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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-11 08:45:57
Mick Foley appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night on Comedy Central. The episode will be replayed all day today on Comedy Central if you'd like to see a replay.

Stewart introduced Foley as a "TNA Wrestler and The Daily Show's Senior Ass Kicker." Stewart joked around that they just filmed his entrance a second time due to a technical issue and yet the crowd was "just as surprised to see him the second time."

Foley said he is still recovering from the high of his appearance at Stewart's Rally for Fear and/or Sanity, where he was awarded a medal for all his charity work with R.A.I..N.N. Stewart said Foley was "such an interesting guy to me" and that he loved "Countdown to Lockdown". Foley noted it's his ninth book including three children's books. Stewart said jokingly that the kids books advocated violence.

Stewart pointed out all the charity work that Foley does, mentioning R.A.I.N.N. and the USO. Stewart asked if it was an effort building a back-log of good karma so Foley can spend "the rest of his time beating people with a bat wrapped in barbed wire."

Stewart asked Foley what he gets from the charity work. Foley said that this book was unique to him and wondered whether the world needed a fourth memoir, which Stewart laughed at. Foley said, "Now that I've seen some of the book sales, the answer would appear to be no." Stewart responded that the book was "awesome, baby."

Foley said that while he was writing the book, he was influenced by someone and the gift that they had given him, so he decided to donate the entire advance. Now that he's seen the sales, he jokes that it's the "entire proceeds." He said that any aspiring authors who are thinking about donating their advances, "they might want to tell their wife before she finds out by reading the flap cover."

Stewart pointed out that 50% went to R.A.I.N.N. and Foley said that the other 50% goes to Child's Fun International. Stewart said Foley was "nothing was a good dude."

Stewart brings up Tori Amos and how Mick would play a Tori Amos' song ("Winter") to psych himself up for big matches. That got some laughter from the crowd. Foley wrote about the excitement of meeting Amos in 2008 at Comic-Con (that got some laughs) and said if you ever wanted to see what a 300 lb. man floating looks like, that was it. Stewart said, "You were really taken with her?"

Foley said that he had never "been on the computer" until he tried to find Tori's website. Stewart pointed out that Foley writes by hand "in quill." He said that when he logged on, he learned about R.A.I.N.N. He said that he always knew that rape and sexual assault was a serious problem, but didn't think that "as a guy" it was something he could do something about. After reading, he said, "I think I can make a difference here." He said that he hopes that he has with his donations and by volunteering online. He said that he didn't want to stereotype Stewart's audience, but said they are a caring type.

Stewart asked how other wrestlers would react to Foley playing Tori Amos and asked if Ric Flair instead suggested Megadeth. Foley said that the song "gave me confidence" and said that some of the stuff he did was very dangerous and "some of the stuff I did was far from reasonable."

Stewart noted that Foley has said that he wasn't as physically gifted as some of the other wrestlers, so he made up for it "falling from higher places." That got a laugh. Foley said, "I could not jump high, so I jumped from high places."

Foley asked if he could plug another book and pulled out Samantha Bee's book and said he was going to take it with him on his trip to London. Bee is another Daily Show Correspondent.

Stewart said it was always a pleasure to see Mick and joked "you never know what's going to come out of you." He plugged the book and that fans could see TNA Impact Thursdays at 9 on SpikeTV .

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