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By Buck Woodward on 2010-10-11 12:40:32

Last night at TNA's Bound For Glory Pay-per-view, the long-running "They" storyline was resolved, with the group who was behind Abyss' recent actions being revealed.  This new faction includes Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy and, of course, Abyss.  Their actions at the PPV have them lined up for matches with Rob Van Dam, Ken Anderson, Samoa Joe and (if he doesn't actually retire) Kurt Angle.  It also seems to flip Sting, D'Angelo Dinero and Kevin Nash (again, depending on if he sticks around) back into a babyface role (although a lot of fans never stopped cheering them).  Obviously, the immediate direction for all of these stars will be decided on this week's edition of Impact. 

However, will more fans be watching? 

TNA saw interest, and ratings, take a slight increase during the build to last night's PPV.  After the conclusion of the show, opinions on the closing angle were passionate, but at the same time very different.  While some saw possibilities and intrigue, others saw another nail in the coffin for the future of the company. Reactions to the angle went from one extreme to the other, with all points in between.

There are those that see Hogan & Bischoff trying to relive the New World Order angle from WCW and can't believe TNA is going "back to the past" again.  There are also those that would rather Hogan & Bischoff be heels, rather than having the Hulkster pushed as the supreme babyface of the company.

There are those that are looking forward to a "heel" Jeff Hardy, something we have never seen fully realized before.  On the flip side, some feel the fans will never go against Hardy, killing the turn before it begins. 

There are those who find this whole angle to be intriguing and different.  There are also those who find it to be totally predictable (I actually got an email from someone who predicted the whole outcome, right down to Jarrett turning on Joe). 

Regardless of whether you loved, hated, or are indifferent to the storyline, the question is, will you be checking out Impact this week to see what happens next?

Will you watch TNA Impact this week now that we know who 'They' are?

Yes, but I always watched Impact anyway.
Yes, and I don't always watch Impact.
No, and I usually watch Impact.
No, but I never watched Impact anyway.

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