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By Mike Johnson on 2010-10-24 22:44:00
Matt Striker, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler opened up the show. They showed the grave set up near the entrance stage for the Buried Alive match.

Blackjack Lanza, Wild Bill Irwin and Perry Saturn (yes, Perry Saturn) are all visiting at the show. Irwin is a regular at the events in Minnesota. This may be the first time Saturn has been at a wrestling show since departing WWE.

Vickie Guerrero came out on the stage to introduce Dolph Ziggler.


A chant for Bryan began as soon as the bell rang. They locked up with Ziggler taking Bryan to the mat, but Bryan reversed it and went for an anklelock. Ziggler scrambled out of the ring to escape. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock but Ziggler again went to the floor. Bryan nailed a running knee dive over Guerrero to take out Ziggler.

Back in the ring, Bryan nailed him with a dropkick in the corner but was quickly taken down by Ziggler, who scored several near falls. Ziggler began measuring Bryan for punches and kicks. The crowd began chanting for Bryan to rally him. Ziggler set up Bryan for a neckbreaker but Bryan slipped out and went for a backslide, getting a two count.

Ziggler nailed Bryan with an inverted bodyslam for a two count, then cinched in a rear chinlock. Bryan began working his way out, using several elbows but was cut off and hit with a rolling snapmare by Ziggler.

Ziggler nailed an elbow on Bryan, then scissored him with his legs, trying to force a submission. Bryan fought his way out, then kicked Ziggler coming out of a charge. Bryan went for a running dropkick in the corner but Ziggler moved and Bryan crashed and burned. Ziggler covered him for a two count with Bryan barely getting out.

Ziggler continued working over Bryan, getting several near falls. Ziggler used a Fireman’s Carry into a throw for a two count. Ziggler scissored Bryan again with his legs, pulling him into a submission attempt. Bryan finally fought his way up.

Ziggler missed a splash in the corner and was drilled with a series of kicks to the chest and face. Bryan backflipped to avoid a charge out of the corner then nailed Ziggler with a running leg lariat to the face for a two count. Bryan whipped Ziggler into the ropes but put his head down and was kicked. Ziggler rebounded off the ropes but Bryan caught him with a kick to the head, then nailed a missile dropkick across the ring for a two count.

Zigger tried to sneak out a pin with a rollup but Bryan kicked out. Ziggler drilled Bryan and scored another two count. Ziggler went for the ZigZag but Bryan held onto the ropes. Bryan kicked Ziggler and scored another two count.

Bryan, holding his neck, went to the top rope but was cut off and crotched by Ziggler. Ziggler went up for a superplex but Bryan slipped out underneath and shoved Ziggler’s feet out from under him. Bryan nailed a top rope belly to back suplex but Ziggler turned in mid-air and crashed atop of him, scoring a two count. Bryan kicked out and rolled right through into a pinfall attempt for another two count.

Ziggler went for the sleeperhold but Bryan slipped out. Each man rebounded off the ropes and collided in mid-air with high cross bodyblock attempts. They exchanged strikes and headcutts before going into a great series of pinfall attempts and reversals.

Ziggler finally nailed the ZigZag but Bryan got his feet on the ropes, breaking the count. Ziggler argued with the referee, then locked on a sleeper. Bryan fought to get to the ropes before it could be effectively locked in but failed. Ziggler locked it in but Bryan finally made it to the ropes.

Ziggler lost his cool and began trash talking Bryan, who caught him in the LeBell Lock and forced him to tap out.

Your winner, WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan!

An absolutely excellent back and forth opener to kick off the night. This really was a fun match.

Ziggler and Guerrero argued with the referee to no avail.

Backstage. Miz and Alex Riley were watching the monitor and Miz took credit for the win, pointing out that Bryan learned everything he knew from being Miz’s Rookie. Miz said that as long as everyone listens to him, Raw will be triumphant because he’s the captain. Sheamus and CM Punk took umbrage to that and all three began arguing. Santino Marella tried to calm everyone down and asked where the snacks and beverages were. Miz said that he said there might be snacks. Punk said that he just came from Smackdown and no one knows them better than him, so if anyone is going to be giving orders, it’s him. Sheamus said that if anyone gets in his way tonight, he’s going to kick their heads in. Miz said that he didn’t care if they didn’t like anyone else on the team, they were all united for one goal and they would win because they are awesome. Punk said some of them are, and walked off. Alex Riley told Miz he had to get the team together because they were all on different pages. Miz smiled and said that everyone is exactly where they need to be, because “where there is order, there is opportunity.”

WWE Tag Team champions Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes came to the ring. Rhodes said that the PPV was perfectly named because no one has more to brag about than them. McIntyre said that since becoming the champions a month ago, they have absolutely dominated everyone from Raw and Smackdown. He said that they have a dilemma in that no one wants to face them since everyone is scared of them. Drew said that he doesn’t blame them.

The Raw GM Email went off, which Michael Cole read. Cole said there was a team from Raw worthy of challenging them for the tag team belts. Drew and Cody said that he wanted to see who they were. The Nexus’ theme played and out came Wade Barrett.

Barrett said that tonight was the biggest night in the history of the Nexus because he was just minutes away from becoming the next WWE champion, then introduces the challengers, John Cena and David Otunga. He mentions that he has ordered John Cena “not to fail” in bringing home the Tag Team championships.


Otunga and Rhodes start off. The champions quickly trap Otunga in their corner and tag in and out, working over Otunga. Drew gets a quick cover and the champions double suplex Otunga. Otunga escapes and tags Cena in.

Cena holds Cody for a hesitation suplex, scoring a two count. Otunga wanted to be tagged in and Cena ignored it, so they had words, allowing Drew to tag in and attack Cena from behind. Cena was beaten down by Drew and Cody. Cody stomped away at Cena in the corner. Drew tagged in and began stomping away on Cena. Cena began firing back but was caught with a facebuster for a two count.

Rhodes tagged in and tied up Cena with a hammerlock, using his legs for leverage, then cinched in a chinlock. Nice unique move. Cena powered his way up to his feet and dropped backwards. Cena came back with a series of shoulderblocks on Rhodes and clotheslined Drew. Cena did the “You Can’t See Me” to Otunga and went for the five knuckle shuffle on Drew.

Cody broke it up. Cena backdropped Drew over the top, not knowing Cody had just tagged in. Cena grabbed him in an STF and submitted Rhodes.

Your winners and new WWE Tag Team champions John Cena and David Otunga!

Otunga celebrated with both belts, with the story being that he had hardly done anything in the match. Cena grabbed Otunga and drilled him with the Attitude Adjustment, then walked out with both belts.

The match was decent, but nothing you would need to go out of your way to see. The storyline was the more important aspect with the idea that Cena just trapped himself as champion.

They aired a Knucklehead promo. I think its playing in ONE market as of tonight.

The announcers reviewed the recent Goldust vs. Ted DiBiase feud.

Josh Mathews interviewed Ted DiBiase, asking him how he planned to get his Million Dollar championship back. Maryse began cutting a promo in French, but DiBiase asked her to stop. DiBiase said that Goldust is weird and he doesn’t like him. He said that he gives Goldust credit for what he pulled in to steal the championship, but tonight, he’s going to be direct about it. He said he’s going to beat Goldust, get the title back and then have Goldust’s NXT girlfriend deported.

TED DIBIASE (with Maryse) vs. GOLDUST (with Aksana)

They were pushing the Goldust-Aksana wedding on NXT on commentary. They started out fast, going back and forth, until Goldust clotheslined DiBiase over the top to the floor. Goldust went to the top but was cut off. DiBiase drilled him with a series of rights and dropkicked him for a two count.

DiBiase took Goldust to the mat, locking in a rear chinlock. Goldust fought his way back to his feet but was cut off with a clothesline. DiBiase drilled him with several kneedrops. The crowd began chanting for Goldust. DiBiase began setting up for the Dreamstreet, working on Goldust’s back.

DiBiase kicked Goldust down for another two count. He rode Dust back to the mat. Goldust fought him off and both men went down after a double clothesline.

Goldust drilled DiBiase with a right hand and a cloithesline. DiBiase went for a backdrop but Goldust dropped down and punched him, then nailed a bulldog for a two count. Goldust missed a high cross bodyblock when DiBiase ducked, sending Dust flying through the ropes to the floor.

DiBiase was caught with a punch as he reached for Goldust. Dust went to the top rope but waqs caught with a dropkick as Dust came off the ropes for a two count. DiBiase whipped him into the corner and charged but was caught with a scoop slam for a two count.

DiBiase reversed a whip into a DreamStreet attempt but Goldust escaped. DiBiase caught him with a spinebuster for a two count. They went back and forth until they collided in mid-air.

Maryse attacked Aksana outside the ring and tossed her into the ring. Aksana didn’t try to defend herself. Goldust went to check on her, allowing DiBiase to attack him from behind. DiBiase nailed the Dreamstreet and scored the pin.

Your winner, Ted DiBiase!

Aksana attacked Marsye when she went to take the Million Dollar championship and ran her off. DiBiase approached her and she flirted with him and acted like she was going to kiss him. Allowing Goldust to attack and lay out DiBiase. So, Goldust walked out with the Million Dollar belt.

Solid match. I enjoyed it.

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