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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-23 23:39:02


As October 15, 2010 rapidly approaches, tickets for the big Roast of Jim Cornette are moving double time.  And the event's celebrated V.I.P. Packages for this year's event are almost gone.  Interested parties should visit for more information.
This year's guest of honor will be Jim Cornette, and he will be skewered by the likes of Al Snow, The Midnight Express, Dutch Mantel, Bob Holly, Missy Hyatt, Prince Nana, Nick Dinsmore, Amy Lee, and comedians Ryan Maher, Sean Morton, Sean Carlucci, and the Roastmaster Bill Apter.  The popular event is in its third year and is the only event of its kind in pro wrestling.  Kayfabe Commentaries' Sean Oliver says this is the most unique night in wrestling today.
"It's the only truly unpredictable thing left in pro wrestling," Oliver said. "Anyone who has been to a Ring Roasts can speak to the palpable excitement in the room.  Our fans fly in from England, Montreal, and it amazes me, but they make a weekend of the event...Friday night's Ring Roasts and Saturday's Legends of the Ring convention, which is the world's largest and best known wrestling convention."
The Midnight Express, who have been reunited for the event, will also be vendor guests at the Saturday convention.  Fans will be able to "hold the tennis racket" and get their photo taken with the duo.
The V.I.P. packages for the Friday night Roast include a private, one-hour meet and greet with all the stars of the show, and also a front-row seat for the event.  Those V.I.P. tickets are only $100, and General Admission seats are on sale for $30, including a Four-Pack for $100.
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