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By Joel C. Croyle on 2010-10-16 09:48:04

Jeremy Borash comes out and says he is going to give people free backstage passes...a slew of "TNA officials" come out saying "he" says no way. Eventually Jarrett comes out and says JB is not giving out passes and takes them from JB. Samoa Joe comes out. While trying to get away from Joe, Jarrett goes to sit on the top rope. Joe grabs JJ, slams him down..all of a sudden there is a ref, and apparently it was a match...who knew...Joe wins. Match was exactly 5 seconds long, literally. JoetTakes the backstage passes and hands them out with JB, who continues to do so all night.

Next match is the cruiser weight title. Williams vs. Lethal. This was the most technical match of the night and I think it was the longest. Jay Lethal wins with his finisher, retaining. This was extremely strong. These two worked really hard and really well together. Williams is the next rising star if they give him the chance.

Love vs. Rayne for the knockout title. Really great back and fourth in this one. The crowd was really into this bout. Rayne had some amazing spots, their was a great "back stretch" in the middle that Love got out of. Essentially Rayne just caught Love the right way and planted her, could have gone either way. Raybe retains.

Beer Money vs. Young and Jordan. This was a pure comedy match with Young trying to tag in beer money so it would be three on one vs. Jordan. Though it was pure comedy, it is obvious Beer Money is the best tag team in the business today. At one point Young stole Storms beer and started drinking it. Classic stuff. Storm also mistakingly ripped the "" banner from his apron side and played it off to the crowd by trying to cover it up whenever the ref would come by.
by the end of the match Roode had been pantsed, Jordan had been "tripple teamed", Storm lost his beer and then we found out EY was wearing beer money underwear. Beer Money wins with their finisher on Young after Young thought he had befriended them.

Before the show Rhino did autographs, at intermission Rayne did .

After Intermission we had Matt Morgan vs. Rhino. Rhino lost with Morgan's finisher. It was fairly short and it seemed like they both were struggling to make things work.

Hebner has a new t-shirt they were selling for 10 bucks and he was autographing. It looks like a ref shirt with hebner across the back and in the front it says "yes I did it"

The main event was Abyss vs. Tommy Dreamer in a monsters ball match. trash cans, chair, lids, a ring bell to the groin, comes Mr. Anderson from the back...nails Abyss with a chair. Dreamer covers. Dreamer wins.

At the end they said that everyone could go backstage because backstage was coming to us. A bunch of the wrestlers came out to sign autographs. If you paid 20 bucks you could go in the ring with Mr. Anderson, get a picture, etc.

I met Jeff Jarrett, shook his hand , got an autograph. Honestly he was the most gracious wrestler I've ever met, and I have now met a few across time.

Good show. Was hoping to see others and it seemed short. But it is pretty obvious TNA takes care of their fans in any way they can.

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