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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-19 22:43:00

Welcome to's live coverage of the 2010 WWE Night of Champions PPV!

We open up with a whole lot of pyro as Michael Cole asked who would leave Chicago as champion.  Cole introduced his announcing partners, Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston - If Dolph is Disqualified or Counted Out, Kofi wins the championship

Vickie Guerrero interrupted ring announcer Tony Chimel to introduce Ziggler.  Caitlin from NXT was with them, making her PPV debut.  Kingston and Ziggler locked up.  Crowd is solidly behind Kingston.  Striker mentioned Kingston just got married to his High School sweetheart. Good for them!

They have a nice back and forth exchange.  Kingston forces Ziggler to back off with a dropkick attempt.  Kingston clotheslines Ziggler over the top to the floor.  Caitlin tends to him but Guerrero makes her back off.  Guerrero sends her to the back.  Ziggler returns to the ring where Kingston maintains his advantage until missing a charge in the corner.

 Ziggler dropkicks Kingston in the face and scores a two count.  Ziggler locks on a rear chin lock.  He rides Kingston to the mat and wears him down.  Kingston fires back with several shots to the ribs and chest.  Kingston nails a shoulder block but is caught with a big boot for a two count.  Ziggler scores several two count.  Ziggler nailed a running snap mare for another two count.

Kingston fired back but was nailed with a Famouser and rolled over onto his shoulders for another near fall.  He cinched in a side chinlock.  Kingston fought his way to his feet and battered Ziggler in the corner with a series of punches.  Ziggler nailed a back elbow coming out of the corner but Kingston nailed a clothesline.  Kingston nailed a bodypress off the top rope and scored a two count.

Kingston unloaded on Ziggler with a series of chops but missed a kick.  Ziggler was caught with a variation of a Lou Thesz Press and peppered with punches.  Ziggler was nailed with the Boom Drop.  Kofi began calling for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler avoided it and was caught in a sleeper.  Kingston turned it into an inverted DDT and nearly scored the pin but Guerrero put Ziggler's leg on the rope.  Ziggler went to the floor where Kofi dove on him and slammed him on the floor.  Kofi rolled Ziggler back into the ring and scored a two count.

Ziggler caught Kingston in a sleeper but Kofi broke the grip and locked in his own.  Ziggler ran and used the ropes to snap Kofi's throat on them.  Guerrero went to slap Kofi but Ziggler told her not to ruin anything and said he had the match won.  Kingston went to the top but Ziggler caught him, nailed the Zig Zag and scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental champion,Dolph Ziggler!

Good opener.

They aired a Paperjamz commercial featuring the Miz.

Todd Grisham interviewed Edge backstage, asking him his strategy.  Edge asked him why he wondered that and asked if it was because he had to defeat five men and not just one.  He advised him to ask the others how they are going to beat him.  Edge said they call him the Ultimate opportunist for a reason and tonight he'll walk out the champion.

CM Punk vs. Big Show

Punk, who came out alone, got a nice reaction since they were in his hometown in Chicago.  Matt Striker said Punk's childhood friends Scott and Chris were in attendance.  That has to be Scott "Colt" Cabana and Chris "Ace Steele" Guy.  Punk took the mic and said that he loves Chicago.  He said he loves the parks, the museums, the history and Navy Pier, but what he hates are the inhabitants of the city.  He blamed everyone in the building for ruining the city, calling them lazy Teamsters and corrupt politicians.  He crapped on the Chicago White Sox and then said the out of work dads and boozy mothers disgust them.  He said that the entire city should be burned to the ground for the second time so he can build a straightedge utopia.  Punk turned his attention to Big Show.  He said that Show knocked him out at Smackdown but unlike the rest of them, he doesn't run from anyone.  He's in his home and he is still here standing.  Punk said he is David tonight and Show can be Goliath.  Punk said the slingshot will be "the power of almighty Straightedge."

Punk had his elbow taped up.  Punk tried to nail several kicks but was hit by Show with a mauling paw.  Punk dropkicked Show but it didn't faze him.  Show drilled Punk across the back and then choked him in the corner with a boot to the face.  Show chopped Punk across the chest so hard Punk bumped out of the ring.  Show went outside to toss Punk back in the ring.  As Show returned, Punk drilled him in the face with a kick, then nailed a knee to the jaw.  Punk nailed a rolling senton over the top to the floor on the prone Show.  The building began chanting for Punk.

Punk waited for Show to return and attacked him as Show rolled in.  Show began firing back with shots to the ribs and chest.  Punk elbowed Show in the back of the neck and scored several near falls.  Punk began peppering Show with kicks but Show punched him away.  Punk kicked Show in the head with a kick and smothered him in the throat with his knee.  Punk went to the apron for the springboard clothesline but Show tackled him in mid-air.  

Show nailed the KO punch and scored the pin.

Your winner, Big Show!


Josh Mathews interviewed Chris Jericho.  Jericho said he didn't need to be lucky tonight.  Jericho pointed out how well he had done in the past with tournaments.  He said he was going to eliminate everyone and walk out the new WWE champion.  He said the reason isn't luck, but because he's the best in the world at what he does.  No mention of Jericho's pledge that he would leave if he didn't win but Michael Cole pointed it out after the interview.

They showed several members of the National Guard in attendance.

WWE United States champion The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

They lock up with Miz getting an early advantage but Bryan went for the LeBell Lock and Miz bailed out.  When he returned, Bryan went after Miz's arm but Miz jumped off the apron and slammed it over the ropes.  Miz then hammerlocked Bryan and ran him shoulder-first into the corner.  He continued working over Bryan's shoulder.  Bryan worked his way into a counter and used a backslide for a two count.  Miz kicked out and went right back after the shoulder.   Miz argued with the referee, allowing Alex Riley to attack Bryan's shoulder from the outside.  Miz then snapped the arm backwards.

Miz kept up the offense and kicked Bryan to the floor.  He tossed Bryan back in and covered him for a two count.  The crowd began rallying Bryan as he mounted a comeback with a series of rights.  Miz nailed the shoulder and charged Bryan who ducked and Miz went to the floor.  Bryan nailed a dive through the ropes on Miz.  Miz was tossed back in.  Bryan, selling the shoulder, still nailed a top rope missile dropkick for a two count.    Bryan battered Miz with rights as he sold his left shoulder, then added in several kicks to the gut.

Bryan nailed a dropkick into the corner.  Miz crumpled down to his knees and Bryan drilled him with a stiff kick to the back of the head for a two count.   Bryan put Miz on the ropes and worked him over with punches.  Miz crotched him on the top rope and clotheslined him off.  Bryan landed on the "bad arm" but still kicked out.  Miz looked frustrated.  Miz went back to the bad shoulder, cranking back on it.  Miz measured Bryan and went for the Skull Crushing Finale.  He went for it but Bryan pulled Miz into a forward roll for a two count.

Danielson went for the LeBell Lock but Riley got on the apron.  Bryan drilled him with a punch and rolled up Miz for a two count.  Everyone thought that was the finish.  Miz tossed Bryan out to the floor.  Riley went after Bryan but was tossed into the ringpost.  Bryan was caught with a cradle but kicked out.  Miz kicked him down and began beating him with punches.  The referee had to pull him off several times and warned Miz he was going to be DQ'd.  Miz was caught in the LeBell Lock and Miz fought but finally tapped out.

Your winner and new United States champion, winning his first WWE title, Daniel Bryan! Elite subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and will also have access to our exclusive post-PPV audio show. You can subscribe by clicking this link and if you've never checked us out before, you can sign up for our three days free offer.

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