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By Buck Woodward on 2011-01-21 10:00:00

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How secret was Edge's return at the Rumble?

WWE did a real good job with his return, not having him arrive at the building until after the event had started.  WWE deserves a lot of credit for working hard to keep their Royal Rumble surprises a "secret" the past few years.
I was just thinking of famous wrestling families with third generation superstars. Which family would you like to see in a triple threat match? Perhaps Dusty/Dustin/Cody or Stu/Owen/Bret. Maybe Bob/Bob jr/Randy or Mike/Ted/Ted Jr.

I think the most entertaining would probably be the Rhodes family, which is also the one match that could actually take place.  I think the others would just be too much of a styles clash.
Pretend it's the 90s, and a Triple Threat match is about to happen featuring the top star of each promotion that was big at the time (WWF, WCW and ECW). Which star from each company would you have in your dream WWF vs. WCW vs. ECW Triple Threat match?

Let's go with Steve Austin vs. Randy Savage vs. Sabu.
According to you - Undertaker will be facing either Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett or Kane at Wrestlemania 27. Who would you like to see Taker, why and any chance of them beating Taker?

Of the three, I would probably go with Barrett, as I wouldn't push Jackson into such a big match yet, and the Kane match has been done enough (including twice at Wrestlemania). And there is no chance any of them beat the Undertaker.
What was the deal with Mark Callaway's character Booger Red? Please explain this travesty.

It wasn't a character, it was a nickname Jim Ross called Undertaker for a while, but it never caught on.  It was the nickname of a famous bronco rider in Texas in the early 1900's, Samuel Thomas Privett, Jr.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here

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