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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-27 08:38:51
As we all know, WWE Smackdown will be moving to SyFy this Friday. SyFy will be airing a one hour "Countdown" special at 7 PM Eastern before the debut broadcast, which will be live in Oklahoma City.

For those of you who watch Smackdown via DVR, be sure to check your settings, as the show is simply being listed as WWE Smackdown, not "Friday Night Smackdown" on some systems, so your DVR won't pick up the show without a new recording being set.

The final episode of WWE NXT on SyFy will air tomorrow as scheduled. After that episode, the show will no longer be seen on television within the United States. As we broke last week in the Elite section, domestically, NXT will become a property as WWE was unable to sell the show to another cable network under the NBC Universal umbrella and contractually, could not take it outside of their auspices on cable.

In international markets, NXT will continue to air uninterrupted without change.

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