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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-12 01:00:00
Welcome to's coverage of the Dragon Gate USA Untouchable 2010 PPV.  This coverage is being typed live as I watch a screener copy of the PPV, which will begin airing this Friday 11/12 on In Demand and other PPV outlets.  The report will be updated after each segment.

Untouchable opens with Open the Freedom Gate champion BxB Hulk coming to the ring with a dancing girl.  As Hulk danced in the ring, she nailed him from behind with a low blow.  This brought out Kamikaze USA's Akira Tozawa and Jon Moxley.  Tozawa attacked Hulk while Moxley, who the announcers said had power over this dancing girl (like the other from before), dragged the girl away.  As Tozawa worked over Hulk, Mike Quackenbush hit the ring for their scheduled three-way.

Open the Freedom Gate champion BxB Hulk vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Akira Tozawa (non-title)

With Hulk down, Quackenbush attacked Tozawa.  Tozawa tried to whip Quackenbush into the ropes but Quack sat down to avoid it.  Quack came back with a running elbow that sent Tozawa to the floor and then nailed a running dive over the top to the floor.  As Quack returned, Hulk nailed him with a kick and nailed several armdrags.  Quack ducked under a leapfrog but was caught with a kick and an elbow that sent him to the floor.  Tozawa attacked Hulk and caught him as Hulk went for a dive.  Tozawa slammed him and covered Hulk for a two count.    Tozawa whipped Hulk in the corner, then chopped and kicked away at him.  Quackenbush nailed Tozawa with a Dragon Screw Leg whip, then an Oriental Torture Device.  He turned his attention to Hulk and locked him into a unique submission but Hulk chopped his way out.  Undeterred, Quack used a variation on the bow and arrow submission with a rear chinlock.  Tozawa kicked them to break up the force, then sent Quackenbush to the floor.

Tozawa worked over Hulk in the corner, then nailed a dropkick in the corner to Hulk's leg.  Tozawa dropped an elbow on the leg, then cinched in a leglock to wear down the champion.   Hulk tried to grab a crossarmbreaker but Tozawa broke it and drilled Hulk with a kick in the back.  Quack returned and nailed Tozawa with a kick to the back and dispatched him from the ring.  Quack locked up Hulk in an anklelock submission but Hulk fought his way to the ropes.  Quack nailed a shinbreaker and locked on a figure four leglock.  Tozawa nailed a back senton splash on Hulk.  Tozawa and Quack tried to double team Hulk but he maneuvered out of the way in the corner.  Tozawa charged and knocked Quack off the apron.  Hulk nailed him, then hit a springboard missile dropkick.  Hulk began selling the leg that Quack and Tozawa had been working on.

Hulk took out Tozawa's legs and hit a standing moonsault for a two count.  Tozawa went for a German suplex but Hulk escaped and hit a back kick.  He shot Tozawa into the ropes then into the air but Tozawa came down with his knees full force on Hulk, slamming him backwards onto the mat and scoring a two count before Quack broke up the pin.  Quack chopped at Tozawa but was caught with a kick.  Tozawa came back with a back suplex and a kick to the head.  He brought Quack to the corner for a swinging DDT but Quack fought him off and nailed a top rope hurancanrana and then a senton off the top rope for a two count.  Quack was shocked he didn't get the pin.

Quack nailed the Quackendriver but Hulk broke it up.  Hulk nailed a running shooting star press for a two count.  Quack pulled him over into a pinning situation and then cinched in another anklelock.  Hulk escaped and drilled Quack with a series of kicks.  He nailed FTX on Quack and went to the top but Tozawa nailed him with a kick and a chop on the ropes.,  Tozawa nailed a German suplex off the ropes for a two count.  Hulk landed on his feet out of an attempted German and nailed several kicks and an EVO for the pin.

Your winner, BxB Hulk!

Great three way to open the PPV with all three working really hard with some nice dives, submissions and exchanges in the ring.  It was nice to see Quack get the chance to work against Hulk.  Tozawa had a good showing for someone so early in his DGUSA run as well.  Athletically, it hit on all cylinders and really, the only complaint you could make conceivably is that they did so much, it was hard to keep up with the flurry of the moves but when you are paying for wrestling on PPV, you know with this company what you are getting.  This was worth the price of admission alone.

Hulk took the mic and said that he was going to kill Kamikaze USA one by one and they could challenge him anytime.   He said he would never let the Open the Freedom Gate championship go.

Backstage, Lenny Leonard and CHIKARASON discussed Hulk's win and then sent it to Chuck Taylor for words about the Four Way later tonight.

Elsewhere, Taylor was preparing for his match as Johnny Gargano, sitting next to him was complaining that no one had picked him to be their American representative yet.    Ricochet was changing next to them.  Taylor was asked by a cameraman if he could cut a promo.    Before he could start, CIMA came in and said he needed a partner tonight.  Gargano and Taylor both perked up and waited to be tapped but instead, CIMA said Ricochet was his partner and they walked off.  Taylor and Gargano looked at each other, flustered and Taylor asked, "Did he see me?"

Back in the ring, The Soul Touchaz came out and their manager C-Red began cutting a promo saying they are the best to ever lace the boots.  He challenged any tag team to come out and face his boys.  Brodie Lee came out and said he didn't need a partner and was his own tag team. 

Brodie Lee vs. The Soul Touchaz (Acid Jazz & Willie Richardson & Marshe Rockett with C-​Red)

Lee destroyed Rockett, killing him with a back suplex.  Acid Jazz tagged in and kicked Lee in the gut.  He went to spit mist in Lee's face but was killed with a kick.  Willie Richardson attacked Lee and they went back and forth until he drilled him with the Pounce.  Rockett went for a dive but Lee caught him with a punch on the way down.  Lee whipped him into the guard rails.  Lee lariated Richardson, then nailed Jazz with the Truck Stop.

Your winner, Brodie Lee!

C-Redd was checking on Jazz, so Lee killed him with a running boot to the face as well.  He took the mic and said, "There's four but I'm not done.  Tonight I'm coming for a Japanese man."

The Touchaz showed some promise (I've enjoyed their work when I saw them work in CHIKARA awhile back) but this was all Lee.   Another entertaining squash to continue building one of my new favorite big men as a monster.

They aired a video feature on the Shingo vs. Dragon Kid match later tonight, showcasing Shingo's turn and formation of the Kamikaze USA stable.

Shingo vs. Dragon Kid (with CIMA)

Both men got nice reactions coming out.  Kid did some grandstanding to the crowd, allowing Shingo to maul him from behind.  He muscled Kid down and grabbed a side headlock.  Kid shot off Shingo into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down.  Shingo punched him in the face and worked him over with elbows and power moves.  Kid slipped out of a cravate and used a headscissors takedown to send Shingo to the apron.  Kid went for a 619 but Shingo caught him and drilled him down onto the ring apron, then drilled him backfirst back into it.  Shingo whipped Kid into the guard rail, then muscled him up and dropped Kid across the apron again.

Shingo returned to the ring and mocked the Kid.  Kid returned to the ring, only to have Shingo step on him and nail a double stomp.  Shingo continued to work over Kid, who tried to fire back with chops.  Shingo blasted Kid with a headbutt and began raining down with a series of kneedrops for a two count.  Shingo locked on a crossface chinlock, using his weight to wear down Kid.  Fans began chanting, "Let's go Dragon."  Kid tried to fire back and escape but was caught in a sleeper and then spun around and sent flying.  Shingo nailed a senton splash for a two count, then locked in a body scissors.  Real good power vs. speed match with Shingo controlling.

Shingo continued to work over Kid, who finally made it to the ropes.  Kid held onto the ropes to escape being whipped into the ropes for a backdrop.  Kid fought back and came off the top with a flying hurancanrana.  He went to the top and nailed an Asai Moonsault to the outside on Shingo but went down grabbing at his knee.  CIMA checked on Kid.  Shingo was favoring his left arm.  Kid tossed Shingo back into the ring, then hit a springboard missile dropkick.  Shingo doesn't go down.  He goes for a lariat but misses.  Kid hits a spinning DDT for a two count.  Shingo began attempting power moves and a suplex but Kid fought his way out and grabbed an Octopus style submission.  Shingo escaped and nailed a stunner.  Shingo nailed a backbreaker and they were both down.

Shingo missed a charge in the corner, allowing Kid to nail a flipping stunner into the ring for a two count.  Kid went to the outside but missed a springboard move.  Shingo caught him with a big backbreaker for a two count.  Shingo tried to muscle Kid up.  Kid landed on his shoulders and went for a rana but Shingo overpowered him and powerbombed him in the corner.  He grabbed Kid and flung him backwards with an inverted bomb and scored the two count.  Sick stuff.

Shingo measured Kid and killed him with a running clothesline in the corner.  He set up Kid for a superplex but Kid fought him off.  Kid came off the ropes with an Ace Crusher.  He nailed an ultra hurancanrana off the ropes for a two count.  Kid went for a rana but was caught by Shingo on his shoulders and pulled to the ropes but Kid fought his way out of it.  Kid went for a super huracanrana but Shingo put on the breaks.  Shingo nailed a top rope death valley driver (The Stay Dream) but Kid still kicked up.  This is a hell of a match.    Kid came back to surprise Shingo with a crucifix but scored a two.  Shingo drilled him with a bomber and a Made in Japan but Kid still kicked out.  The dueling chants began.  Great stuff.

Shingo tries to muscle up Kid and nailed the Last Falconry, scoring the well earned pin.

Your winner, Shingo!

Shingo went right after Kid but CIMA hit the ring to ward him off.

GREAT back and forth match.  You really can make a case for Shingo as wrestler of the year as he's had one hell of a series of matches in 2010.  Just an excellent good vs. evil, strength vs. flying bout.  Everyone should go out of there way to see this one.

They went to highlights of the Jimmy Jacobs videos talking about recovering from his drug addiction.  He said that when he watched DGUSA DVDs, he saw Jon Moxley and Moxley reminded Jacobs of himself.  He said that when Moxley clotheslined Jacobs' ex-girlfriend Lacey several months back, he was upset that Moxley did it, but also mad because it was something that the old Jacobs would have done.  Jacobs declared that the next time he saw Moxley, he was going to take care of him.

Chicago Street Fight: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

Moxley came out.  Jacobs said that he promised he was going to do something.  He said they were in Chicago, where he once hung a man and drank his blood.  He said that tonight wasn't about that.  He said that before there was a revolution and before he had a girlfriend, people used to call him a little berserk.  Fans immediately began chanting "Huss."  He revealed he was wearing his "Barbaric Berserker" boots.  Moxley went to attack him but Jacobs caught him and they brawled into the crowd on a stage.  Moxley was tossed off and Jacobs dove off some speakers onto him. 

They brawled on the floor with Jacobs flinging a chair at Moxley as he retreated.  They brawled around.  Moxley whipped Jacobs into the chairs.  Moxley charged but Jacobs caught him with a chair and peppered him with punches, then dropped an elbow off a chair to the floor.  Jacobs continued the assault, nailing another elbow off the chair onlt the floor.  Jacobs ended up slammed into the rail and flipped over into the guard rail.  Moxley came off the rail but Jacobs drilled him in the mid-section, then nailed him with a chair.

Jacobs tossed Moxley in the ring and went to nail him with a chair but Moxley's latest girl attacked Jacobs.   Moxley went for a running kick but ending up nailing the woman instead.  Jacobs nailed End Time and cinched in a guillotine choke.  Moxley finally escaped and nailed a release suplex.  Moxley began chopping away at Jacobs and rubbed his elbow and knees into Jacobs' head.   Moxley slammed Jacobs and began choking Jacobs with his own chain, wrapping it across the face and eyes and throat.  Jacobs fought back to his feet but began getting worked over.  Jacobs began reacting to "Huss" chants and made a comeback.

Moxley caught Jacobs with a boot to the face but Jacobs came back with a boot to the face.  He went to the top rope but Moxley attacked him and caught Jacobs with a superplex.  Good, intense brawl.  Jacobs pulled out a pair of railroad spikes and stabbed Moxley with them, busting him open.  Jacobs wrapped the chain around Moxley's throat, whipped him over the ropes and hanging him outside the ring.  Moxley was able to slip out, only for Jacobs to yanked him off the top back into the ring.  Jacobs nailed a senton splash off the top rope for a two count.

Jacobs went for the Contra Code but Moxley nailed him with a lariat for a two count.  Moxley grabbed the spike but Jacobs used the second one on Moxley.  He nailed the Contra Code for a two count.  Jacobs grabbed the chain and wrapped it around his throat, then cinched in another guillotine choke in the center of the ring.    YAMATO came to the ring and attacked Jacobs, nailing a brainbuster.  He put Moxley on top but Jacobs kicked out.  Brodie Lee hit the ring and booted YAMATO, then trashed him towards the back.  So, Lee kept his prophecy from earlier.

Moxley and Jacobs had an intense exchange in the middle of the ring.  Moxley nailed the hook and ladder but Jacobs kicks out,  Jacobs is drilled with a DDT but kicked out again.  Moxley began beating Jacobs with a chair.  He put Jacobs' coat over his face and wrapped it with a chain, so Jacobs was blinded and couldn't defend himself.  Moxley beat the hell out of Jacobs with a chair over and over, then covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Jon Moxley!

Oh man, what a hell of a brutal, gory brawl.  This is the type of dirt and grit brawling that we rarely see in wrestling in 2010.  My God did I love this.  Lee coming in to kill YAMATO was a nice twist.  Moxley is one hell of an underrated brawler by the masses and Jacobs has really found himself in DGUSA in a way we haven't seen in a long, long time.  He really is the Raven to Sapolsky's Heyman.  What a brawl!

Moxley walked out, declaring he kicked Jacobs' ass.  Jacobs was down for a long time before being walked out.

They plugged the DGUSA website.

Backstage, they showed Jacobs getting sick and coughing up, blood I guess, as the staffers who helped him screamed for help and told Jacobs he would be OK.  They finally walked him out of the camera.

Rich Swann vs. Drake Younger vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano

It's one fall to a finish.  Gargano left the ring to avoid Younger.  Taylor went after Younger but got shoulderblocked down.  Swann nailed a rana on Younger but was caught and nailed by an exploder.  Gargano nailed Younger from behind.  Taylor and Gargano took out Younger, mocked him dancing and began stomping him.  Younger came back with a clothesline over the top on Gargano.  Taylor knocked Younger off the apron and  Gargano ran him like a lawn dart head first into the guard rail.  Swann knocked Taylor to the floor and hit a dive to the outside.

Gargano and Taylor formed an alliance, hugging and worked over Swann together.  Younger was down on the floor busted open.  Swann came off the ropes, using Taylor as a springboard into a rana on Gargano, sending him to the floor.  That was beautiful.  Taylor cut off Swann and used a armbar submission.  Swann flipped out.  Gargano charged and ate a Swann boot.  Swann went for a backwards dive but is kicked in the air by Gargano.  Gargano drilled him with an enziguri for a two count.    Swann nails an enziguiri but eats a superkick as he returns to the ring.  Gargano nailed a wheelbarrow suplex with an assist from Taylor for a two count.

Gargano broke up the pin and he and Taylor had words.  Swann hit a swinging DDT on Gargano then hit a running shooting star off Gargano onto Taylor.  Swann hit a series of insane twisting moves including a 360 into a double stomp.    Younger finally returned and drilled Taylor into the corner.  He nailed a running death valley driver on Swann into Taylor.  He hits Drake's Landing and a spinebuster on Gargano.  Taylor broke it up but ate a half nelson suplex for his troubles. 

Swann nailed Gargano with a spinning kick.  Just a sick display of insane back and forth moves.  Younger nailed Swann in Drake's Landing but Gargano broke it up.  He kicked Younger in the face several times but Younger made his way back to his feet.   Younger muscled him to the ropes and tried for Drake's landing off the ropes but Taylor interfered and nailed Younger with a running spiked piledriver and scores the pin.

Your winner, Chuck Taylor!

This was the story of four guys throwing everything in the world at each other trying to get over.  Just an insane psycho match on acid.  So many back and forth sequences and sick moves.  The only downside was seeing Younger taking that needless shot to the rail, which is something DGUSA management wasn't happy about when it happened. 

Sfter the match, Younger was pissed about his loss and woozily returned to the back.  Swann was helped out by the referee.

Kamikaze USA cut a promo backstage.  Jon Moxley said "to the victors go the spoils."  He said he was going to run down everything that happened tonight.  He said that Hulk made empty threats tonight and Kamikaze was going to stuff it down his throats.  He said CIMA getting Ricochet as his partner was bringing a knife to a gun fight and told him "good luck with that."  He bragged over beating Jimmy Jacobs and thanked YAMATO for his help.  Good promo as always.

Backstage, Chuck Taylor bragged over his two back to back Four Way wins and said that all the stables and factions needed to finally take notice of "old Chucky T."

CIMA & Ricochet vs. Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi

Doi and CIMA started out, going back and forth with some nice wrestling.  The announcers noted that Ricochet was a relative unknown who was picked by CIMA due to his performance at Enter the Dragon.  Doi and CIMA went back and forth and ended up facing off.    They locked up again and ended up in the corner with Doi faking a clean break and then putting the boots to CIMA.  CIMA came back with some of his own and charged but Doi dropkicked him

CIMA tagged in Ricochet as Doi tagged in Yoshino.  Yoshino drilled him with a dropkick to the face.  Ricochet came back with a Lucha armdrag and a glancing kick, then a standing moonsault for a two count.  Doi and Yoshino began working over Ricochet in their corner.  Doi slammed him .  Ricochet came back with several shoulderblocks and tagged CIMA.  CIMA locked Doi in a cravate, then hit a senton and a kick.  He continued working over Doi's neck and head with a crank.  CIMA nailed a neckbreaker for another near fall.

Doi gets close to his corner for a pun but CIMA muscles him down.  Doi reverses and tags in Yoshino, who came off the top with a shot to CIMA's arm.  He then came off the top with a double stomp to CIMA's elbow.  He  rolled CIMA over and locked on a leg submission stretching CIMA like a pretzel.  CIMA reversed and made the tag.  Ricochet nailed a double stomp and a dropkick on Yoshino.  Yoshino drilled him into the corner.  Doi tagged in and Muscle and Speed began taking turns, beating down Ricochet.  They nailed him with stereo dropkicks to the head but CIMA broke up the pinfall attempt.  Yoshino locked on a Tarantula, allowing Doi to dropkick Ricochet in the chest.

They continue to work over Ricochet, focusing on his leg, including a double stomp across the knee.  Doin went for a kneebar, but Ricochet got to the ropes.  They draped Ricochet over the ropes, allowing Doi to come off with a senton.  CIMA broke up the pin attempt.  Doi began kicking at Ricochet, who started to mount a comeback.  He finally nailed an enziguiri on Doi, stunning him enough to make the hot tag to CIMA.

CIMA and Richochet made a come back.  Ricochet hits an insane twisting dive off the top to the floor on everyone.   CIMA rolled out of a Yoshino sunset flip attempt and dropkicked him in the face.  Yoshino nailed slingblade for a two count, then locks on an Octopus submission.  Ricochet broke it up but was caught with a Stun Gun, then drilled with a dropkick.  Ricochet escaped a Fireman's carry and drove Doi down to the apron.  Doi missed a clothesline and hit a running bomb.  CIMA began rallying from the outside.

Ricochet nailed a standing shooting star press for a two count.  He nailed a backslide driver for a two count.  Speed Muscle cut him off and nailed a flapjack on CIMA.  Yoshino missed a double stomp.  They nailed a slingblade powerbomb on CIMA.  CIMA came back with a dropkick and a perfectdriver on Doi.  Ricochet tagged in and nailed a sitdown driver but Yoshino kicked up.  Ricochet went to the top but was caught and dumped on his head for a two count.

Doi drilled him with a series of strikes.  He set up for the sliding kick but CIMA made the save.  CIMA was caught with a jackknife rollup for a two count but Ricochet made the save.  Yoshino began drilling him with rights.  He killed Ricochet with the Lightning Spiral for a two count.  CIMA is double teamed.  They nailed a missile dropkick/senton combination.  Ricochet grabbed the ropes to break it up.   Doi went for the Muscular Bomb but CIMA superkicked him for a two count.  Ricochet catches Doi with a reverse cradle suplex, then went to the top for a double rotation moonsault and scored the pin.

Your winners, CIMA and Ricochet!

CIMA took the mic as fans chanted that the match was awesome.  CIMA said, "What an amazing move.  Oh sh**.  Holy sh**."  The fans chanted that as well.  He asked Ricochet how many times he did a rotation.  CIMA said that he had major news for Ricochet and said that going forward, he was a member of Warriors International.  Johnny Gargano came to the ring and CIMA asked him why he why there.  Gargano said he had something to say to CIMA.  He said that maybe he has some growing up to do and learn to be a man.  He said that it doesn't happen overnight but he was going to take step tonight by giving someone their props when they deserve it.  He said Ricochet deserves it and raised his hand.  CIMA told Gargano, "Ok, you go to backstage."  Gargano bowed and left.  CIMA asked everyone if they liked Ricochet as the new member.  He said Ricochet may be the best high flyer in the world and welcomed him to the group. 

Ricochet took the mic and said that he didn't know what to say and led the crowd in the "woo" that CIMA usually does.  Warriors International celebrated and then headed to the back.

They showed some slow motion replays of the double moosault.

A tremendously well put together tag match designed to make a new star and they did a hell of a great job at it.  Unbelievable back and forth tag match and a nice way to end the PPV.


Bonus Footage!

Silas Young vs. Gran Akuma vs. Samuray Del Sol

This is joined in progress.  They have a nice back and forth three way with Young going over.  Nice surprise to fill out the PPV.

Overall, a tremendous effort and this is likely the best PPV offering from the company since their debut show over a year ago.  Jacobs vs. Moxley will go down as one of the most underrated feuds of the year.  Shingo continued his awesome path of destruction.  Ricochet was made a player.  There was another crazy four way.  A great three way opener.  It's a shame this company is fighting with the economy and other factors when it comes to drawing at the gate in some markets because there is just an insanely deep wealth of talent and you can see the momentum growing every month for the American side of the roster.  There is something truly special here and if you skip the show, you really are blowing a great chance for yourself to see the alternative product people are always saying they want.


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