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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-17 18:37:05
CM Punk was struck by a fan during a Shreveport, Louisana Raw house show last night during a match with Mark Henry. Punk was outside the ring taunting fans when a young fan reached out and struck him.

According to one person who was at the show, Punk grabbed the fan, which led to others trying to get involved and a number of fans were tossed out of the show. I've heard conflicting reports as to the age of the fan, as one person told me it was teenager with his friends while another person told me it was a younger fan with his family.

Punk worked as scheduled and according to those I spoke to today, was checked out by doctors for a possible eye injury. There was fear he may have scratched his cornea but I haven't heard if that was actually the case.

Punk is still scheduled to appear at tonight's Raw as scheduled, according to one source. There hasn't been any indication he was going to be missing any ring time backstage at Raw.

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