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By Trent Van Drisse on 2010-10-29 14:46:56
Ohio Valley Wrestling again taped television on Wednesday night in Louisville. Crowd was again small.

Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway ran a show called "Homecoming 2" the night before, Tuesday Oct 26th, but nobody sitting around me last night attended that show, so I have no idea how it went. Tuesday was a stormy day here in Louisville, so I'd guess that show wasn't super well attended either.

Kenny Bolin was absent, so TV announcer Dean Hill said ring announcer Ron Hed would be playing the part of Bolin in the announce booth tonight. Yeesh, that's a drop off of at least 200 pounds, probably even more. Brittany DeVore was the ring announcer. Jim Cornette did not make an appearance tonight, though his wife was there, but I don't think he was there. I could be wrong, but the show runs differently in ways that are hard to explain when he's not there, and tonight had the vibe like he wasn't there.

On a totally unrelated note, a billboard on Interstate 64 in Louisville has the giant head of Brian Knobs plastered on it, and it says he was a WWF and WCW tag team champ. Actually says WWF. It's an ad for a free auto insurance accident call, and the catchphrase is Knobs saying "Are you asking for it?!?!?". These may be all over the country for all I know, but I haven't read it mentioned anywhere else. The nightly sight of Knobs' giant head in Louisville of all places, always makes me chuckle. And, for the record, no, I am not asking for it.

OVW has added a "Fright night" show this Saturday Oct 30th at Davis arena with a 5 dollar admission.

1. Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr B beat Raphael Constantine Dark Match. Constantine is one half of "Fighting Spirit, the current OVW tag champs. Vaez is now being introduced as being from the "Land of Persia". I had hopes of this being a good match, but it fell way short of my expectations. They were just filling time, and this went noticeably longer than most OVW opening dark matches. They probably went around 10 minutes. Vaez hit a big back suplex, and kept control for awhile. Constantine turned the tide, but Mr. B got on the apron, Constantine slugged him off of it, but it created the distraction needed for Vaez to hit his running neckbreaker and win the match.

2. James "Moose" Thomas beat Tilo Samoa This was the start of the TV taping. These two met in a dark match here last week, and Tilo gave Moose a good battle then, not so much tonight. Thomas attacked before the bell, and stayed in control, except for a brief flurry from Tilo late in the match. Didn't last long though, and Thomas won with his swinging sidewalk slam. Last weeks match was better.

Dean Hill did a stand up in front of the desk, which included him saying that Armando Alejandro Estrada will be at Saturday Night Special on November 13th. Except it wasn't that easy. Hill comically couldn't say Armando Alejandro Estrada correctly, took him like three or four takes. After he finally got it, the crowd roared and Danny Davis came out from the back laughing his head off. Hill is wildly entertaining in his own way, and does a Hell of a great job really. I read in the Observer update yesterday that Estrada has closed his restaurant in Arizona, so I guess now he's getting back into wrestling. To my knowledge, he's done nothing in wrestling for quite awhile now, so this may be his first appearance back.

They showed clips from last week of Raul Lamotta & Jimbo Onno beating The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver). Due to that upset win, Lamotta & Onoo get a title shot against Fighting Spirit at Saturday Night Special on Nov. 13th.

Ron Hed got in ring, and the Elite came out. As I suspected last week, McNaler spoke about December, when the 90 day stipulation that they can't face Fighting Spirit will finally be up. McNaler said he hopes Fighting Spirit beats Lamotta & Onoo on Nov 13th, because Fighting Spirit is who they want. Revolver admitted he had a chain last week, but Lamotta hit him with his chain first and won. Revolver said his father is a Lawyer, and has assured him they would have a case. He said OVW was against them in general. Fighting Spirit(Christopher Silvio & Raphael Constantine) came out. Constantine said The Elite only started complaining about the 90 day stip when they lost the titles in August. Fighting Spirit proposed a singles match tonight, Silvio vs Revolver, and The Elite accepted it, which would be the TV main event. They tried to say a singles match would mean the stip is still being honored, but I don't agree with that myself, but oh well. I get the feeling the OVW booker kinda wishes the stip would have been for 60 days, or even 30, instead of 90. Heh.

A Rudy Switchblade interview from backstage aired. He said if Paredyse tried to kiss him again, he was going to make his lips black, blue, and bloody.

3. Ryan Nemeth beat Paredyse w/CJ Lane

Nemeth is the brother of Nick Nemeth, better known nowadays as Dolph Ziggler in the WWE. He's a good looking guy, not real big, but in fantastic shape. He's super over here too, because many weeks he's been visible in front of the crowd helping out at the TV tapings. The chicks dig him basically. I think they said this was his debut, but it's not, he was beaten in the opener at the Oct 9th Saturday Night Special by Cliff Compton. Far as I know this was his TV debut though. Nemeth also apparently has a book out, called "How to make out with any girl". lol He looked real green here, but like I said, the crowd was into him. CJ Lane was wearing a flannel shirt over her T-shirt this week, and was spraying a can of air freshener. Basically, they're trying to get her to dress real butch looking, but she's a valet, or a "Man-servant" I should say to be exact.

Paredyse has Nemeth beat, but picked him up. Later in the match when Nemeth took control, Lane put Paredyse' foot on the ropes, but Rudy Switchblade ran out and gave Lane a big kiss. Paredyse tried to get to him thru the ropes, and when he did, Nemeth rolled him up for the win.

4. "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton w/Mo Green & the Paparazzi guy beat Dre Blitz

Compton is in really amazing physical shape. Lean and muscular. He came out tonight with silly string, with Mo Green sounding an air horn, and throwing confetti. Green kicked Ron Hed out of the announce booth, and joined Dean Hill at the desk. Compton lit Blitz up with an incredible open hand chop that echoed all over the building. Compton beat Blitz with his "Media Blitz" finisher, which is a Michinoku Driver. He had in previous matches been doing a Cobra Clutch on the mat submission finisher following the "Media Blitz", but didn't tonight. Compton had already beaten Blitz once maybe a month ago.

A backstage promo of Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr. B aired. He said he gets another shot at winning back the OVW TV title next week against the Metal Master, with no time limit. Last weeks match was a 10 minute draw. He said it was fair last week when he unmasked MM, because MM stole the TV title from him. He warned MM, saying last week I took off your mask. Next week, I'm going to take you whole head off.

5. Christopher "Dynamite" Silvio w/Raphael Constantine vs Adam Revolver w/Ted McNaler ended in a no contest, I think

This was the TV main event. Silvo caught Revolver in an ankle lock submission early on, but Revolver made the ropes. Both men took a tumble over the top rope, and both of their partners on the floor fought the urge to get involved. Silvio used the ring steps as a springboard for a dropkick on the floor, looked cool. Back in the ring, Silvio dove off the top rope, but landed on Revolvers knee, a super gut buster I guess you could say. Silvio got beat on for awhile, but came back with a superkick right on the button, but McNaler put Revolver's foot on the ropes, which the ref caught him. This could have been a DQ, or the ref kicking McNaler out, but he did neither. Silvio hit his double knees off the top rope finisher, but Jimbo Onno and Raul Lamotta came out and attacked McNaler and Conatantine on the floor. Silvio did a dive to take out Onoo and Lamotta.

A wild, and I do mean wild, brawl then ensued with all six guys, which really energized the crowd. This lasted several minutes, with refs, jobbers and students running out, but nobody could stop, or even slow down, the craziness. I think OVW has overdone pull aparts in general lately, but this was an exceptionally good one, and an exciting way for the TV show to go off the air. Too much happened to mention it all, but at one point Constantine took everyone out with a giant double sledgehammer move off the top rope to the floor. It should be noted that The Elite left long before the brawl was over, leaving Fighting Spirit to duke it out with Lamotta and Onoo, and duke it out they did, big time.

6. Raul Lamotta & Jimbo Onoo beat Rudy Switchblade & "Lowrider" Matt Barela by DQ

Dark match. Barela is the OVW heavyweight champion. Switchblade outsmarted Lamotta in a funny sequence.

Lamotta and Onoo both got knocked out to the floor, and when they did, the Elite ran out and attacked them, causing the DQ. Fighting Spirit ran out, and another wild brawl ensued, with the same cast of characters trying to break it up, but failing big time. This was maybe even better and wilder than the TV brawl, and the crowd was super into it. I mean the crowd was fairly mesmerized by it, chanting "Let them fight" and the whole 9 yards. Fighting Spirit really lived up to their name, they were both fighting hard, and in extremely spirited style. Especially Christopher Silvio, he was a wild man during both brawls. He was jumping off the railing onto people, and all kinds of things. Super fire from him.

Again, just like the first brawl, The Elite left long before it was over. Matt Barela though, may have been the smartest one of all. He stood in the ring and watched the whole brawl. Then comically, he kept reaching out of the ropes at random times and slapping anyone close by, be it a babyface, a heel, or a referee, hard on the back, then acting innocent. It was hilarious. I was kinda wishing they all would have got wise to him and had everyone attack Barela, but it didn't happen. The crowd didn't want this brawl to stop. Exciting way to end the show.

OVW will be holding another try out camp on December 4th and 5th. John Laurinitis of the WWE will be there looking for underwear models.

ROH is having a two days of TV tapings at the Davis arena on December 9th & 10th. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas will be at those shows. Send any comments to

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