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By Trent Van Drisse on 2010-12-11 01:15:37
These are the results of night two of the two night ROH TV tapings at the Davis arena in Louisville, Kentucky.

The crowd was just slightly bigger than last night, but not by much. Maybe a shade over 300 in there tonight. The crowd was not as responsive as last night, and the show tonight wasn't as good as last nights. But, tonights show did feature the best match of the tapings. Way more in the ring talking segments tonight. The show was again just over 3 hours long.

1. "Lowrider" Matt Barela beat "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton w/Mo Green & The Paparazzi guy to retain the OVW heavyweight title

Dark Match. Compton took out a camera man with a bump over the top rope. He, and the camera were ok. Barela, the babyface, won with a roll up while pulling the trunks. Match was alright, but had a few iffy moments. Barela defends the OVW title against Mike Mondo tomorrow, Saturday the 11th, the 4th of four shows in four straight days at thje Davis arena.

Jim Cornette got in the ring and brought out The Kings of Wrestling(Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) w/Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn. Cornette said The Kings of Wrestling have been accused of ducking contenders, and not defending the tag titles. Chris Hero said they've already beaten all the contenders. Cornette bought out the number one contenders, who the Kings of Wrestling have never faced, The All Night Express(Kenny King & Rhett Titus). Titus said this was all serious business to them now.

2. The Bravado Brothers(Lance & Harlem) beat Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly

This one turned into a good match. Kyle O'Reilly is a name to remember, he's really something. He put on an incredible display of offense here. One of the Bravado Brothers pinned Adam Cole for a big upset win for the Bravado's. I like them as a somewhat unlikeable, cheesy, babyface tag team.

3. Charlie Hass & Shelton Benjamin beat The All Night Express

This will be the main event on one of the episodes. Quite a ways into the match, The Kings of Wrestling came out and threw Kenny King into the guard rail, which took out a camera man, who was ok. Bad night for camera men though. Charlie Hass pinned Rhett Titus with a German Suplex. The finishing sequence looked confused and clunky. Does this mean The Worlds Greatest Tag Team are now the number one contenders for the belts? That was never said. There was a long pregnant pause after this match.

Jim Cornette got in the ring about brought out Homicide. Cornette said the bad stuff in the past with he and Homicide was water under the bridge. Homicide said he didn't like Cornette, he was back in ROH to regain the world title. Cornette said Homicide has earned a shot at the title. Homicide became irrationally angry and said Cornette was still a bad guy. Sort of an awkward segment here, and the crowd was quiet when Homicide yelled at Cornette at the end.

4. Homicide beat ???

Some huge Rhino looking guy came out, and the match was on. Homicide won with a Diamond Cutter. the unnamed opponent got quite a bit in and looked good. Crowd wasn't much into it though. I admit I'm not the biggest Homicide fan, but I'm just not buying the huge singles push ROH is giving him. He doesn't look in that great of shape nowadays.

5. Christopher Daniels beat Eddie Edwards to win the ROH TV title

This show needed something good at this point, and it got something great. This will be the main event on one of the episodes. A beautiful and fantastic match that ended in a 15 minute draw as Daniels had Edwards in a submission hold. The crowd chanted for five more minutes. Edwards took the mic and wanted five more minutes as well, so they went into an overtime period. Daniels won the match, and the ROH TV title, with about a minute left with the Angels Wings. Awesome match, worth going out of your way to see. Best match of the entire taping for sure, and in my opinion, Eddie Edwards was in the best match both nights of the tapings.

6. Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr. B beat Christopher "Dynamite" Silvio

Dark match involving OVW talent. Vaez is the OVW TV champion, but this was not a title match. Vaez won with his feet on the ropes while clamped in a Sleeper. Decent match. Silvio seems like a guy who could somewhat get over in ROH if he appeared for them regularly. Both guys looked like they belonged here I thought, crowd was indifferent though.

7. Colt Cabana beat Mike Mondo by submission

Cabana got the win via submission with the Billy Goat's Curse. The last two nights Cabana has had his right hamstring taped up. He said on a recent podcast of his that he injured it playing football on Thanksgiving.

Truth Martini got in the ring and said his new find Michael Elgin has passed all the tests, but now had to pass the toughest test, that being ROH world champion Roderick Strong's approval.

8. Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin beat Alex Silva & Chrisjen Hayme

This was the third time in three days Elgin and Silva have faced each other. This time Elgin pinned Silva with a sitdown spinning powerbomb. Strong seemed somewhat pleased. Decent squash.

Jim Cornette got back in the ring and brought out Christopher Daniels and Eddie Edwards. Cornette was already calling their match a classic. Seems fast for that, but it might be considered a ROH classic match someday for sure. Both Daniels and Edwards had great things to say about each other. Cornette said there would be a rematch, with a 30 minute time limit, and two out of three falls. This was taped for a different episode than the one the match itself will air on.

Out came "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/"Brutal" Bob Evans. Bennett really does have a major league look and body. He said this was all boring. Daniels said Bennett has a lot to learn about respect, and that he and Edwards would be glad to teach it to him. Bennett said 2011 would be his year.

9. Sara Del Ray w/Shane Hagadorn beat Taelor Hendrix

This was just a complete massacre from bell to bell for Del Ray.

10. Mike Bennett w/"Brutal" Bob Evans beat Grizzly Redwood

Bennett got the win with a powerslam. This was the third different finish Bennett has used in the last three nights.

11. The Kings of Wrestling w/Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Ray & The All Night Express vs Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin & The Briscoe Brothers(Mark & Jay) was ruled a no contest

This eight man match was added to the show tonight as the main event, and will be the main event of one of the episodes taped. Two referees worked this one, with one ref on the floor. None of these tag teams were getting along, they had to have the refs flip coins to even decide who would start the match. There was a hot sequence down the stretch with everyone getting to shine. The Kings of Wrestling and The All Night Express started brawling with each other, with the All Night Express getting the better of it. Chris Hero was left for dead in the ring, and the All Night Express left. Hass and Benjamin and Briscoe Brothers couldn't agree on who should pin Hero, so they all took turns trying, and breaking up pin attempts. It was pretty funny. Hass & Benjamin and the Briscoe's starting pushing and shoving each other, and the ring filled up with several refs and the geek squad. The match was ruled a no contest. One of the Briscoe's took the mic and told Hass & Benjamin they'd see them in Chicago on Feburary 26th. Briscoe thanked the crowd and that was it.

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