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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-30 04:25:00
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla started with WrestleReunion promoter Sal Corrente announcing that Ken Patera and Jim Neidhart would not be working the Legends Battle Royal and would instead be replaced by Chavo and Mando Guerrero, who are legitimate legends in the Los Angeles area.

PWG owner Excalibur came to the ring and joked with the crowd that he just arrived from throwing rocks at the military. He noted that the show is starting a little late and "you should be so lucky that we start on time." He thanked everyone for coming and asked everyone to enjoy the show.

Cedric Alexander, Brandon Gatson, Candice LeRae, & Willie Mack vs. Peter Avalon, Caleb Konley, “The Manscout” Jake Manning, & ODB in an eight person tag.

ODB replaced Christina Von Eerie.

Manning and Alexander started with Manning eating several dropkicks Gatson tagged in but Manning faked him out and tagged out to Konley. Peter Avalon and Willie Mack each tagged in, which the crowd loved. Mack killed him with a big shoulderblock and slam. He dropped a series of knees on him but Avalon retreated to his corner and tagged in ODB.

ODB challenged Mack but he instead tagged in LaRae. LaRae pushed ODB but got punched down and then slapped across the chest. ODB tagged in Avalon, who went to piledrive her but LaRae backdropped him and worked him over with stomps and kicks in the corner, She dropkicked him low, then nailed a drop toehold on Manning, who crashed atop of Avalon.

Alexander tagged in but missed a charge in the corner and was clotheslined by Manning from the apron. Manning began dropping bombs on him but Alexander mounted a comeback. Manning cut him off and whipped him into an Avalon hiptoss into the corner. Avalon nailed a big leaping kneedrop for a two count. ODB tagged in and chopped Alexander in the corner. Avalon tagged back in and rubbed his face in the ropes.

Manning tagged back in and continued the beating on Alexander. Alexander went for a hiptoss but Manning stopped him and nailed a nice butterfly suplex. ODB tagged in but missed an Avalanche in the corner. The crowd rallied Alexander and he made the hot tag to Gatson. Gatson whipped Manning in the corner then Avalon atop of him. He whipped Mack into a splash in the corner, then hit a Stinger Splash on the whole pile.

Mack grabbed Avalon and threw him out of the ring atop the other members of his team. Alecander hit a running dive over the top to the floor. LaRae prepared to do one but ODB tripped her. Gatson hit a space flying tiger drop over the ropes onto everyone. Willie Mack went to the top rope but was cut off by Avalon, who went for a superplex. LaRae came from behind and slammed him off the ropes. Mack hit a BIG frog splash off the top.

Team Mack all worked over Avalon until Gatson forced him to tap out with an armbreaker.

Your winners, Cedric Alexander, Brandon Gatson, Candice LeRae, & Willie Mack!

Rey Bucanero vs. Mr. Aguila

Aguila is best known to American fans from his stint in the WWF as Essa Rios. Fans chanted "Lucha Libre" at the bell. Bucanero did several takedowns but couldn't get a pin on Rios. Essa nailed a spinkick, sending Rey to the floor. He went to do a dive but the referee stopped him. So, Rios hit a flip dive out of the ring to the floor.

Back in the ring, Rios drilled Rey with a clothesline for a two count. He kicked Rey several times. Rey sent him into the ropes and caught him with a Backcracker. Rios went to the floor, where Bucanero hit a dive. They battled around ringside. Rios was crotched on the railing and chopped away by Bucanero.

As they returned to the ring, Rios caught Rey with a kick to the chest. Bucanero threw him out of the ring and hit a beautiful running dive over the corner and the ringpost to the floor on Aguila. Fans loved that. They fought in the crowd but I couldn' see from my vantage point. Bucanero put Aguila in a chair and did a running dive over the railing to him.

Back in the ring, they each missed a clothesline attempt and went for a high cross body at the same time, crashing into the other. As the referee counted them down, the fans chanted in Espanol. Bucanero locked on a variation of the Lion Tamer. Aguila fought back and nailed a springboard off the ropes into an armdrag, slammed Bucanero, then hit a moonsault for the pin.

Your winner, Mr. Aguila!

Really fun Lucha match.

Joey Ryan vs. Shane Helms (with Amber O'Neale)

Ryan came out to EMF's "Unbelievable", so he's over with me forever. Ryan took the mic and said that tonight, his opponent is Shane Helms. The place booed Helms. He said that he knows everything about Helms - his sweet dance moves from Three Count, his superpowers as the Hurricane and his ability to "talk sh**" on the Internet. The crowd chanted "HBK." Ryan said he was on a quest to prove he was the greatest wrestler to ever "lace up Nikes." He told Helms that not only has to deal with someone with movie star charisma and good looks, but a Hollywood submission machine. He told Helms that he's got a lot of sweet dance moves but all he needs to know tonight is a tap dance, because he's going to tap out.

Helms came out wearing a t-shirt that said "PG Sux." So does spelling. There was a huge "HBK" chant. Helms took the mic and said that we had a rowdy little crowd. The fans chanted for Helms to "shut the f*** up." He said he needed to comment on a few things Ryan had to say. He said that he's had 12 years of TV time and no one that's anyone in the business "knows who the f***" Ryan is. He said, "Starrcade, Wrestlemania" as he pointed to himself, then pointed to Ryan and said, "Backyard." He then intimated Ryan was gay and that's why he liked Shawn Michaels. He then told the crowd that they could say anything they wanted but none of them would do anything about it in the ring. He was announced as Shane "Supernatural" Helms. Good mic work by both men.

They locked up and Ryan slapped Helms when he trapped him in the corner during a tieup. Ryan shoulderblocked Helms down but stopped when Helms went for a chokeslam. Ryan retreated to the floor. Helms tossed Ryan out of the ring and nailed a plancha.

Back in the ring, Helms grabbed for Ryan but was nailed with a jawbreaker. He tuned up the band, HBK style and nailed Sweet Chin Music, but Helms no sold it and slapped Ryan in the face. Helms locked on a figure four leglock. Helms went to the top but was nailed on the way down by Ryan shot to the gut. Ryan worked over Helms.

Helms started to mount a comeback but Ryan nailed a sunset flip. Helms rolled through, grabbed Ryan's legs and locked him into a Sharpshooter. Ryan escaped and nailed a hammerlock slam. Ryan grabbed the mic and told everyone to pay attention. He said that he was putting on a technical masterpiece and if they didn't have ADD, they would respect him and what he is doing. The fans chanted, "This is awesome."

They battled around the ring with Ryan and Helms exchanging chops. Back in the ring, Helms went for a neckbreaker but Ryan turned it into a one-armed DDT. Ryan locked an armbar. Helms broke free and they battled back and forth. Helms hit an inverted DDT for a two count. Ryan cut him off on the top rope, where they battled. Ryan got knocked off and Helms nailed a flying bodypress for a two count.

Helms went for the chokeslam but couldn't Ryan. Ryan caught him with an exploder suplex. He charged the corner but Helms cut him off. Helms missed a kick and was caught in a slam for a two count. Ryan went for the armbar but Helms slipped out and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

Helms went for an inverted DDT but Ryan scissored him in a standing position for a submission attempt until Helms got to the ropes. Ryan rebounded off the ropes and was caught with a chokeslam for a two count. Ryan caught Helms in a submission and Helms, trapped, was forced to submit.

Your winner, Joey Ryan!

An entertaining match. I thought Helms and Ryan were both gold on the mic and their work was good as well.

The fans chanted "Don't come back" at Helms. Helms took the mic and said he got into wrestling when he was 13 years old and worked his ass off to get where he was. He said that he wasn't someone who got into the business and then became a dick. He then said he knows what it's like to be on the other side of the rail, but the bottom line is "I've made millions and you ain't made sh**."

Low Ki vs. Davey Richards

They did some great mat and counter wrestling early.

Ki came out to his old theme music and got a monster pop. Fans chanted "Welcome back" when he entered the ring. They had a long staredown as fans did the dueling chants. They locked up and Low Ki ended up taking Richards to the ropes. Clean break. Ki began beating Richards with chops and kicks.

Richards tried to take Ki down but couldn't get him and they ran into the corner. Ki hit a Mule Kick out of the corner. Richards knocked Ki out of the ring and went for a dive but Ki caught him with a kick as he dove out. Ki worked over Richards on the floor and controlled him on the mat when they returned to the ring. Ki used elbow strikes in the corner but Richards took out his leg.

Richards stalked Ki and beat him down with a back suplex. He cinched in a cravate but Ki began fighting back. Richards elevated him into an inverted atomic drop and tried to muscle him over into a Boston Crab, finally turning him.

Ki made it to the ropes and nailed several chops but were cut off with a backbreaker. Richards nailed Ki with a hard spinkick. He mounted Ki and began beating him with punches and strikes. Richards locked in a side chinlock. Ki mounted a comeback with a series of hard chops. He drilled the hell out of Richards with chops and nailed a running kick in the corner.

Ki destroyed Richards with a series of kicks to the chest. He drilled Richards with a double stomp. KI was caught in the corner with a running forearm and a back suplex for a two count. This match is awesome and there's no way I could keep up with it.

Richards tried to grab Ki's ankle after working on it but Ki chopped him away. Ki hit a leaping double stomp to the leg and then a rolling kick in the corner for a two count. Richards locked in a anklelock but Ki escaped and locked in a Dragon Sleeper. Richards slipped out and nailed a belly to back suplex then a kick to the head for a two count.

Ki went for a rolling kick but Richards avoided it and clotheslined Ki for a two count. Richards pulled Ki up for a superplex but Ki fought him off and hung him off the ropes. He went for the Warrior's Way but Richards tossed him pff. Richards went for a shooting star press but Ki moved and nailed the Warrior's Way for the pin.

Your winner, Low Ki!

A hell of a return to the independents for Low Ki. Really, really, really awesome. They beat the hell out of each other.

Richards flipped off Ki after the match. Fans chanted "PWG" after the match and gave Ki a huge ovation, chanting for him to return.

Jake Roberts vs. Sinn Bodhi (with Stacy Carter)

Obviously, this is booked as Robert's retirement match. Roberts received a huge standing ovation. Fans chanted, "Thank you Jake" after the ring introductions, then chanted for the DDT.

They went to hug but Bodhi immediately attacked Roberts with punches. Jake retaliated with a series of jabs and a knee lift. Bodhi rolled out to the floor. When he returned, they locked up and ended up in the corner, so Bodhi broke clean to mess with Jake's head.

They locked up again with Jake working over Bodhi's arm. Jake nailed him with a punch and went for the DDT but Bodhi slipped out of the ring again. They locked up again when he returned and Roberts nailed him with a series of elbows in the corner and whipped Bodhi to the opposite side. Bodhi cut him off and nailed a running legdrop.

Fans are now chanting "Hall of Famer" at Roberts.

Bodhi covered Roberts for a two count. Bodhi continued stalking him as fans chanted for Jake. JJake mounted a comeback, blocking punches and nailing his own. He tried up Bodhi in an armwringer into a short clothesline, then nailed the DDT for the pin.

Your winner, Jake Roberts!

Roberts put the snake on the former Kizarny. Fans chanted for a speech but Roberts simply waved and walked out.

A nice moment for Roberts. '

We are now at intermission. Back with the Battle Royal soon!

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