kicks but Tozawa dropkicked Hulk's legs out from under him and hit a running knee to send Hulk to the outside. Tozawa hit a Heat Seeking Missile that nearly bent Hulk in half, then hit another one and, at the crowd's urging, hit a third. Crowd is really into Tozawa and cheering loudly for him at this point. Hulk blocked a backdrop suplex and tried to elbow and knee his way out of it, but Tozawa held on and dumped him for 2. Hulk tried coming off the second rope but Tozawa caught him coming down in a Codebreaker and then went for a backdrop, but Hulk hit an axe kick and then unloaded with kicks. Hulk hit a standing shooting star press for 2 and then went for a straitjacket choke, but Tozawa fought his way out. Hulk with a spinning kick to the head and the EVO, but Tozawa kicked out at 2. Hulk set Tozawa and went up top but Tozawa hit a leaping bicycle kick and then they fought it out on the top rope and Tozawa headbutted Hulk so hard it made an audible impact you could hear throughout the building and then got a superplex for 2. They exchanged hard elbows in the middle of the ring and Hulk got the Guile Kick and a clothesline but Tozawa tried a German Suplex, Hulk rolled through and hit a series of kicks, Tozawa ducked the last one and rolled him up for 2, then got a Frankensteiner and a Shining Wizard and both men are down. Fans are on their feet cheering and chanting Dragon Gate. They go back to trading elbows and then went back and forth exchanging Yakura Kicks that connected full on but Hulk got a backdrop into a Northern Lights Suplex for a very close 2, then hit a Here It Is Driver and STILL only got 2. This is a star making performance by Tozawa. Hulk with more kicks and another EVO attempt but Tozawa slips out and gets an inverted DDT and a double kneedrop for 2. Tozawa goes for the German Suplex but Hulk escapes and kills Tozawa with a clothesline, but Tozawa no sells and gets a German Suplex for 2, then dedadlifts Hulk into a second German Suplex and immediately follows that with a Straitjacket Suplex for the win. Fans are on their feet applauding that and chanting Tozawa's name, and rightfully so. This was absolutely Tozawa's career match in DGUSA, both men worked their asses off here and this was easily the best match of the weekend so far. Hulk pounds the mat in anger at the loss and leaves without shaking Tozawa's hand.

-Austin Aries comes out for his match, but Jimmy Jacobs comes out and says that they have a crazy past, but he has no other friends and can't fight four men by himself, and asks Aries to help him out, and then if Aries ever needs someone to watch his back he'll be there. Aries says that he knows there's no way he can follow that last match, and he doesn't have a lot of friends in the back either, and tonight they can put their pasts behind them and work together. Jon Moxley comes out with Reby Sky and says he hates both their guts, but this Blood Warriors thing can become a problem and offers YAMATO to be their partner tonight. Jacobs says he hates to make a deal with the devil, but YAMATO is the DGUSA Champion and he'd be a fool to turn that down. Suddenly, Homicide runs out and attacks Moxley from behind to start their match.

-Jon Moxley defeated Homicide in a No Rules Match. They started out brawling around the ringside area, Homicide dumped Moxley on a talbe and then picked him up and tossed him on it again before tossing him into the entranceway and knocking the metal barricade on top of him, then throwing chair after chair on top of Moxley. They continue brawling to the other side of the building and I couldn't quite see what was happening from my vantage point, but Moxley picked Homicide up and powerbombed him into the metal gate in front of a door. They finally wound up in the ring and Moxley laid Homicide out with a lariat, then suddenly Reby Sky got in the ring and smacked Moxley in the face so Homicide could hit a backdrop suplex. They exchanged blows in the ring and Homicide got an Ace Crusher, but Moxley responded with one of his own for 2, then locked Homicide in the crossface chickenwing while yelling at him to quit like he did last time. Homicide rams Moxley to the corner and then backdrops him to the floor. Moxley tries to run back out into the crowd but Homicide hit his somersault dive through the ropes. They head back into the ring and Homicide nails a bloody Moxley with a lariat for 2, then an Ace Crusher and another lariat for another 2. Moxley asks Homicide why he can't put him away since they've been at this for months and says Homicide can't beat him. Homicide sits him up top and hit a top rope Ace Crusher and still only got 2. Moxley yells at Homicide that he really can't pin him, can he? Homicide responds by kicking him low and hitting the Cop Killa, but doesn't go for the cover. Crowd chants "one more time" at Homicide, but he suddenly pulls Moxley on top of himself and lets Moxley pin him.

-Moxley's music starts to play but Homicide says to cut the music and he gives Moxley another Ace Crusher and then goes over to the concession stand to grab a pair of scissors. He piledrives Moxley and tells Moxley that he doesn't care if he wins or loses (to which Moxley replies that Homicide makes it too easy), but he's got a perfect present for Moxley that's definitely going to make him shut the f*** up. Homicide tries to cut his tongue out but Akira Tozawa runs out and attacks Homicide while Moxley runs. Tozawa takes off, so Homicide tells the ring announcer to get into the ring and announce him as the winner. The announcer complies, and Homicide goes around leading a Dragon Gate chant.


-Rexx Reed defeated Pinkie Sanchez. Reed overpowered Sanchez early but Sanchez dumped Reed to the floor and hit a somersault dive and then tried a move off the guardrail, but Reed caught him and slammed him on the ring apron. They headed back in where Reed hit a running forearm in the corner and a diving clothesline, and finally squished Sanchez with a running senton. Reed tried another charge but Sanchez moved and nailed Reed with a leg lariat and a springboard clothesline for 2. Sanchez went up top but Reed hit a leaping enziguiri and a cannonball in the corner, then finished Sanchez with a fireman's carry backbreaker. Solid match to get the crowd going again after intermission.

-CIMA, Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid & Ricochet defeated Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries, Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO, and Sami Callihan. Each wrestler got their own individual introduction by the announcer, and at the end Sami Callihan came out and told Jacobs that he wanted in. After an all out skirmish to start the match, Jacobs and Dragon Kid wound up alone in the ring and had a back and forth sequence with Dragon Kid outmaneuvering Jacobs, but Jacobs simply nailed him with a clothesline and Kid bailed out to the floor. Callihan tagged in and went at it with CIMA, and CIMA ran him over with a shoulerblock and a kick to the chest, but Callihan tripped him and got the Horse Collar. CIMA kicked him off so Callihan took him out with a clothesline. Next up was Aries and Doi, and they hit a shoulderblock with neither man moving, Doi tried several chops but Aries boxed his ears and they exchanged armdrags and came to a stalemate. Ricochet and YAMATO came in next and Ricochet tried shoulderblocks and couldn't budge YAMATO, so he got a flying headscissors instead. YAMATO creamed him with an elbow, but Ricochet armdragged him to the floor and went for a dive, but Aries stepped in front and Ricochet stopped short. YAMATO took his time and came back in but got nailed from behind by CIMA and YAMATO wound up in Blood Warriors' corner. CIMA tagged in and worked over YAMATO's arm, then tagged Dragon Kid for a snapmare and a couple of kneedrops. YAMATO picks Dragon Kid up and takes him to his own corner and the babyfaces work him over 4-on-1 and then Aries tags in and hits the slingshot senton for 2. Aries with the figure four stump puller and turns it into a pinning combination for 2, but then Aries gets caught in the wrong corner and they beat him down 4-on-1. Ricochet with a dropkick to Aries for 2, then hits a springboard twisting senton for 2. Ricochet tries a corner dropkick but Aries dodges and hits an STO. Callihan tags in and wears Ricochet down with double axhandles, then tags Jacobs who hits several stomps and an elbowdrop, then hits a spear for 2. YAMATO back in and nails Ricochet with a hard chop, but Ricochet gets a leaping enziguiri. Ricochet tries to get to his corner but YAMATO drags him back and tags Callihan, who gets a hard slam and a slingshot splash for 2. Ricochet catches him in the face with a nice spinning kick and finally tags out. Doi and CIMA come in and wishbone Callihan several times before CIMA pulls his straps forward and snaps them back on Callihan's chest. Now that's just adding insult to injury. Doi with a running dropkick in the corner and Aries drops off the apron to go after Brodie, so CIMA and Doi crotch Callihan on the ringpost, then pulls him to the outside and pick him up in an atomic drop for a running crotch on the ringpost. They toss Callihan back in and Dragon Kid puts him down in the corner and goes fora Bronco Buster, but Callihan moves and CIMA comes in and cuts Callihan off from making the tag. The referee again gets distracted as Blood Warriors work Callihan over with Dragon Kid keeping Callihan in an Indian Deathlock while Doi and CIMA repeatedly curb stomp him into the mat. Finally Aries and YAMATO come in and break it up and Callihan is able to get back to his feet and exchange chops with CIMA. Callihan comes off the ropes but CIMA drills him in the face with a dropkick, then hesitates to mouth off to the crowd and Callihan comes from behind and hits a backdrop suplex and finally makes the hot tag to YAMATO. YAMATO cleans house on Blood Warriors and Aries makes the tag, hitting a neckbreaker on the second rope for 2 and then hitting a bulldog/clothesline on Dragon Kid and Doi. Aries locks Dragon Kid in the Last Chancery as Callihan gets Ricochet in a horse collar, YAMATO gets Doi in a choke, and Jacobs gets CIMA in the End Time. CIMA finally picks Jacobs up and dumps him on Aries and then double stomps him on the chest and hits a somersault senton for 2. Aries goes for the shinbreaker/suplex but CIMA fights out so Aries hits a roaring elbow for 2. CIMA blocks a brainbuster and gets an Indian Deathlock on Aries and suplexes Jacobs while still in the hold. Now Callihan comes in and unloads on Ricochet, but Ricochet sweeps his legs and hits a stnading moonsault cannonball for 2. Ricochet goes for a springboard move but Callihan catches him in a Russian Legsweep and Ricochet tries a victory roll, but Callihan dumps him on his face and gets a deadlift German Suplex. YAMATO and Doi go at it next and YAMATO hits a leaping enziguiri and a brainbuster for 2. YAMATO goes for the sitout piledriver but Doi escapes and they exchange hard shots until Doi trips YAMATO onto the ropes and hits a running kick, followed by a springboard Stunner from Dragon Kid. CIMA and Doi hit a wheelbarrow Codebreaker followed by a running shooting star press from Ricochet for 2. Dragon Kid goes for a Frankensteiner on YAMATO but YAMATO blocks and Aries comes in and kicks Kid in the head for 2, then hits the IED in the corner and goes for the brainbuster but Kid reverses to a Stunner and then Jacobs nails Kid with the Contra Code for 2. CIMA puts Callihan on top and sets him up for the Mega Frankensteiner from Dragon Kid, and then Ricochet hits the top rope senton on Callihan and Ricochet gets a Lionsdault for 2. Blood Warriors all take turns nailing Jacobs in the corner with high impact moves and then Doi, CIMA, and Dragon Kid hit Jacobs with a triple coast to coast and CIMA hits a 2K1 Bomb for 2. Aries dumps CIMA and Dragon Kid to the floor and hits a Heat Seeking Missile, Ricochet follows with a dive of his own. Jacobs is left in the ring with Doi and gets the End Time, but Doi counters to Doi Fives and hits the sliding knee kick for the win. Unbelievable match and exactly what you'd expect from a Dragon Gate eight man. Blood Warriors finishes the weekend strong while Jacobs goes 0-3.

Finally, we've come to the main event of the evening, the finals of the Open The United Gate Title Tournament, with Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino & Open The Brave Gate Champion PAC facing Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano of Ronin, who have both earned 4 points with a pair of victories over the two Blood Warriors teams. The winner of this final match will be the first Open The United Gate Champions.

-Masato Yoshino & PAC defeated Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor to become the first Open The United Gate Champions. Gargano and Yoshino started off with a feeling out process, but Yoshino killed Gargano with a running dropkick out of nowhere. A fast paced sequence ensues and Gargano gets a jawbreaker to send Yoshino to the floor. PAC and Taylor tag in and go for a test of strength, but PAC sends Taylor off the ropes and Taylor takes him down with a shoulderblock. They do another sequence and PAC sends Taylor to the floor with a dropkick and goes for a dive, but Gargano had made a blind tag and nails PAC. He quickly winds up in World-1's corner and PAC and Yoshino take turns coming off the top rope onto Gargano's arm and then Yoshino rolls Gargano into a seated Royal Octopus but Gargano makes the ropes. Taylor gets into a loud argument with referee Bryce Remsburg as PAC hits a moonsault on Gargano for 2. Gargano drives PAC into his corner and Ronin tries a double team but PAC takes them both out, then he tries coming off the ropes and Taylor rams PAC into Gargano's feet. Now PAC is the one in trouble and Gargano hits a running clothesline in the corner for 2, then Taylor comes in and gets a senton for 2. Ronin with a double back elbow and they start stomperin'. Gargano covers for 2 then gets a seated abdominal stretch on PAC, and PAC hitosses out of it but Taylor tags in and nails PAC with a big boot. PAC fires back with some kicks and a leaping enziguiri, then comes off the second rope with a dropkick and makes the hot tag. Yoshino comes in but immediately gets double teamed by Ronin. Yoshino dodges and Taylor accidentally nails Gargano, but quickly recovers and hits Sole Food and a uranage for 2. Yoshino gets a standing Royal Octopus but Gargano nails him, and then Gargano and PAC go at it and PAC hits a slingshot Ace Crusher and a second rope shooting star press for 2. Gargano and PAC exchange suplex attempts and Gargano hits a leaping enziguiri and a running Snake Eyes into the second rope, then superkicks PAC for 2. Yoshino goes after Taylor but Gargano hits a spear through the ropes and Taylor hits a Lionsault for 2. Taylor gets a windmill backbreaker followed by a Shining Wizard from Gargano for 2. PAC and Taylor exchange blows but PAC hits a leg lariat then slams Taylor and Yoshino comes off the top with a dropkick/senton on Gargano and Taylor, and PAC hits a standing twisting senton for 2. Taylor springboards off Gargano with a Blockbuster for 2, then he and Gargano get a Splash Mountain Cutter for 2. Gargano hits a dive onto Yoshino on the floor and Taylor hits the Awful Waffle but only gets 2. Taylor is shocked, but he and Gargano hit a double team Codebreaker/wheelbarrow suplex and then Gargano catches PAC in a Border City Stretch. Yoshino tries to come in but Taylor nails him and they go to the outside. Yoshino comes back in and furiously tries to break the hold, but Taylor cuts him off and they brawl and Yoshino gets TAylor in the twisty leg thing while Gargano still has PAC in the Border City Stretch. Gargano finally breaks to save Taylor, then fires up and goes for his full nelson slam thing but Yoshino blocks and hits Ghanarea. PAC dumps Taylor and he and Yoshino double enziguiri Gargano and PAC hits a second rope Phoenix Splash for 2. Gargano superkicks him in the face and then Taylor, who was fighting in the crowd with Yoshino, springboards off the guardrail and kicks PAC in the face and Gargano rolls him up for 2. Gargano dumps PAC on his head with a German Suplex, but PAC comes back with a German Suplex of his own to get the win and become champions. Ronin try to grab the belts away, then stop and extend their hands to the new champions. They share a handshake and a hug and then Ronin leaves as the new champions hold up their new belts in the ring. PAC gets a microphone and puts Yoshino over and calls him his brother in World-1, and wrestling in America to become the first champions was great and they will defend them in Japan with pride. He thanks everyone for coming out and supporting Dragon Gate, and then leads the crowd in a Yoshino chant. Yoshino thanks everyone for coming tonight and asks if everyone liked the show, then says that they'll be back because they love New Jersey.

Thank you for following's coverage of United Weekend. I'll have a postgame show up sometime early this week, and I'll be back later tonight with live coverage of the Royal Rumble PPV at 8pm.

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