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By Stuart Carapola on 2010-12-11 20:32:00

Welcome to's live coverage of the CZW Cage Of Death XII iPPV!

Unfortunately, we had a little bit of technical difficulty at the beginning of the show and were unable to do play-by-play of the opening bout, but it saw Gran Akuma win a six way match over Rich Swann, Ruckus, Alex Colon, Ryan McBride, and Jonathan Gresham.

Before the next match, Greg Excellent came out and cut a promo introducing his mother and saying he wishes he was in action tonight and wanted to apologize to management because he tried to step up at Tournament Of Death, and also wants to apologize to the fans, and also to his mother, who he then delivers a butterfly piledriver to. CZW staff immediately rush the ring and attend to mom, putting her on a stretcher and carrying her to the back.

#1 Contender's Match: "Ego" Robert Anthony vs Sami Callihan

Anthony nailed Callihan before the bell and got a "you still suck" chant from the crowd, then put Callihan in the corner and worked him over with forearms and chops. Anthony grabbed a mic and told Sami that he's still nothing and he'll never be anything, then beat him down and choked him out in the corner with his boot. He kept trying to talk but several fans had air horns they used to drown him out, then Callihan popped up and ran Anthony over with a hard clothesline and covered for 2. Sami laid in several chops, then put on Anthony's fur coat and splashed him in the corner. Callihan charged Anthony but got pressed up and crotched on the top rope, which Anthony followed with a springboard dropkick out of the corner, knocking Callihan to the floor. Callihan fought his way back up to the apron and Anthony tried charging him but Callihan hit a big boot to the face that put Anthony to the apron, and Callihan hit a springboard clothesline out of the corner and followed with a dive through the ropes. Callihan grabbed a chair from a fan and tried to toss Anthony into it, but anthony reversed and dropped Callihan face first on the chair. Callihan fought back, grabbed the chair, and nailed Anthony with it, then took him around the ring, chopping him against each guardrail but Anthony nailed him then picked him up for a powerbomb, ran completely past the ring, and powerbombed Callihan into the crowd. The staff came running out and ran to Callihan's side, eventually carrying him back over the guardrail, but Anthony came out to ringside and continued chopping him and then hit a vertical suplex on the floor. Anthony rolls Callihan back into the ring and goes to the top rope but took too long and Callihan recovered enough to catch him coming off the top rope and counter to a Sky High. They get back to their knees and go face to face exchanging forearms, but Callihan started tearing into him with chops and came off the ropes but Anthony picked him up into a tilt-a-whirl slam and then placed Callihan face down on the bottom turnbuckle and stood on Callihan's face, picked him up in a surfboard and catapulted Callihan forward onto the top turnbuckle, then did the same thing backwards and dropped Callihan on the back fo his head. Anthony went up top but Callihan got up and nailed him and tried to superplex him, but Anthony nailed Callihan back and powerbombed him off the top rope, but that only ended up getting 2. Anthony wedged a chair in the corner between the top and middle ropes, but took too long to try and slam Callihan into it and Callihan recovered and delivered a backdrop suplex, rammed Anthony into the ropes, and hit a hard running forearm, but only got 2. Callihan immediately followed up by locking Anthony in the Horse Collar and Anthony made the ropes, but Callihan pulled him off and reapplied and there was a tense moment, but Anthony made the ropes again. Callihan pulled Anthony back to the middle of the ring face down and just rained forearms down to the back of Anthony's head and covered for 2. Callihan went for the Horse Collar again but Anthony kicked at Callihan and reversed to a cradle for 2. Anthony hit a pair of superkicks and a bridging Cop Killa for the win.

Winner: "Ego" Robert Anthony

Anthony is now the #1 contender to the CZW Heavyweight Title. This was an awesome, hard hitting match. These guys destroyed each other trying to get a shot at the title and Anthony earned that win.

CZW Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Adam Cole vs AR Fox

Cole is accompanied to the ring by Mia Yum. They do a fast paced sequence to start and Fox goes for a dropkick but Cole bails out to the floor, so Fox hits a baseball slide and then runs up the corner and moonsaults to the outside onto Cole. Fox rolls Cole back into the ring and Cole tries a backslide, but Fox flips through so Cole picks him up for a slingshot back suplex but slightly blew the move and Fox landed on the top of his head. Cole takes Fox and chokes him on the second rope and then distracts the referee while Mia Yum chokes Fox on the bottom rope. Cole goes back over and drags Fox out to the middle of the ring and cradles Fox for a 2 count, then goes to a rear chinlock. Fox fights his way out and comes off the ropes but Cole hits a back elbow and covers for another 2. Cole goes for a vertical suplex but Fox blocks and reverses to a twisting vertical suplex. Fox bulldogs Cole onto the second turnbuckle and then gets a sunset flip for 2, an inside cradle for 2, and then rolls out of a Cole backslide attempt and hits a Codebreaker for 2. Fox springboards out of the corner with a Diamond Cutter on Cole for 2, then leaps to the top rope for a moonsault but cole gets the knees up, superkicks him in the face, and gets a Snowplow for 2. Fox whips Cole to the corner and hits a running Yakuza Kick, but Cole catches him on a leapfrog, hits a Tombstone, then picks him back up without dropping him and hits a second Tombstone but only gets 2. They go out to the apron and Cole tries to German Suplex Fox on the apron, but Fox escapes and hits Sliced Bread #2 on the apron. Fox goes for a dive but the referee stops him, so Fox decides to leapfrog over the referee and wipe out Cole on the floor. Cole goes for a kick but Fox catches his foot and trips him, and Cole feints an ankle injury while Mia Yum hit a lowblow on Fox from the outside. Cole miraculously recovered and came off the second rope with a leaping Canadian Destroyer for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

Tyler Veritas comes out and congratulates Cole on his victory, but he has a title shot in his back pocket and challenges Cole to put the title on the line right now. He runs into the ring and chases Cole out to the floor and around ringside, but Cole gets a shot in and hiptosses Veritas into the crowd. Cole goes out after him and they fight in the crowd, and Veritas comes back and chops Cole back over the guardrail and chases him back to ringside. Cole runs back into the ring, so I guess it's official...

CZW Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Adam Cole vs Tyler Veritas

Veritas starts working Cole over, but Mia Yum distracts Veritas and allows Cole to hit a running boot and send Tyler to the floor. Tyler starts to roll back in and Cole picks him up and gets a fireman's carry neckbreaker over the knee for 2. Cole with a powerslam for 2 and Cole gets frustrated at his inability to put Veritas away, but calms himself down and goes to the second rope instead. Cole comes off the ropes and Veritas catches him and tries for an armbar, but Cole escapes that and gets a fireman's carry, but spins him into the referee and knocks him out. Veritas goes for a Crippler Crossface but Mia Yum comes into the ring and gouges his eyes, allowing Cole to get him in what looks like a poorly executed Crippler Crossface and Veritas is out so the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Adam Cole

Great stuff here, you thought Veritas was going to cash in his title shot and win the title, but Cole outlasted both of them to hang onto his title.

Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: Philly's Most Wanted vs The Osirian Portal

Amassis and Sabian start the match off and Sabian gets a duck under with a waistlock, but Amassis reverses to a cradle for 2. They go to a mat wrestling sequence and wrestle to a stalemate. Another wristlock exchange and Amassis takes Sabian down with a side headlock, but Sabian reverses to a headscissors and Amassis kicks out of that and they go to another stalemate. Both men tag out and Ophidian and Joker come in and Joker gets a knee to the ribs and whips Ophidian to the corner, but Ophidian leapfrogs out and takes a wheelbarrow suplex into an armbdrag and then hits a headscissors to send Joker to the floor and baseball slides into another headscissors on the floor. Amassis and Sabian have a fast paced sequence in the ring with each man catch a near fall on the other but Sabian hits a dropkick on Amassis while he's in midair and covers for 1. Sabian lays in a chop andwhips Amassis to the ropes but Amassis slides to the floor and Ophidian sneaks in and gets a bridging O'Connor Roll for 2. Sabian sent to the corner and then the Portal hit a double team splash and roll Sabian up for 2. The Portal double teams Joker and hypnotize him, but Sabian breaks it up by dropkicking Ophidian in the face and Joker comes to and he and Sabian hit a double flapjack for 2. Joker takes Amassis to the corner and lays in several stiff chops, then whips him across the ring and follows in with a hard forearm followed by a snapmare and stiff kick in the back. Joker with a European Uppercut and balances Amassis on the top rope and drops him face first on the mat and goes for a cover, but Ophidian distracts the ref and no count is made. Joker unloads on Amassis with chops and comes off the ropes but Amassis gets a sliding trip and Ophidian comes right in with a springboard moonsault for 2. Sabian comes in and kills Ophidian with a hard shot, then goes to the floor and rams Amassis into the guardrail and they start exchanging blowsd. Sabian tells the fans to move and starts to toss him into the crowd, but swings him around mid move and tosses him back in the ring and makes an obscene gesture at the fans. Joker covers for 2 and tags out to Sabian, who comes in with a kick to the ribs and covers for 1. Amassis fights his way free but Sabian hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Ophidian tries to get in the ring again, but the referee puts him back out as Sabian slaps Amassis around and hits a stiff chop. Another fast paced sequence and Amassis hits a flying shoulderblock on Sabian and tries to make the hot tag but gets cut off, so he delivers a spinebuster to Sabian and finally tags Ophidian. Ophidian comes in and hits a stiff kick to Joker's head and then a running boot and then tosses Joker to the floor and hits a twisting dive onto Joker on the floor. Ophidian comes off the top with something, but trips on the way down and barely hits Sabian to cover for 2. Ophidian with a victory roll/bulldog move for 2 on Sabian and then he and Amassis hypnotize Sabian, but Joker sneaks up behind and German Suplexes both of them. Joker and Sabian with a double hiptoss on Amassis and a wheelbarrow into a lungblower and then again and Sabian covers Amassis for 2. Joker with a giant swing into a diving dropkick from Sabian for 2. Sabian whips Ophidian to the corner and follows with a running dropkick and then Joker follows with a rolling senton for 2. Joker picks Amassis up onn his shoulders and Sabian comes off the top rope, but Amassis rolls through into a victory roll for 2 and then both members of the Portal hit double superkicks on both Sabian and Joker and follow with stereo 450 splashes but each only get a 2 count. The Portal do the hypnotizing again and this time successfully hypnotize both men. Suddenly, Can't Touch This by MC Hammer starts playing and the Portal dances while Sabian and Joker just sway around in a stupor. After a while, they hypnotize Sabian and Joker into dancing with them and then fall down. The music stops and the crowd goes crazy for the whole scene. The Portal goes back up and hit a double team splash/legdrop onto Joker, but even after the hypnotizing and the top rope trauma, they only get 2. Joker decides that they've spent enough time screwing around and kicks Amassis in the groin, then Sabian yanks Ophidian's mask off and cradles him for the win.

Winners and NEW CZW Tag Team Champions: Sabian & Joker

This match was insane, the action didn't stop for a moment and it went back andforth over and over with several false finishes until the finish came out of nowhere. Great stuff. Sabian cuts a postmatch promo saying they told everyone that they were going to be the new champions, and if there's any teams that think they can hang, to come on out and man up. Funny they should say that, because the Briscoes just happened to be backstage and came out to confront Sabian and Joker, who conveniently take a powder as the Briscoes enter the ring. Jay gets a microphone and tells them to be careful what they wish for because it might just come true. Jay says it's good to be back in CZW, which starts a strong CZW chant from the crowd. Briscoe says they'rethe new champions, but that doesn't mean anything because they've been CZW champs too, so next month on January 7th, they're challenging Sabian and Joker to defend the title against the best tag team in the world. Crowd starts chanting Man Up at them. Sabian says they don't normally accept challenges like that, but the Briscoes haven't proven themselves worthy of a title shot, so the answer is going to have to be no. Crowd expresses their displeasure at that answer, and Jay says that when Sabian's done half of what they've done in this business, then they can call shots, and they're getting their title shot next month.

Maven Bentley comes on the screen and announces that CZW has sold out the building again and thanks the fans for coming out tonight.

CZW Heavyweight Title Match: Jon Moxley vs Homicide

They tie up and go to the corner and Homicide breaks clean, but Moxley shoves him on the break. Another tie up and they do a fast paced sequence with several pinning attempts but no three count. Homicide nails him and hits a headbutt, then takes Moxley to the corner and lays in a series of chops. Homicide goes for a slam but Moxley slips out and sweeps the leg and follows that up with an elbowdrop for 2. Moxley charges homicide but Homicide gets an elbow to the midsection and tosses Moxley to the floor. Homicide tries a baseball slide but Moxley slips back into the ring and catches Homicide with a baseball slide of his own. Homicide fights his way back in and goes for a piledriver, but Moxley backdrops out and gets an STF. Moxley lets him out and tries a charge in the corner but Homicide catches him with an elbow and then comes off the ropes and they hit head to head and both go down. Homicide with a laying Royal Octopus hold but he lets Moxley out and whips him into the ropes for a flying elbow instead. Moxley is bleeding pretty badly out of the nose as Homicide comes off the second rope with a tornado DDT. Homicide with a series of vertical suplexes a la Eddy Guerrero and then goes up top, but Moxley pops up and goes for a top rope superplex and nails it. They go nose to nose on their knees (the third time I've seen this spot today) and exchange blows. They get to their feet and continue exchanging blows and it turns into a straight up slugfest. Now they take turns coming off the ropes with forearms to the face until Homicide hits an Ace Crusher, but then Moxley comes back with one of his own and covers for 2. Homicide recovers and hits another Ace Crusher and a short lariat for 2 and then goes for the Cop Killa but Moxley rolls him up for 2 and then gets a backslide for 2 and gets a Fujiwara armbar. Moxley releases the hold and goes to the second rope, but Homicide catches him coming down and hits an Exploder suplex and then hits the Cop Killa, but instead of going for the cover he rolls Moxley out to the floor. Homicide goes out after him and rolls Moxley back in, then goes to the top for a frog splash but Moxley gets the knees up. Homicide goes to pick Moxley up but Moxley gets an inside cradle for 2 and then hits an inverted suplex into a side piledriver for the clean win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Brodie Lee came over the rail after the match and climbed into the ring, hitting Moxley in the face with a big boot and laying him out, then grabs the CZW belt and holds it up over his head. He picks Moxley up and hands him the belt, then shoves him over and Moxley is left laying in the ring. Moxley gets to his feet and gets an ovation from the crowd, and then heads to the back.

Ultraviolent Underground Title Match: Nick Gage vs Yuko Miyamoto

Drew Gulak came out before the match and announced that he would be the referee for this match because he didn't want to wrestle, so Maven Bentley ordered him to be the referee for this match. He's doing a kind of Bill Alfonso deal by making Gage take the glass off of his fists and not allowing him to do any ultraviolent stuff. Bell rings and they lock knuckles, Miyamoto gets a duck under but Gage escapes and counters to a wristlock and changes it up into a hammerlock and breaks clean. Gage steps out of the ring to soak in the fans' cheers, then gets back in and they tie up again. Gage takes Miyamoto to the corner and breaks clean. Dewey Donovan hands Gage a staplegun from the outside but Gulak takes it away from him. Crowd starts a vulgar chant directed at Gulak as Gage and Miyamoto tie up again, Miyamoto gets a wristlock and rolls through into a fireman's carry and bars the arm. Miyamoto changes it back up to a wristlock but Gage escapes and snapmares Miyamoto and hits a running boot but misses an elbow, then Miyamoto misses an elbow of his own. Donovan tries to hand Gage a pizza cutter but Gulak takes that away from him as well and warns him not to do any more ultraviolent stuff. They slowly circle one another and tie up again and they go to the ropes but break clean. Now Donovan hands Gage a hammer and Gulak again takes it away from him, and Gage has finally had enough and hits a Chokenstein on Gulak. Gage grabs a mic and says that this is the Combat zone, and then tells the staff to bring all the usual goodies out to the ring, which of course they do, including a barbed wire fence set up as a bridge between the ring and the guardrail. Now Gage and Miyamoto are going to town exchanging forearms and Gage takes a charge at Miyamoto and gets backdropped onto the barbed wire fence. Miyamoto goes up to the top rope and hits an elbowdrop onto Gage and the barbed wire fence collapses underneath them. After several moments, Miyamoto picks Gage up and tosses him into the crowd, but Gage picks Miyamoto up and drops him on the guardrail, then takes him all around ringside and through the crowd and on top of the merchandise table, and continue brawling off of it and in front of the men's room. Miyamoto hits Gage with a chair and puts him on a table, then climbs the stairs to the VIP section on the balcony. Gage gets offthe table and follows Miyamoto to the top of the stairs and fight up there and try to throw each other over. Gage picks Miyamoto up and tries to toss him over the railing, and Miyamoto tries to hang on but Gage pounds on his hands until Miyamoto loses his grip and falls off the balcony and through the table. Gage heads back downstairs and grabs a beer from a fan, then takes Miyamoto back through the crowd and past the merchandise stands, back over the guardrail, and into the ring. Gage takes a wiffleball bat covered with thumbtacks and nails Miyamoto with it, then tosses the bat to the floor. Gage hits a spinebuster on Miyamoto and hits a running elbow, but only gets 2. Gage grabs a barbed wire bat and grinds it into Miyamoto's forehead, Crippler Crossface style, then hangs Miyamoto over the second rope and does it again. Gage with a bat shot to the back and another one to the gut, then drops the bat and goes for a brainbuster, Miyamoto escapes, Gage tries a German suplex but Miyamoto lands on his feet, hits a spinkick and then follows that with a handspring elbow. Miyamoto whips Gage to the corner and grabs a barbed wire chair and hits a running double knees with the chair and then puts the chair in the middle of the ring, puts Gage on top, and hits a top rope Frankensteiner onto the chair for 2. Gage hits a DDT out of nowhere and whips Miyamoto to the corner and hits a facewash, then a piledriver in the middle of the ring and rolls through into a second piledriver and follows that up with a Chokenstein, but only gets 2. Gage picks up a ladder and tries to slide it into the ring but Miyamoto baseball slid it into Gage's face and then hit a running dive onto Gage on the floor. Miyamoto rolls Gage back into the ring and covers for 2, then runs him over with a clothesline and a sitout Tombstone in the middle of the ring for 2. Miyamoto picks up the giant ladder and sets it up in the corner and slams Gage in the middle of the ring and then climbs the ladder that literally reaches nearly to the top of the arena and moonsaults off of it, rotating so much that he landed with his knees on Gage's head and chest and covers for the win.

Winner and NEW Ultraviolent Underground Champion: Yuko Miyamoto

That match was just insane, especially the moonsault spot at the end. This was just brutal.

The Runaways bring Maven Bentley out to the ring during intermission before Cage Of Death and tell him that he had better give them a title shot at Sabian and Joker for the CZW Tag Team Title tonight before Cage Of Death, but Maven says no so they give him the Demolition Decapitator and leave him laying. They announce that they're putting CZW management on notice, and DJ Hyde comes out and chases them off with a chair, then tells security to get them out of his building. Hyde says that it's time to get Cage Of Death set up and puts over the vendors around the building before taking us back to intermission before the main event.

Cage Of Death:

This is contested under basic Wargames rules, but you're eliminated when you hit the floor. Devon Moore starts out with Thurteen, and Thurteen takes Moore and grinds his face into the bottom rope. Thurteen holds Moore so Bill Gram can bash him in the head with a thumbtack-covered wifflebat, and then Gram goes for a second shot but Moore moved and Gram hit Thurteen and then Moore got the bat and nailed Gram with it. Moore takes a charge at Thurteen but got backdropped onto a barbed wire board. Thurteen climbs to the top of the cage and Moore follows him up and powerslammed him off the top of the cage into the ring. I've never seen anything like that. Brain Damage comes in next and goes after Moore and takes the thumbtacks covered bat and hits Moore in the head so hard the thumbtacks stay embedded in his head, and then nails him two more times before stomping on his groin. Brain Damage hits a brainbuster and goes for a cover, but there's no pinfalls in this match. Danny Havoc is in next and he goes right after Brain Damage and tries to ram Damage into a barbed wire board, but Damage blocks and tosses Havoc through the board instead., then takes what's left of the thumbtack bat and bashes it over Havoc's head so hard that pieces of thumbtacks go flying off the bat. Damage with a big boot to Havoc, and Moore nails Damage to buy time for Havoc to go up on top of the cage and dive in with a forearm on Damage. Masada is out next and he goes after Havoc and just suplexes him off the top turnbuckle into the ring, then sets up a table as Moore grinds Thurteen's face into the barbed wire on the other side of the cage. Masada comes over and kicks Moore into the chest and tosses him across the ring, then climbs up to the top of the cage as Damage puts Havoc on a table and Masada hits an elbowdrop off the cage onto Havoc. Dysfunction comes in next and he and Damage go toe-to-toe as Havoc slams Masada on a barbed wire board. Dysfunction with a Finlay Roll on Thurteen on the barbed wire and then Havoc and Dysfunction double slam Brain Damage through a table which then goes through a portion of the cage to eliminate him.

Brain Damage is eliminated.

Drake Younger comes out next as Dysfunction kicks a barbed wire board into Thurteen's face and then Younger hits a sitout chokeslam on Dysfunction through a glass pane that was set up in the corner. Moore got tossed into the cage by Younger and then Younger turned around and hit a half nelson suplex on Havoc. Thurteen takes a barbed wire bat and grinds it into Dysfunction's head as Younger hits a top rope senton onto Moore on the cage, and then he and Masada catapult Havoc into the barbed wire side of the cage as Thurteen hits a dive onto Moore, still on the cage, and then Masada grabs a handful of glass ans gives a piece to Younger, who grinds it across Havoc's face as Masada takes a barbed wire bat and slams it into Dysfunction's chest. Younger with a belly to back suplex on an unfolded chair on Havoc and then Younger picks Havoc back up and gives him a chair bodyslam, except with a barbed wire bat instead of a chair. Masada powerbombs Moore back onto his favorite segment of the cage as Scotty Vortekz comes in with a weedwacker and goes after Younger, and Younger intentionally eliminates himself to get away from Vortekz.

Drake Younger is eliminated.

Drake Younger grabs the mic and says the weedwacker is not part of the contract, and he assures Fortekz that he'll get his because he has creative control. Fortekz climbs up to the top of the cage to yell at Younger and Masada throws a chair at Vortekz and then climbs up to fight Vortekz on the slanted part of the cage and gives Vortekz a Russian Legsweep on the cage and then tosses Vortekz off the cage and Vortekz lands badly on his ribs on the guardrail.

Scotty Vortekz is eliminated.

Havoc gives Masada a DDT in the middle of the ring as Thurteen climbs up to the top and hits a 450 dive off the top of the cage onto all the other guys left in the match. Masada grabs a thumbtack bat and just beats Devon Moore down withit, then Masada and Gram set up a piece of barbed wire board between the ropes and the cage. Moore gets the thumbtack bat and grinds it into Masada's head, but Masada kicks his way back at Moore as Havoc and Thurteen climb up on top of the cage. Masada presses Moore onto the barbed wire board as Dysfunction superkicks Masada and Thurteen hits an enziguiri to Moore to send him off the top of the cage through a table.

Devon Moore is eliminated.

Dysfunction goes to the top of the cage and superkicks Thurteen off the top of the cage and thurteen goes through a barbed wire board placed on top of four chairs which were placed on top of another table.

Thurteen is eliminated.

Masada tosses a chair at Dysfunction's head and sends him hanging off the side of the cage, so Masada takes acupuncture needles and james some in Dysfunction's hand, but he doesn't fall so he jams more into his arm, but he STILL doesn't fall, so he jams some more into his skull and finally he falls off the cage through a table.

Dysfunction is eliminated.

Moore climbs to the top of the cage and challenges Masada to come up to the top of the cage. Masada obliges and james more acupuncture needles into Moore's head and then Gram hands him a pane of glass, which he sets up on top of the cage and suplexes Moore onto it. Masada crawls over and repeatedly rams Moore's head into the glass on top of the cage and then picks up a piece of glass and rakes it across Moore's forehead. They set up another setup similar to what Thurteen went through and he tries to toss Moore off the side, but Moore pulls the needles out of his head and repeatedly jabs it into Masada's head. Meanwhile, Bill Gram set up a glass table on four chairs in the middle of the ring as Masada and Moore fight it out on top of the cage and Gram climbs up with a thumbtack bat and tries to hit Moore, but Moore moved and he hit Masada. Moore grabs the bat and lays Gram out with it and then goes after Masada. Masada is literally hanging onto the wire to keep from falling, but Moore keeps punching him until he lets go and goes off the cage through all the tables and barbed wire.

Winner and Sole Survivor: Devon Moore

Moore goes after Gram and tries to press slam him onto the glass, but falls short and Gram just lands on the mat. Drake Younger runs out and climbs the cage, hits a Cop Killa on Moore on top of the cage, then throws Moore off the cage and through the glass. Younger grabs a microphone and taunts the crowd when B-Boy's music suddenly hits, and B-Boy comes out and goes after Younger. He chases Younger into the ring and follows him in and Moore goes after him with a chair, but Younger bails out of the cage and over the rail and runs out the front door as B-Boy stares him down as he leaves. Moore, being the determined gentleman that he is, takes a bloodstained plate of glass, sets it up against the ropes, and lays Gram on top of a barbed wire board and then puts the glass on top of him and Moore hits a running dropkick into the glass on Gram's face. Disturbingly brutal finish to one of the most brutal matches I think I've ever seen.

That wraps us up for tonight, thanks for checking out for all of our coverage today, we appreciate the support and a big thumbs up to both companies for putting on a pair of terrific shows. Have a good night.

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