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By Corey Helmerichs on 2010-10-29 15:51:17

I went to the Sedalia, MO TNA show last night, October 28, and figured I would send along the results of what happened.

Before the show, Don West had an $80 deal, which included a VIP Backstage Pass meet and greet and photo op with Jeff Hardy, a die-cast Jeff Hardy truck he designed for Hermie Sadler, an 8x10 of Jeff Jarrett, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Jeff Hardy, and the Motor City Machine Guns. Also included a change to go backstage during the intermission to meet MORE TNA stars, and finally also included an in-ring photo after the show which ended up being with Matt Morgan.

The show started with JB wanting to give out backstage passes. A member of TNA staff came to ringside and said no, he could not give them away. He said he was giving them anyways. Magnus then came to the ring and took the passes from JB. After talking for a few moments Eric Young came out and proposed a match that if Eric won, JB would hand out the backstage passes, if Magnus won, he could not.

Eric Young d. Magnus

AJ Styles & Kaz d. Ink Inc.

Madison Rayne d. Velvet Sky

Motor City Machine Guns d. Generation Me


Jeff Jarrett d. Brian Kendrick

Matt Morgan d. Jeff Hardy

All in all it was a GREAT show. It was my first live TNA event, and I can honestly say it was probably the funnest show I've been to. WWE shows are great.. but TNA is so much about the fans and all about fan interaction, and id definitely made the night fantastic and THE BEST live wrestling experience I've had. Also Don West had some crazy deals, and the big deal of the night being the $80 set, which only 40 were allowed to be sold. And he was also selling a brand new TNA shirt with the brown bag special. All in all, AWESOME experience.

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