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By Jacob Botelho on 2010-11-30 22:02:09
Smackdown opens with Rey challenging Alberto Del Rio to a Ladder match at the PPV, could've been a TLC match, it wasn't clear. Rey and Del Rio fight and ends with Rey putting ADR thru a table. They had to do that spot 3 times, the table wouldn't break properly.

Dolph Ziggler with Vickie and Drew McIntyre beat Kaval and MVP in a nice match that got some time. Strong back and forth, Dolph hit the ZigZag on Kaval to win.

Kane runs out and destroys MVP and Kaval. Edge on the screen with Paul Bearer in the loading dock. Kane runs back to find them. He sees them in the back and runs after them then Edge loses him. Kane sees Edge pushing Paul from under a semi truck trailer, Kane finds Paul behind another trailer and a stack of crates/boxes falls on him, revealing it's a dummy. Edge is with Paul on the other end of the loading dock and runs off.

Cody Rhodes beat Chris Masters in a short but decent match.

Kofi Kingston beats Jack Swagger in a great 15+ minute match to become number 1 contender for Dolph's IC title. Long match with great work from both guys. A few botches from each but nothing major. Back and forth the entire way with a good stretch of innovative moves on the outside of the ring near the end. Jack kicked out of the Ranhei. Later Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise from the outside to Swagger who was leaning between the first and second rope.

Kane chases Edge and Paul out near the concessions, Edge pushes Paul down some steps in a hilarious moment. Kane runs down the steps and it was another dummy. Edge is at the top of the steps with the real Paul and runs off.

Layla with Michelle McCool beat Rosa Mendes in a squash. Hornswoggle runs out and LayCool clown him. Beth Phoenix runs out and dominates LayCool, then Swagger's Soaring Eagle returns from the dead and pushes Hornswoggle. Horny grabs the ropes like Ultimate Warrior to strengthen up but runs into a big boot by the Eagle. Beth Phoenix glam slams the Eagle to end the segment.

Kane comes out for his match with Edge. Teddy Long comes out to reiterate that the TLC PPV stipulation is on the line. Decent match, crowd interest died down some. Back and forth match then Paul appears on the screen and begs Kane to help him. Kane runs out but decides to come back in the ring after a 9 count right into an Edge spear. Edge wins and picks a TLC match. Edge says he's giving Paul back and wheels him out. Kane comes up the ramp to grab Paul but it's somebody else. Kane kicks the helpless imposter over. Paul is on the screen and he's tied to a flatbed tow truck. Kane runs back there and Edge jumps in the driver seat and takes off to end the show.

There was a 6 man dark match advertised but it didn't happen.

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