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By Eli Petty on 2010-10-25 11:51:12
I attended last night's Bragging Rights PPV in Minneapolis. Had great seats right next to the grave, so I had a blast. I'm not sure how the show came off on tv, but it was a fun show live, with the crowd being hot most of the night. I'm glad I went to this instead of watching the Vikings lose again.

The dark match saw MVP defeat Chavo Guerrero with the 305. MVP was over, Chavo got a nice reaction too.

The crowd was totally into Daniel Bryan, and the first match was incredible. Dolph and Bryan worked their butts off and had the crowd in the palms of their hands. Huge "You tapped out!" chants for Dolph after Bryan won with the LeBell Lock.

The Tag Team Title match was a nice surprise, but I don't understand why they would have John Cena wrestle on Pay-Per-View and not announce it beforehand, especially with all the competition they were facing this weekend. Cena was way over, but he also got some "Cena sucks!" chants. Say what you will about the guy, but he works really hard. Crowd popped for the title switch and Cena's Attitude Adjustment on Otunga.

Ted DiBiase vs. Goldust was up next, and sadly not many people cared. The biggest pop of the match came when Maryse jumped Aksana. I must say, Maryse is absolutely gorgeous in person. I don't think people expected the DDT to end it, but everyone involved worked hard. The company just hasn't put them into a position to succeed.

The Divas Title match got about the same reaction as the previous match. Michelle's line about getting text messages from Favre got some laughs. There wasn't anything special in this match and the finish with Layla winning thanks to Michelle's interference was lame.

The Buried Alive match was really fun. Undertaker was way over, and even though they didn't do a whole lot wrestling-wise, they told a good story and the crowd was into it. They got some cool spots in, and when they started using the chairs there was a "We want blood!" chant. The crowd really wanted Taker to win, and we crapped all over the finish with Nexus interfering and helping Kane win.

The Seven-on-Seven Tag was really fun. I hope Vince was listening, because CM Punk may have been the most over person on the show. This was the first time I've ever seen Big Show in person, and he is huge. Mysterio got a huge reaction when he came back and hit the first 619. Edge and Miz also got great reactions. It was a fun match, but I was hoping Edge would take out Hornswoggle while he and Rey celebrated with the trophy. It would have made sense, since he is on a quest to rid the WWE of stupidity!

The WWE Title match sucked. Orton and Barrett got good reactions coming out, but they never did anything during the match to get the crowd involved. It seems like every time Orton is in a main event match it just blows chunks, and Barrett was not ready to be in this spot. The finish was awful and we saw it coming a mile away. This was not a good way to close an otherwise fun show.

Despite the lame finishes in both World Title matches, I had a great time and nearly lost my voice from yelling and chanting so much. WWE puts on one hell of a production. Too bad that their creative team doesn't deliver like that.

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