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By Trent Van Drisse on 2010-10-14 15:10:29
Ohio Valley wrestling taped television on a rainy night in Louisville last night. Well, they kinda sorta taped television. An odd night at Davis arena. Only a partial taping. Just two matches taped for TV last night, no angles ran at all, or storylines addressed or advanced, except for one makeshift angle to set up a tag team match which I'll get to. Everything else on the show was dark matches.

Also no Jim Cornette appearance at all tonight, but I'm pretty sure he was there, at least for awhile, his wife was there.

Now, the TV show that was supposed to air last week in Louisville did not air. Instead, a repeat from the week before aired. What didn't air last week was the "go-home" show for their "Saturday Night Special" card held this past Saturday Night(duh) at Davis arena. So, since that show didn't air, maybe they plan to use some of that footage on this weeks show, but then again the live announcing done for last week would be dated by this Saturday. lol The show that didn't air in Louisville last week is available online at Episode #582.

A fan told me last night he saw on OVW Facebook that this Saturdays TV show would feature a recap on Saturday Night Special, so maybe they are going to do a long video recap of that this week, but when I looked on OVW Facebook, I didn't see anything that said that.

I do know this, they only taped about 15 minutes worth tops tonight, so what will fill the rest of the TV this week will be interesting, to me anyhow, though clearly it will be a "stand pat" type of a show no matter what.

Dean Hill & Kenny Bolin, with his favorite chair and clutter gone per Cornette's orders last week, were the TV announcers. Bolin still had his prescription pill bottles out there though. Ron Hed & Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. Again this week, it was extremely hard to hear what they were saying. They have speakers up top that aren't even on. Why? Ron Hed did the commentary with Bolin on the dark matches, just to amuse themselves I guess, they do that a lot. Attendance was around 80.

1. Holly & Hannah Blossom beat Taryn & Lady JoJo

This was a dark match. Lady JoJo is the OVW Womens champion. Taryn came out of the heel side, so I guess she's a heel now, at least for the night. The Blossom twins won by hitting their finisher on Taryn and pinning her. The finish is one twin getting up on the others shoulders, and the one up in the air being dropped down on the opponent.

2. Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr. B beat Eddie Baker

This was one of the two matches taped for television. I think I got the name right for Eddie Baker, again, it's so hard to hear the ring announcers. Baker was a good sized guy, in good shape. I think this was his OVW debut, none of the fans knew who he was. Vaez broke one some of the "other" Muhammad Ali style punches. Mr. B got up on the ring apron to run interference, and Vaez hit Baker with a running neckbreaker to get the duke.

Dean Hill went to the front of the desk for an interview, and called out "Ironman" Rob Conway, who came out in street clothes, to a big pop. Even this stuff was very hard to hear, usually when they tape the TV, then they have the speakers on, not tonight. Conway plugged an OVW house show in his hometown of New Albany, Indiana on Saturday Oct. 23rd, and the "Homecoming 2" show he and Nick Dinsmore are putting on at Davis arena on Tuesday, Oct. 26th. The Elite(Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler) came out and interrupted Conway, saying they are about the now in OVW, not the past. McNaler said something about Conway's mother, and Conway slapped the taste out of his mouth, I mean a hard slap. The Elite beat Conway down, but Rudy Switchblade made the save. This set up a tag match for tonight, The Elite vs Conway & Switchblade, which I think they said would be the TV main event.

3. Tilo Samoa beat Dre Blitz

This was a dark match. I honestly believe this match existed just so Rob Conway could get into his ring gear, which he did rather quickly. Tilo won with a Samoan Drop. Blitz, who is usually a face, came out the heel side here.

4. Rob Conway & Rudy Switchblade beat The Elite

Like I said, Conway got changed quickly, and what I believe was the TV main event was on. A popular former ref returned to duty here, and got a big pop from the crowd. I think his name was Chris Kay, but don't hold me to that. Conway & Switchblade hit the ring running, and the match hit the ground running. Conway is still in very good shape. The wily McNaler managed to knock both Switchblade and Conway off the apron, then beat on Switchblade hard on the floor. Switchblade took the heat. The finish saw Switchblade hit a Frogspash, with an assist as Conway helped throw him off the top rope, and the makeshift team of Conway & Switchblade scored a clean win over The Elite. Not that it was a huge upset or anything, but still a bit of an odd result. Dean Hill left at this point, everything else was dark matches.

5. Mike Mondo beat Jimbo Onno

Dark match. These guys were just filling time here, and went awhile. Mondo did a neat nip up into a dropkick. Mondo blocked a punch, the hit a series of knees to the head, followed by a running knee, and then a Buff Blockbuster. Mondo won with his move here he gets a guy on his shoulders, like a set up for an airplane spin, then throws the guy up, Mondo drops down to the mat, gets his knees up and the guy takes it to the gut. It's something different, but doesn't look good, or believable, for a guy Mondo's size to do that to a big guy like Onno. Had its moments, but not a real exciting match here. Mondo is very gymnastic, and even ballet like, in his movements.

6."Lowrider" Matt Barela beat Raul Lamotta

Dark match. Barela is the current OVW heavyweight champ. He and Lamotta used to be partners, so these guys know each other well, and worked together well. Barela, of course, is getting a big push here now, Lamotta is not. This was far more intense than the standard Lamotta match, which was good, he tends to lack fire in his matches. Barela has plenty of fire. Barela lit Lamotta up with numerous chops. Lamotta's chest was pretty red. Lamotta finally took command when Barela missed a shoulder block in the corner and went into the post shoulder first. Lamotta ripped off Barela's elbow pad, and worked on Barela's previously injured elbow, courtesy of Mike Mondo. Lamotta put up a good battle, but after some reversals, finally fell victim to Barela's standing reverse neckbreaker finisher and was pinned.

The postmatch saw Lamotta offer a handshake, with his fingers crossed with his other hand behind his back. Barela didn't fall for it, he shot Lamotta the double birds, ala Stone Cold, and gave him another standing reverse neckbreaker. Fairly fun match here.


7. James "Moose" Thomas & Paredyse w/CJ Lane beat Fighting Spirit(Raphael Constantine & Christopher Silvio) in a non-title match

Dark match. Fighting Spirit are the current OVW Southern tag team champions. CJ Lane, the lady wrestler who is now the "Man-servant" for Paredyse, had her hair spiked really high tonight. Paredyse worked wearing pink gloves tonight, at one point removing one of the gloves and slapping Silvio with it. The small Constantine and the large Moose Thomas had a David vs Goliath sequence, with Moose getting the better of it with a boot to the head. Constantine took the heat, but finally hit a big DDT on Paredyse. Silvio came in with some wicked kicks to the leg of Thomas, and a running kick to the face of Paredyse in the corner. Paredyse got thrown into the more than ample midsection of Moose Thomas. Silvio superkicked Thomas out of the ring, and did a dive onto him, but Thomas caught him and ran Silvio into the apron. Meanwhile in the ring, Paredyse planted a kiss on Constantine, and rolled him up for the win, while holding the tights. I didn't know if this match was title or non-title until it was over. The winners never even went for the belts, so I guess it was non-title. lol The makeshift team of Moose & Paredyse beat the tag champs, though Moose & Paredyse have teamed up before. Fighting Spirit stayed in the ring a long time after the match, extremely dejected.

The next Saturday Night Special show will be on November, 13th. Sean Casey was in attendance tonight, and had some huge, and I mean huge, muscled up angry looking blonde guy with him.

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