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By Michael Mordrid on 2010-10-26 08:42:33
No six-sided ring. I think they may have borrowed the ring from a small indy that works out of Amarillo.

We started the show about 10 minutes late with Nigel and Rebecca. They were introduced as our “hosts” for the evening. Nigel did the ring announcer duties.

RJ Brewer interrupted Nigel and Rebecca and came out to cut a promo. Heavily Hispanic crowd and I thought Brewer had to be careful or he could have had a legitimate riot on his hands. He did the stuff about the immigration laws and said he left his wife/girlfriend home in Phoenix be he knew how everyone in the crowd were animals. Rocky Romero came out and had a problem with Brewer. Marco Corleone also came out and had a problem because RJ was running down the country that has been Marco’s home for the past four years. They set up a triple threat main event match for later that evening.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match – Pequeno Halloween & some little bullfighter dude that I didn’t catch his name vs. Octagoncito & Charly Malice.

The ref for this match was an old guy with a mullet who could barely move around. The bullfighter guy tried to offer a handshake to Malice to start the match, only to pull it away and Malice would follow it like a bull chasing down the red cloth. Everyone would shout “Ole!” when that would happen. End of the match, Malice put a standing reverse figure 4 on Halloween. Malice ended up spinning around landing flat on his belly, spinning Halloween with him (looked vicious). Halloween tapped out.

Winners: Ocatgoncito & Charly Malice

Match #2 – Magno vs. Mascarita Dorada.

Magno was a big guy and Dorada was a little person. After the first match, I thought it was going to be even. However, they pulled a lot of the same things that you would see in a Big Show/Hornswoggle match. Some little girl yelled out from behind me “This isn’t a comedy show!”

Winner: Magno with a Death Valley Driver

Match #3 – El Oriental vs. Super Nova.

At one point, the two wrestlers went back and forth with pin attempts that looked reminiscent of a spot I remember from a Tajiri/Super Crazy match in ECW. At one point, Super Nova rolled to the ring apron and puked over the side. The end of the match saw a ref bump (on the old ref), low blow, and a small package.

Winner: El Oriental

Mini Park & Azteco hold a danceoff. All the people they brought in the ring were kids, except for one that Mini Park brought in who was a chica caliente sitting ringside.


Match #4 – Tag Team Match – Chi-Chi & Tigressa Caliente vs. Mini Park & Cassandro.

My friend referred to this as the LGBT friendly match due to Chi-Chi and Cassandro. Chi-Chi played around like a girl untl the wig got taken and he all the sudden got vicious. Tigressa Caliente had many problems with keeping her pants from falling down. Cassandro got a kiss in with the ref. Chi-Chi pulled the old 3 Amigos triple vertical suplex spot. However, Cassandro got a Victory Roll on Chi-Chi.

Winner: Cassandro & Mini Park

Match #5 – Tinieblas Jr. vs. Lizmark Jr.

There was a pre-match promo by both men in Spanish. This was a good back and forth match. At one point, Lizmark attempted to take the mask off of Tinieblas. A couple of minutes later, it was reversed with Tinieblas trying to remove Lizmark’s mask. El Oriental made a run-in and tried to hold up Lizmark. Lizmark got the pin after a crossbody rollthrough with his feet on the ropes.

Winner: Lizmark Jr.

After the match, Tinieblas threatens the ref.

Match #6 – Main Event – Triple Threat Match – Rocky Romero vs. Marco Corleone vs. RJ Brewer.

There was a double reverse naked choke spot. Watching Marco wrestle really reminds me of watching Randy Orton wrestle. However, he still can’t get a decent live promo yet. End of the match, Marco was out of the ring and Rocky went for a Victory Roll on RJ in the corner. RJ stops the Victory Roll and collapses down on Rocky. He grabbed the ropes while going for the pin.

Winner: RJ Brewer

Post match promo by RJ. Marco comes over and grabs the mic and says “you didn’t beat me.” He offers basically a match restart, hair versus hair. RJ accepts. It goes really quickly with Marco rolling up RJ and Rocky sliding in the ring to count a really fast pinfall. RJ runs off to the back with Marco and Rocky giving chase.

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