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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-28 11:02:48
I had a really good time last night at The New York Wrestling Connection's "Tour de Circus" at the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, Long Island.  NYWC is the John Curse/Shane O'Neill promotion that has signed a number of talents to WWE deals, including Zach Ryder, Trent Barretta, Curt Hawkins and former Spirit Squad member Mikey.  The primary trainers are former OVW star Pat Buck and former ECW World champion Mikey Whipwreck. Curse trained at the original ECW House of Hardcore under Taz. O'Neill worked for a number of New York area independents as Wayne the Convience Store Guy, a Clerks-inspired gimmick, before deciding to concentrate on behind the scenes efforts.

The Sportatorium is a converted warehouse that the promotion designed and built, then had zoned to house professional wrestling.  It's used as their full time training facility and houses shows once a month.  It's a great intimate venue with just a few rows on each side, so there's nothing but good sightlines from every seat.   I had a nice blast from the past when I walked in and realized that the promotion has inherited the old ECW "broken brick" entrance way and they've added to it by having a "Titantron" style screen above it.   The crowd looked to be families with children, a few hardcore fans (it was really nice to meet those of you who stopped me) and I'd peg the majority of the fans there are locals.   If tyou  

Before the show, they ran the following video of their NYWC Connected online show, setting the stage for the night's storylines:


Martinez is a young athletic looking Puerto Rican heel, who the fans chanted "Hamster" at.  His manager, Guapo, has been wrestling for a few years in area independents like ICW and the now-defunct USA Pro Wrestling.  Pat was, well, think a white, hip hop version of the late, great Boogie Woogie Brown of ECWA fame, coming out to Naughty by Nature.  Martinez stalled early.  He tried to take down Pat with a single leg takedown and then a flying shoulderblock, but Pat wouldn't budge.    Pat picked him up and scooped him, then dropped a big elbow.  He moved pretty well for a big guy.  The one thing I noticed he needed to do more of was the silly hip hop dancing.  If that's his character, he's got to go all the way with it.  He slammed Martinez again but Martinez rolled out of the ring.  Guapo tried to console him but Pat tossed Martinez back in the ring.

As Pat returned through the ropes, Martinez nailed him with a running boot to the face, then went right after him with a ton of strikes and kicks.  Martinez scored a two count.  He tried to whip Pat, who wouldn't budge.  Pat whipped Martinez into the corner, grabbed him in a Fireman's Carry, then nailed a Samoan Drop.  Pat pulled him over the ropes for a Banzai Splash and scored the pin.

Your winner, DJ Phat Pat!

THE ORDER (Daemin Crowley & Apollyn)  (with Crusher Doogan) VS. TANDEMONIUM (OD Money & Matias)

The Order are big brutish types with facepaint, tattoos and in the case of Crowley, long stringy hair.  Tandemonium are your standard young athletic tag team.  It was all Order early, wiping out Matias.  Matias landed on his feet coming out of back suplex and tagged Matias.  Matias cleaned house with a clothesline and a splash in the corner but Crowley caught him with a massive back suplex.  The Order tried to Avalanche him in the corner but Matias moved and the Order collided in the corner.  They nailed a double dropkicked on Appolyn, who bumped out of the ring.  They nailed a kick out of the ropes to send him into the railing.  Matias sunset flipped Apollyn but only received a two count.  The Order killed Matias with a sick looking finisher culminating with a sit-down facejam for the pin.

Your winners, The Order!


WSU is Women's Superstars Unleashed, a promotion that did very good Internet PPV numbers recently.  They run New Jersey.  Savage was seen at the tail end of the first season of Lucha Libre USA as RJ Brewer's girlfriend.  She's dyed her hair brown since then, which is a better look for her.    She had an effeminate hairdresser with her, Rick Cataldo, who did mic work making a UPN joke at Jana's expense.

Jana controlled the match early until Savage nailed her in the mid-section and locked on an armbar.  Savage leapfrogged over but was caught with a series of hiptosses and armdrags before powdering out.  Jana followed her out and when Savage tried to nail her on the way in, hit a sunset flip for a two count.  Savage drilled her in the corner and used a DDT for a rwo count.  She choked Jana with her boot in the corner.  She worked her over with shots to the back and a running back elbow in the corner, then a dropkick in the face.

Savage continued control of the match, cutting off Jana's attempted comebacks.  She ripped off the wrap on Jana's head, exposing her hair.  They did a double clothesline spot with Jana recovering first.  She nailed a clothesline and a dropkick, then hit a cartwheel into a splash, which was creative.  She nailed a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge, then rolled Savage into a choke.  The hairdresser distracted the referee, who missed Savage tapping.

Jana went to the referee, breaking the hold, but when she turned back to Savage, she was caught with a Twist of Fate variation that saw Savage drill her with an elbow to the back of the neck as Jana hit the mat.

Your winner and still champion, Brittney Savage!

LOS DEJOS VS. THE CELTIC WARRIORS (Michael & Kieran Mansfield)

Dejos are Team 3D trainees from Florida who have gotten several TNA tryouts in the past.  They work here when they are in the New York City area.  It was a nice surprise to see them and I was really impressed with their finesse as a team.  The Warriors are billed from Ireland.  They were great old school Anderson Brother type of no-nonsense, gritty heels.  Dejos controlled early with some nice tag team moves.  They had some nice tag moves and a good groove to their work.  The Warriors finally gained control and tagged in and out, drilling him with kicks and strikes.  Ben Dejos made a comeback with a springboard moonsault and a nice running clothesline in the corner but got cut off.

Michael Mansfield continued working over one of the Dejos with a series of backbreakers, then tagged into Kieran but the other Dejo broke up the pinfall.  They used a catapult to send him into the other Warrior's knee.  Dejos finally got the hot tag and working over Kieran.  Keiran was snapmared over and then drilled with a rebound dropkick.  They went back and forth until the Mansfields used a Total Elimination variation with a running lariat and a legsweep to score the pinfall.

Really good match with both teams showing some real promise.


Azrieal is a longtime NYC area independent star who worked for Ring of Honor during its early era.  Papadon is a former NYWC star who's been a regular in the Northeast independent scene for a few years.  He's got a good look and is a good heel.  Papadon took the mic and said that while he usually cuts off the ring announcer, he won't tonight because he respects Azrieal and knows they will have a hell of a match tonight.  They had built up a storyline here in recent weeks that the two go back to their training days together.

Papadon grabbed Azrieal in a single legtakedown but Azrieal escaped and began working on the arm.  Papadon reversed and took him down with a headlock takeover.  They did some nice back and forth wrestling early.  Azrieal flustered Papadon for a bit, catching him with a hurancanrana.  Papadon came back with a headscissor takedown.  They went back and forth, avoiding and hitting moves since they knew each other so well.  Papadon hit a back suplex for a two count.

Azrieal caught Papadon with a forward roll for a two count.  Papadon cut him off and drilled Azrieal in the back with a roundhouse kick.   He cinched in a rear chinlock.  Azrieal began making a comeback, fighting out of it with a series of elbows.  Papadon missed a charge in the corner and was drilled with several dropkicks.  Papadon was dropped with a back suplex.  Azrieal slingshot himself into the ring with a rolling senton splash for a two count.  He worked over Papadon with chops in the corner.  He charged Papadon, who used the ropes to slip out of the way and then roll him over into a pinfall combination.

Azrieal went for another forward roll but was tossed off and took a nasty bump.  Papadon went to the top rope for a swan dive headbutt and connected for a two count.  Papadon chopped away at him.  He whipped Azrieal into the corner but the shot was reversed.  Papadon came back with a leaping leg lariat for the clean pin.

Your winner, Dmitrious Papadon!

Papadon took the mic after his win and called Azrieal into the ring.  He said that tonight, he was only better than Azrieal by one second and said that it would be an honor to have another match somewhere down the line.  Really good stuff here.  Papadon has really, really improved in the last few years and I can see him getting some attention from bigger groups.

ALL MONEY IS LEGAL (with Eddie Guapo)  vs. RECKLESS AND WASTED (Alex Moore & JT Kasin)

AMIL are a local team trained in the old Doghouse.  Reckless and Wasted do a party boy frat team deal.  They controlled the match early.  AMIL made a comeback and worked over hairy one.  bald one made the comeback but was killed with a leaping facejam and pinned,  Short but good.

Your winners, All Money is Legal!


Mese took the mic and said he was sick and tired of coming out and pleasing everyone when NYWC doesn't want to do anything when something bad happens to him.  So, for now on, he's going to just go out and demonstrate to everyone what a real professional wrestler and a real athlete is supposed to look like.   Storm was dispatched early.   Nese worked over Marciano.  Marciano ducked a lariat but was nailed with a flying leg lariat.  Marciano missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with a TKO.  Nese nailed a German suplex but Storm returned to break up the pinfall. 

Storm whipped Nese into the ropes but Nese slipped around and nailed a big suplex throw for a two count.  Nese choked Storm and drilled him with a kick to the chest for a two count.  Quiet Storm made a comeback with a series of throws and suplexes. Al three were down. Storm and Marciano trded blows, Storm drilled him with a suplex. Storm called for the Storm Cradle Driver but Nese attacked him. Storm caught him with a suplex.

Storm locked a figure four leglock on Marciano, then cinched in a Crossface on Nese at the same time. Nese got to the ropes, forcing the break.  Storm rallied the fans and placed Marciano on the top rope for a suplex. Nese grabedd Storm and slammed him backwards into the mat. Nese did a handstand into a hurancanrana on Marciano, then drilled Storm as well.  All three were down. Storm and Marciano trade blows. Storm nailed a sitdown cradle driver for a two count but Nese broke it up. He and Storm traded blows. Storm called for his finisher but Nese rolled him into a forward roll when he tried.

The time limit expired at a legitimate 15 minutes as all three battled.

The fans called for five more minutes but Nese said he was only paid for 15 and walked out. Storm and Marciano shook hands after.

A very well worked 15 minute match.  All three looked really good.  Nese is a good heel.


Buck is a former OVW star and the top trainer for the NWYC school in the same location.  Buck came out with an entourage like a UFC fighter, billed the Buck Brigade.  Static grabbed their flag and stomped on it at the start.  Buck attacked him with a clothesline and whipped him into the ropes, kneeing him in the gut, then followed up with a kick to the back.  He tossed Static out of the ring and Static nailed the barricade on the way out.

Back in the ring, Static nailed Buck with a knee and then stomped on him in the corner.  He began working on Buck's wrist, driving it into the mat.  Buck made a comeback but was cut off.  He finally kicked Static in the chest.  He whipped Static into the corner but Static moved and kicked Buck.  He scored several near falls, then locked on an armbar.  Buck came back with a leaping neckbreaker for a two count and chopped away at Static.

He cut off Static with a knee to the gut and a side Russian legsweep for a two count.  Static dropped down with a jawbreaker and a running kick to the face.  He whipped Buck into the corner but Buck came back, kicked and DDT'd him for a two count.  Buck placed Static on the top and nailed a Fall Away slam.  He locked in a Dragon Sleeper and scissored Static's body while choking him out for the submission.

Your winner, Pat Buck!

Match was OK.  It felt like a match where Buck was working with Static to give him some experience and that's what a show at this level should be about.


Burma cleaned house early on Cruz, getting a two count with a suplex.  Rush tagged in and tagged Cruz with several shots before he escaped to the outside.  Spyder tagged in and monkey flipped Rush out of the corner but he landed on his feet and dropkicked Spyder.  Rush ended up on the floor.  Spyder went for a sliding kick but Rush jumped up on the apron to avoid him.  He went to the top for a dive but Cruz crotched him and he bounced into the ring in a nasty manner.

Cruz and Spyder worked over Rush for a long time, getting near falls.  Rush was locked in a rear naked choked but battled out.  He finally made the hot tag to Burma.  Rush and Burma double backdropped Spyder.  Burma nailed Cruz with the Whirlybird.   They nailed the Vegematic on Cruz for the pin.

Your winners, Ryan Rush and Tony Burma!

Real good tag match.

NYWC Fusion Champion JOHN SILVER vs. CHRIS FORZA (with Prince Charles)

Silver comes out to the theme song to Godzilla, which is pretty funny, since he's a smaller, well built guy.  He had a lot of energy for his entrance.    Forza attacked him at the bell but ended up eating a dropkick.  Silver came back with a leg lariat and a sunset flip senton splash for a two count.  Forza cut him off and tossed Silver to the apron but was hit with a shoulderblock and a back elbow for a two count.  Silver nailed a dropkick off the ropes for another two count.

Forza caught Silver and flipped him backwards into a Stun Gun.  He worked him over with punches and covered him for a two count.  Forza slammed and stomped Silver, garnering a two count.  He cinched in a crossface but Silver flipped him over.  Forza cut off the offense and worked on him with a series of rights and a legdrop.  Silver came back to grab a heel hook but Forza grabbed the ropes.  He kicked Silver then held him for a back suplex, getting another two count.

Forza stomped on Silvers' chest several times, then headbutt his mid-section for another two count.  He tossed Silver to the floor.  They battled on the outside Forza placed Silver on the apron and choked him with a rear choke.  He rolled Silver in and scored another near fall.  He muscled Silver into the corner with several shoulderblocks but Silver came back with an inverted DDT.  Silver made a big comeback absorbing blows to come back and nail one of his own, finally nailing a series.  He caught Forza with a back suplex and whipped him into the corner for a knee strike.  He flapjacked him for a two count.

Silver went for a forward roll but was caught and nailed with a wheelbarrow suplex.  Forza covered him for a two count.  Silver came back with a wraparound into a Russian legsweep.  He set up for his finisher but Prince Charles clipped his leg from behind.

Your winner by DQ and still NYWC Fusion champion, John Silver!

Forza and Charles put the boots to Silver after the bout and left him laying. 

NYWC champion ALEX REYNOLDS vs. DAN ECKOS (with Kenny "Richie Rich" Royal )

They ran a video before the match where Eckos recruited Rich to be in his partner since he had access to Reynolds' assets as a financial advisor, or something like that.  They were playing an odd couple deal with the cool Jersey Shore club kid and the square white guy who is totally out of place in that world.  Eckos, like his partner Rob (Robbie E in TNA) is doing the Jersey Shore gimmick.   Reynolds has a great entrance doing a long stalking walk to the ring to some Italian music.  He's managed by Prince Charles, now in a different sequined jacket, and Prince Mega of early ROH and current ECWA fame. 

Eckos attacked Reynolds early.  He came off the top with a high missile dropkick.  He locked in a cross armbreaker, hanging backwards over the ropes for more leverage.  Eckos backdropped Reynolds to the floor and hit a dive through the ropes.  Back on the apron, Reynolds tried to suplex Eckos back into the ring but failed.  Mega distracted the referee, allowing Reynolds to clip Eckos' legs and knock him off the ropes.  Reynolds whipped Eckos hard into the  corner and locked on a submission.

Eckos fought back and charged Reynolds in the corner but was met with a pair of knees to the chest.  Reynolds used the ropes and bounced off with an elbowdrop.  He pushed Eckos out of the ring and on the floor, dropped him across the railing.  He whipped Eckos into the rail and Eckos bounced over into the front row.  Back in the ring, Reynolds locked in an abdominal stretch.  Eckos fired back and nailed a high cross bodyblock as Reynolds leaped for a leapfrog.  Both men went down and the referee began counting them down.

Eckos fired back with a series of rights and clotheslines then nailed a knee to the head.  He drilled Reynolds with a back suplex for a two count.  Reynolds tried to grab Eckos in a Fireman's Carry but Eckos turned it into a DDT for a two count.  Mega teased interfering.  Reynolds used a gutbuster for a two count.  Eckos ducked a clothesline and drilled Reynolds with a great superkick.  Richie Rich chased Prince Charles to the back.  Eckos continued the assault and drilled Mega with a superkick when he saw him coming, but was cut off by Reynolds and pinned with Reynolds' legs on the ropes.

Your winner and still NWYC Fusion champion, Alex Reynolds!

Another good match.  Reynolds seemed to have the most potential in terms of a "sports-entertainment" type of character of everyone on the show in my opinion.  You can see he's got his mannerisms and work down really well.


Before the match, Francis Kipland Stevens, who plays a scrawny nerd character right out of 1980s movies, came out and said that Rodz and Cataldo weren't going to get to his girlfriend Violet tonight.  Violet is a female nerd with the name and look taken right from the character Tori Spelling played on Saved by the Bell.  They were with another heavy nerd, Wendell and another female nerd who was unnamed.  The storyline here is they've been bullied and beaten up by Rodz and Cataldo.   As they said the heels wouldn't get Violet, another woman, Mickie Syxx, came out and slammed Violet.  The challengers then beat the hell out of the nerds. 

As the nerds recovered, the champions came out and cleared the ring.    They did a lot of stalling early as no one wanted to touch Cataldo.  Syther, doing a nutty gimmick with lots of yelling one word responses a la 80s George Steele, didn't want to touch Cataldo.  They did some silly homophobic spots for comedy. 

Syther did a dive to the outside on Rodz.  Mikey beat Cataldo with punches in the corner but was distracted by Mickie Syxx and nailed with a clothesline.  Rodz tagged in and peppered him with punches.  Syther tried to get in but ended up arguing with the referee as the heels worked over Mikey.  The crowd rallied Mikey as he battled back but was cut off.  Cataldo used a piece of his outfit to choke Mikey.  He locked in a rear chinlock as Rodz came in with a kick to the face.  Rodz locked in a rear chinlock.   Mikey mounted a comeback with a sunset flip into the ring for a two count but was cut off.

Rodz and Cataldo took turns working over Mikey.  Syther was going nuts in the corner trying to get the tag and breaking up pinfalls.  Pretty entertaining stuff.    Mikey caught Rodz with a kick coming into the corner and nailed a back suplex.  Mikey made the hot tag to Syther who went nuts cleaning house, including a somersault into a headbutt to the mid-section in the corner on each of the challengers.  He went to the top for a headbutt on Cataldo but it was broken up. 

Mikey returned to the ring and nailed the Whippersnapper on Rodz for the pin.   Lots of shenanigans but it was fine.  How Whipwreck is working with his neck, I'll never understand.  He's planning to have fusion surgery after the holidays.

After the match The Order of the Black attacked Mikey and Syther.    Francis Kipland Stevens  along with Reckless & Wasted (one of whom was wearing a gorilla outfit and eating a banana, since apparently party boy frat types do that, or something, but it was hilarious) made the save. Stevens took the microphone and declared that at the Psycho Circus - the promotion's big crazy stipulation match - it will be the “Freaks and Geeks” (Mikey, Syther, Francis Kipland Stevens and Reckless & Wasted's Alex Moore & JT Kasin) vs. The Order of the Black (Stockade, Apollyon, Rex Lawless), Dickie Rodz and Rickie Cataldo).  He declared himself co-captain with Mikey Whipwreck, who incredulously looked at the scene and wondered how he ended up involved.  Pretty funny stuff.  Good way to close the show and push the next event.

Notes: Overall, a really nicely produced and tight show.  I was told they ran a little over their planned running time, but no complaints here as the show flowed well....Lots of young, solid and learning performers up and down the card....Their ring announcer, Larry Legend, is a hell of a hand when it comes to putting stuff over.  He has a nice old school feel to the way he presents stuff.  You gotta love a guy who promotes the concession stands have the "best buttered popcorn anywhere on Long Island."...They ran a 15 minute program on their screen previewing the show with promos featuring each talent discussing their matches.  They regularly present video on their Youtube channel..WWE Trainer Dr. Tom Prichard will be coming in for a training camp with the promotion in December...The promotion's next show is their 1/29 Psycho Circus event, annually their biggest marquee event of the year.  For more on the promotion, visit

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