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By Dave Scherer on 2010-11-05 11:54:37

On his Twitter account, Hulk Hogan has taken offense that people thought he showed his junk in front of his daughter on a video for the Def Jam Rockstar game (even though he tried to make us think that is exactly what he was doing when they put a blackout screen over said junk in the video).  That doesn't mean he did it, but it was made to appear that way on the video, which he was in and made a motion that sure looked like the revelation of junkage.

Hogan wrote:

"Be on the lookout for press ,from people apologizing and releases of real footage from the video with nothing but good clean fun. HH"


"My real friends and fans know what I'm really all about and after 30yrs I'm not about public displays of private parts. HH"

If you dare, you can watch the video by clicking on this link and judge for yourself what he did in front of the camera.  Some days it's just amazing what we have to write about.

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