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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-11 22:10:47
Ring of Honor's series with HDNet will end with the promotion's January tapings in Philadelphia,PA at the ECW Arena, has confirmed. Those tapings will carry episodes on the network through April 2011.

ROH sources categorized the split as simply the promotion's two year contract with the network ending and in an exclusive statement to, ROH commented, "Ring of Honor Wrestling would like to thank HDNet for the last two years, especially those behind the scenes that made it possible every single TV taping."

While everyone had high hopes for the series (the network's first foray into pro wrestling), the reality seemed to be that HDNet, as a network, didn't have the brand awareness or clearances needed to really make a difference for ROH as a promotional partner, while ROH didn't have the awareness to bring new eyeballs to HDNet.

While the series produced the most in-ring wrestling per hour of any nationally televised wrestling show, it wasn't bringing in huge numbers for either side and the hoped-for international television clearances revenue didn't pan out, either.

That said, ROH and HDNet have not ended their business relationship entirely. The two sides are currently in negotiations for the network to carry a potential live ROH special in 2011 as well as other potential projects beyond that.

ROH sources noted that they are already free and clear to pursue a new television deal and are currently looking at least one potential new TV partner.

I am told that relations between HDNet and ROH remain friendly and on good terms. It's not a case of the series ending with bad blood.

Following the final TV tapings in January, the promotion intends to take some time off from the Philadelphia market before returning to running regular events.

ROH on HDNet debuted in March 2009. The final tapings will take place 1/21 and 1/22 in Philadelphia.

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