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By Mike Johnson on 2010-12-05 19:53:29
Welcome to's live coverage of the final TNA PPV of 2010, Final Resolution, live from Orlando, Florida at the Impact Zone.

Final Resolution 2010 opened up with a video feature on Jeff Hardy featuring Hardy voicing over footage, stating that he would ask the old Jeff Hardy "what the f*** were you thinking?" when it came to killing himself and his body for the fans. He said that now, he's for himself. It was a really well produced opening.

After the Hardy video, we heard the crowd going nuts but nothing but a black screen. That was replaced by a “Final Resolution Next” graphic for almost a minute. We finally went live to the Impact Zone for fireworks and a welcome by Taz and Mike Tenay.


Mike Tenay and Taz apologized for the technical difficulties. I have no idea if this is on TNA or my cable company Time-Warner but my HD Feed is in Standard definition now. Ink, Inc. controlled the match early and cleared the ring. Beer Money regrouped on the floor as James Storm called for a time out.

Back in the ring, Shannon Moore rolled up James Storm for a two count, then went for an armbar. Roode grabbed Moore for Storm to strike but Moore ducked and Roode was knocked off the apron. Storm was hit with an inverted atomic drop. Moore nailed a legdrop for a two count. Roode tried to interfere but instead ended up dropping an elbow on his own partner.

Moore tagged in Jesse Neal and hiptossed him onto Storm for a two count. Neal and Storm went back and forth until Beer Money got the better of Neal. Storm used his ring tape to choke out Neal. Roode and Storm began tagging in and out, working down Neal. So far, so good.

Neal began firing back on Robert Roode but was cut off. Roode locked in a rear chinlock and worked over Neal on the mat. Neal began fighting back but was again cut off. Neal finally nailed a big kick to the face and went for a tag only to be yanked back and clobbered from behind by Roose. Neal nailed an elbow as Roode charged him in the corner but Roode snapped on a sleeper as Neal went for the tag. Neal sat down into a jawbreaker and finally made the hot tag.

Moore took out James Storm, then peppered Roode with a series of right hands. Moore nailed a tiltowhirl head scissors on Roode, then nailed a stunner variation for a two count. James Storm broke up the pinfall. Neal nailed a slingshot dive on Storm to the floor. Moore nailed an Asai Moonsault to the outside on Roode. Moore rode around on Beer Money’s cooler to mock them. Really good opener.

Moore drilled Roode with a neckbreaker for a two count. Crowd wasn’t happy when Roode kicked out. Beer Money went for a finisher but Storm shoved Moore off the top to the floor. He went to spit beer in Neal’s face but Roode got it instead. Neal drilled Roode with a big slam. He charged Storm but ate the Last Call superkick. Beer Money nailed Neal with DWI and scored the pin.

Your winners and new number one contenders, Beer Money!

Really solid opener. Moore and Neal looked great and Beer Money were their usual entertaining selves. Really hard working match.

Backstage, TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne was interviewed. She told Christy Hemme that she’s not worried about Mickie James because she will never get past Tara in tonight’s Falls Count Anywhere match. Rayne said that Tara was brought back to TNA to “take care of the Princess.” She said Tara has been kicking Mickie’s ass since day one and that will continue.


They immediately began fighting back and forth on the floor. James whipped Tara into the guard rail, then scored a quick pinfall attempt. Mickie chopped and punched away on Tara on the floor. Back in the ring, Mickie came off the top with a missile dropkick. She scored another two count.

They exchanged punches and kicks in the corner with Tara getting the better of Mickie. Mickie fired back with forearms. She went for a headscissors takedown but Tara caught her and sent her flying over the ropes onto the apron, then knocked her off. James went under the apron and came out the other side. Tara leaned over the ropes looking for James but she ate a dropkick from behind to the floor. James nailed a sliding kick to Tara on the floor.

They began brawling on the outside again. Tara whipped James into the nailing. Fans were chanting “Over here”, asking the women to fight towards them. Tara tossed Mickie over the railing and followed her into the crowd. She slammed her face-first into a fan’s chair and got a two count for her efforts. James reversed an Irish Whip into a steel truss used to decorate the Impact Zone.

They battled to the back corner of the Impact Zone (near the fan entrance and the merchandise stand). James choked Tara, who fought back. She took James outside between the Impact Zone and the soundstage next door, which is used as a holding area for fans before events. They brawled to a (legitimate) concession stand and smashed each other with sodas. Intense brawl.

They continued the brawl. Tara went for a piledriver on the concrete outside but James backdropped her. Mickie covered her for a two count. James went her into a column outside near the Rip Ride Rocket coaster. They continued brawling outside. James whipped Tara into a collection of plastic trash cans but it was reversed. James came back to roll up Tara for a two count.

They began battling their way back towards the Impact Zone. Tara whipped James into a cemrent wall outside the Impact Zone. They battled towards restrooms but James cut her off and hit a Thesz Press off a wall on Tara for a two count. They battled their way into the men’s room. Tara beat Mickie with a “warning wet floor” plastic sign. They battled in to the stalls. A “fan” squatting in the toilet ran away holding his pants up, In another stall was Madison Rayne, who was hiding with a fire extinguisher. She sprayed James in the face with the extinguisher and nailed her. Tara scored the pin.

Your winner, Tara!

This was a lot of fun. Really entertaining brawl.

They went right to a backstage interview with X-Division champion Robbie E. Cookie was freaking out she was going into a shark cage. E said that he’s beaten Lethal at everything and this will be no different. Hemme said that it seemed that Cookie was upset. Cookie said, “B**ch, if I wanted your opinion, I’d beat it out of you.” Hemme said that was it and the interview was over. E and Cookie had words but we didn’t get to hear them. Hemme looked disgusted and walked off.


When she got to the ring, Cookie refused to get in the cage. Earl Hebner demanded she go in. E got in his face on the floor and said she’s not going in. Hebner grabbed her but Lethal attacked E and tied him up in the corner. Cookie started walking out and said she wasn’t going to get in. She dared Lethal to come and get her. Shark Boy’s music played and out he came, for the first time in months. Taz quipped, “I told you he made this cage!”

Shark Boy put Cookie on his shoulders and carried her into the cage, then locked her in it. The cage began to rise as Cookie legitimately looked like she was going to be sick, dropping down her knees. Lethal and E brawled all the way around the ring as Cookie continued to rise above the ring.

Lethal tossed E back into the ring. He drilled E with a missile dropkick and mocked Cookie. He picked up and dropped E across the ropes, crotching him, then nailed him with several chops. Lethal continued working over E with chops in the corner. E tried to whip Lethal out of the corner but Lethal cut him off and continued the assault.

Robbie finally nailed Lethal and worked him over with punches and kicks. She whipped Lethal into the ring and cut him off with as back elbow. Cookie was screaming her head off. E whipped Lethal hard into the buckles for a two count. Lethal began mounting a comeback with kicks and punches but E caught him with an inverted neckbreaker for a two count.

E worked over Lethal’s ribs, then locked on a sleeper. He rode Lethal to the mat, trying to put him out. The referee dropped Lethal’s arm twice but Jay made a comeback, preventing his arm from dropping a third time. Lethal mounted a comeback and sent E into the turnbuckles head-first. E missed several clotheslines but Lethal drilled him with forearms and clotheslines.

Lethal nailed his handspring elbow for a two count. He covered E for a two count. Jay and E clunked heads. Cookie tossed E a chain but Earl Hebner took it away. Cookie then tossed hairspray to E but Lethal got it and sprayed him in the face. Lethal hit the Lethal Combination but Earl had seen him use the spray and called for the bell.

Your winner BY dq, TNA X-Division champion Robbie E!

They let Cookie out of the cage and she looked legitimately relieved to be back on terra firma. Lethal was upset as he left. E was out but Cookie began celebrating as if she had won the belt while E was on the floor. Shark Boy made his way back to the ring and began jawing with Cookie. She slapped him in the face, then did it again. He kicked her in the gut and drilled Cookie with a stunner.

Entertaining match, although the finish certainly won’t go over with the diehard fans.

Christy Hemme interviewed Tommy Dreamer about Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino tonight. Dreamer said that about ten years ago, Rhino broke RVD’s leg and put him out in Orlando. He said that made them friends (HOW?). Dreamer said that he gets it and that he hates that Rhino has to sell out to Eric Bischoff and fight to keep his job. He said that tonight, someone was going to have to make the other bleed and it will be the end of an Extreme Era. Not one of Dreamer’s better promos. It was way too vague beyond the idea that Rhino is letting Bischoff manipulate him.

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