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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-20 16:46:47
CHIKARA issued the following statement regarding fans who were turned away at their first New York City event yesterday:

Thanks to the 600 fans that packed into the Warsaw in Brooklyn yesterday for our first foray into NYC. We could not even accommodate the entire crowd, and some fans were turned away at the door. We appreciate every single fan that turned out to support us for the NYC debut of Manami Toyota, and CHIKARA. ;D

Ticket pre-sales for the show were not especially promising, in addition to which, the Warsaw only had seating for 240 we discovered, much to our chagrin. This proved problematic once the throng of fans started filling the venue, as there was nowhere for many to sit. Obviously, this is not a particularly desirable scenario.

In short, we were ill-prepared for the reception we got in Brooklyn, and many fans were no doubt inconvenienced by this. We want to apologize to those that were inconvenienced by this. Rest assured, we will be better prepared the next time we come to New York. As always, thank you for supporting us!

Your pals @ CHIKARA

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