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By Stuart Carapola on 2010-11-09 15:11:47
Welcome to the ROH On HDNet Report here on!

We open the show with a look back at last week's cage match that saw Kevin Steen & Steve Corino defeat El Generico & Colt Cabana in the latest chapter of their nearly year long war.

New opening video package, and then we start tonight's program, as the Kings Of Wrestling will face the Dark City Fight Club in the main event! But right now, let's go to the ring for our first match...

TV Title Match: Eddie Edwards vs Necro Butcher

The TV title matches now have a 15 minute time limit like the classic TV Title matches in the NWA from years ago. They circle each other to start and Necro takes Eddie to the corner and lights him up with a chop. Necro takes Eddie back to the corner and Eddie slaps him on the break, so Necro goes and grabs a chair from ringside, but the referee and Prince Nana stop him from bringing it in the ring. He drops the chair and instead brings Eddie back to the corner and brutally works him over with punches and kicks, then tosses him to the floor, picks him up, and crotches him on the ringpost. Necro grabs the chair again and gets Nana to distract the referee while he gives Eddie a chair slam on the floor. They head back in and Necro continues the assault on Eddie by gouging at his face. They exchange punches and Eddie somehow comes out on top, backing Necro to the ropes and clotheslining him to the floor. Eddie hits a dive to the floor, the same one that he injured his wrist on against Kenny King, and seems to tweak his wrist again. Time to cool off on that dive, Eddie. Instead he hits a running big boot on Necro against the guardrail, then tosses him back in and hits a missile dropkick as we are at 10 minutes remaining. Eddie with a running forearm in the corner and an enziguiri, but Necro responds with a hard clothesline for 2. Necro continues pounding Eddie in the corner with punches and chops, and then a big right cross floors Eddie. Eddie mounts a comeback and gets a lungblower off the second rope for 2, then traps Necro in the Achilles Lock. Prince Nana distracts the referee so Eddie releases the hold to go after him, then boots Ernesto Osiris as he tries to get in the ring. Necro catches him unawares with a big foot and a chokeslam, but Eddie reverses a Tiger Driver attempt to a pinning combination for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Great, hard hitting match. I believe this would have been Necro Butcher's last appearance with the company before being put in indefinite hiatus.

We go backstage to the Kings Of Wrestling with Kyle Durden, and Shane Hagadorn says he's gotten Papa Briscoe banned from all ROH events for attacking him. Durden moves on and mentions that tonight's match with the DCFC is non-title, and the Kings Of Wrestling haven't defended the title a lot lately. Chris Hero says nobody deserves a title shot and they are protecting the integrity of the title from unworthy challengers.

Back to the ring for our next match...

Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly vs Bravado Brothers

O'Reilly starts with Harlem Bravado, and they do a fast exchange with O'Reilly going for a cross armbreaker but Bravado countering to a cradle for 2, then getting a nice snap dropkick for another 2. Lance Bravado tags in and they hit a flapjack for 2, but O'Reilly makes a tag to Cole and they hit stero kicks, then Cole gets an inverted atomic drop and a northern lights suplex for 2. O'Reilly comes back in and whips Harlem to the corner, but Harlem with a leapfrog and a rollup for 2. O'Reilly quickly recovers and gets a back suplex for 2 and the hits several kneestrikes to the skull and tags in Cole, who hits a very crisp dropkick off the second rope for 2. Cole goes for a vertical suplex, but Harlem slips out and makes the hot tag to Lance, and he gets a nice belly-to-belly suplex on Cole as Harlem superkicks O'Reilly, and then a superkick/German Suplex combo gets 2 on Cole. Cole gets a fireman's carry neckbreaker on Lance as O'Reilly and Harlem exchange blows, but O'Reilly takes out both Bravados with kicks and hits a Dragon Screw Legwhip on both men. Bravados come back with a powerbomb/frogsplash combo on Cole for 2, but Lance gets tossed to the floor and Cole follows him out with a sick dive. Harlem with an O'Conner roll on O'Reilly for 2, but Cole with an enziguiri from the floor and O'Reilly gets a guillotine choke for the tapout win.

Winners: Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly

Really good match! I liked that it went back and forth and that the Bravados got a lot of offense in so it meant something when O'Reilly and Cole beat them. I think this was probably the best showing from the Bravados yet, and it was nice to see them get a bit of a chance to shine even in defeat.

Christopher Daniels is challenging Roderick Strong for the ROH World Title this weekend in Canada, and right now we see a video package of the history between Strong and Daniels leading into this weekend's match.

After a short video package hyping the upcoming debut of "The Prodigy" in ROH, we go to an in-ring interview with Christopher Daniels, as Kyle Durden asks him for his thoughts on his opportunity at the ROH World Title. Daniels says that Strong claims to gain his strength from the truth, the World Champion is a lair because he claims to be a dominant World Champion that will eclipse all other champions that ROH has had. Daniels says it took one month into his title reign to prove that was false when he pinned him in this ring 1-2-3. This Saturday night in Toronto, Strong's first title defense will be against Daniels, and he may think that he has a secret weapon in the truth, but the reality is that gospel trumps truth, and the gospel according to the Fallen Angel says that Christopher Daniels will be the next ROH World Champion. Daniels gets ready to leave, but comes Homicide, and he looks like he has something on his mind. Homicide gets a nice "welcome back" chant. Homicide says he's happy to be back in Ring Of Honor, but when he was in Brooklyn, he was wondering where his title shot is because Daniels and Davey got title shots, but he didn't, and he thinks it's because of the issues he had with Jim Cornette several years ago. He doesn't like Cornette, and he knows that's why he isn't getting a title shot, and it's not about Daniels or Davey, it's not personal, it's all business.

We take a look back at the Kings Of Wrestling-Haas & Benjamin match from Glory By Honor IX, and then see the announcement that Haas & Benjamin will return to ROH at the upcoming HDNet tapings in Louisville on December 9th and 10th.

It's main event time!

ROH World Tag Team Champions Kings Of Wrestling vs Dark City Fight Club

Speaking of guys who will be disappearing for a while, the DCFC is wrapping up their run in ROH for the time being with this match. Hero gets a side headlock and Chavis tried to shove him off into the ropes, but Hero grabs the beard and hits an elbow. Hero comes off the ropes but Chavis rolls over him with a shoulderblock and then hiptosses Claudio. Jon Davis tags in and catches Claudio in a leapfrog attempt right into a powerslam. Chavis comes back in and they whipe Claudio into the corner hard and hit the Decapitator Legdrop for 2. Hero tries tagging back in and hits a kneestrike, but Chavis backdrops Hero and grabs the beard then punches him in the face. claudio with a knee to the back of Chavis from the outside and Chavis fights both of them off, but Hero gets a Yakuza Kick and tags in Claudio, who hits several elbowdrops in a row. Hero with a senton for 2 and tags in Claudio, and they ram Chavis hard into the corner and Claudio puts the boots to him, then knocks him silly with a European Uppercut. Tag to Hero and they go for a double big boot, but Chavis catches the boots and wipes both guys out with clotheslines, but Hero knocks Jon Davis off the apron to prevent Chavis from making the tag. Claudio with the Giant Swing into a diving flash kick from Hero for 2. Claudio tags in and goes for repeated pin attempts on Chavis, but can't hold him down so he tags in Hero and they hit a Hart Attack-style springboard European Uppercut for 2. Awesome move! Hero blatantly chokes Chavis right in front of the referee and then goes for a neckbreaker, but Chavis reverses to a backslide for 2, then follows that up with a Sky High and dodges a charging Claudio and makes the hot tag. Davis comes in with a flying shoulderblock over the top rope on Claudio, followed by a backdrop and a sliding dropkick for 2. Davis with a facebuster and a leaping leg lariat for 2 on Claudio, but Claudio gets a jawbreaker and they exchange blows until Davis finally gets that powerslam for 2. All four men are in the ring now and Hero goes for a springboard moonsault but misses, and the DCFC hits Total Elimination on Hero, but then Claudio nails Davis with a pop-up European Uppercut and a double team powerbomb for 2. Hero goes for the rolling elbow but Davis KILLS him with the Pounce out of nowhere, but Hero gets a running elbow to the back of Davis' head and Claudio follows that up with a European Uppercut and Hero covers for the win.

Winners: Kings Of Wrestling

Terrific match, and the DCFC gave the Kings a good match on their way out, and I think that's important, because I think the kneejerk reaction a lot of companies have is to embarrass and bury guys on their way out the door, but if you give them a strong run on the way out, it makes whoever beats them in their last match look that much stronger, and that's what they did with both the DCFC and Necro Butcher here. Great episode with some great wrestling action, all the talking was short and to the point, solid thumbs up this week.

Next week: the Briscoes take on Austin Aries & Rhett Titus, and I'll see you then!

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