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By Gene Stern on 2010-09-12 00:22:14

I saw Mike Johnson at the show and figure he will have a full report but here are the results of the PPV.

Kenny King beat Jay Briscoe with The Royal Flush.  Good opener.

Mark Briscoe beat Rhett Titus with an Ace Crusher from the top rope.  This was a good match with some crazy spots.

Balls Mahoney did a promo backstage saying he would be in a brawl next.  He teamed with Grizzly Redwood.  They were in control of Necro Butcher and Erick Stevens when Prince Nana came out and helped the heels.  Stevens then nailed Balls from behind and got the win.  Fun match.

Colt Cabana and El Generico beat Steve Corino and Kevin Steen in a Chain Match.  This was great and brutal.  Cabana made Corino give up.

Jim Cornette announced that Davey Richards has signed a new contract and will get the ROH Title shot at the 12/18 Final Battle PPV.

Eddie Edwards beat Daivari to retain the TV Title.  It was OK.

Christopher Daniels beat Austin Aries in a really good match.  They both hit everything they had before Daniels got the win with the Angels Wings.

The  Kings of Wrestling beat Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match.  This was a great match. Chris Hero used the loaded pad to nail Haas and Claudio covered him for the pin.

Roderick Strong beat Tyler Black to win the ROH World Title.  Terry Funk was the ringside enforcer and after a ref bump, he became the ref.  Truth Martini tried to interfere but Funk threw him out.  Good match to end the show.  This show was definitely worth getting. 

Afterwards, the lights went out and the party began as the Notorious 187, Homicide was back in ROH. He told Strong that he was coming for his title and that he was going to be in the title match in December.

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