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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-09 12:57:24
Dragon Gate USA's Enter the Dragon 2010 opened with CIMA, one of the central figures in the promotion, coming out to welcome the crowd in Philadelphia and thank them for supporting DGUSA.  As CIMA psyched up the crowd, Johnny Gargano hit the ring.  He took the mic and told CIMA he knows he is looking for an American representative for Warriors International, playing off the last PPV where he teased making a decision as to which stable he would sign with.  Gargago said that he has someone in mind..and shock of shocks, it's Johnny Gargano.  He challenged CIMA for a match right now.  CIMA asked him if he was serious, so Gargano slapped him in the face.  CIMA asked him if he wanted a fight, he would get one and asked them to ring the bell.


CIMA attacked Gargano and chopped away at him.  Gargano came back with an enziguiri, knocking CIMA through the ropes to the apron, then hit a kick off of the apron.  Gargano followed up with a dive out of the ring to the floor.  Gargano worked over CIMA on the floor, then tossed him back in.  He dropkicked CIMA for a two count and followed up with a neckbreaker.  CIMA came back with a double stomp, then began working over Gargano's legs, slamming his knees into the mat.  He worked Gargano into position for a bow and arrow.  CIMA began kicking Gargano in the chest.  He whipped Gargano into the corner.  Gargano failed to fight off CIMA and was drilled with a forearm that sent him out of the ring.  Gargano came back with a spear, then stomped CIMA in the face. 

Gargano used a series of kicks to the face.  He began grandstanding but CIMA came back.  Gargano caught him in a submission hold, then rolled him over for a two count.  Gargano used a sunset flip for another near fall.  The crowd began rallying CIMA.  Gargano went for a suplex but CIMA escaped and hit a backstabber.      CIMA came off the ropes with a nasty double stomp for a two count.  CIMA hit a top rope sunset flip for a two count.  CIMA nailed a double knee strike in the corner but Gargano came back with a kneelift to the face, running snake eyes into the center turnbuckle and a superkick for a two count.

Gargano chopped CIMA into the corner.  CIMA nails a superkick of his eye.  He and Gargano go back with a series of suplex counters until CIMA hits a Michinoku Driver for a two count.     CIMA ties Gargano to the tree of woe and nails a dropkick to his face.  He then nailed a Van Terminator dropkick from one corner to the other.  CIMA hits an Emerald Frosion, then nails a diving double knee strike off the top rope for the pin.

Your winner, CIMA!

CIMA offered Gargano his hand after the match but when Gargano went to take it, CIMA blew him off instead.  The ECW Arena popped for it.

Good opener.  The idea here was to continue building Gargano as a player here and having him confront and slap one of the most important people in the company, then have a competitive bout with him.  Gargano is still finding himself but you can sense there is some great charisma from him, even at this stage.

Lenny Leonard and Chikarason, backstage, welcomed everyone to the PPV and thanked everyone for their support of the company. 

Drake Younger, in his DGUSA PPV debut, cut a promo about his match against Naruki Doi tonight, saying he was going to prove himself and make the most of tonight's opportunity.


The first man to score the pinfall is the victor.  Cannon and Ricochet started, feeling each other out.  Ricochet takes Cannon out and goes for a dive but Taylor tags in.  He takes out Ricochet and Cole hits the ring.  Cole took him out and hit a nice tope suicida to the floor.  Richochet went for a dive but was caught with a Cannon clothesline.  There were a series of dives, culminating with Ricochet hit a twisting springboard dive out on everyone.  They did a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner.  Cannon dumped Taylor into the corner with a suplex.  Cole caught Taylor with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count.  Crazy level of action here.

Cole and Cannon fired back and forth with chops.  Cannon killed him with a clothesline for a two count.  Taylor missed a big boot on Cannon but came back with another kick.  Ricochet caught him with a rana and standing moonsault press for a two count.  Ricochet hit a backslide driver on Cole then a twisting DDT on Cannon.  Cannon nailed Cole with Total Anarchy for a two count.  This is just an insane bout - the type that makes stars.  Fans began chanting, "This is awesome."

Ricochet went for a dive but was pulled out and hit with a back suplex onto the apron by Cole.  Taylor went for a plancha but missed.  Cole hit a flying bodypress on Cannon.  Cannon caught him with a backdrop suplex out of a guillotine choke for a two count.  Cole and Cannon battled in the corner.  Ricochet hit the ring but was caught by Cannon with a spinebuster.  Cole hit a Canadian Destroyer.  Ricochet went for the most insane twisting dive ever and missed.  Taylor hit a leaping piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Chuck Taylor!

Oh My God, this was incredible.  It was just an all out insane balls to the wall psychotic match.  Of all things, it reminded me a classic Eliminators vs. Sabu & RVD match at November to Remember show years ago or the first  Hardys vs. Edge & Christian ladder match (although none of those props are involved here) in that there was no way to keep up with the work ethic, speed and insanity of those involved.  This match really caught my attention and all four, but especially Taylor (since he went over), went from being DGUSA wrestlers to players in the company.  This Four Way is already worth the price of the PPV alone and we are just two matches into the show.  HUGE thumbs up for everyone involved.   The first must see match of DGUSA's second year is upon us.

Kamikaze USA promised to destroy Team CHIKARA tonight.  I love that they translate the Japanese with subtitles. 


The announcers explained that Younger (a top name in CZW, for those of you unfamiliar) was a substitute for the injured Dragon Kid.  Doi appeared to have his ribs taped and wore a t-shirt into the ring.  They went back and forth until Doi was tossed out of the ring.  Younger went for a senton to the floor but missed.  Younger was selling his knee coming back into the ring.  Doi went right after the knee, tying Younger's leg up in the ropes and nailing him with a running dropkick.   Doi locked in a one-legged crab but Younger made his way to the ropes.  Doi began nailing a series of shinbreakers, then snapped him with a belly to back suplex.

Younger tried to mount a comeback but was kicked with a basement dropkick.  Doi nailed a charge but Younger caught him and nailed a back suplex.  Younger tried to rally himself and nailed several flying forearm splashes.  Doi went for a waistlock but Younger used a series of elbows to escape.  Doi caught him with an elbow to take Younger back down.  Doi went for a an F5 but Younger escaped and drilled him with a lariat for a two count.  Doi tied up Younger in the ropes, then nailed a series of dropkicks and a senton off the ropes.

Doi went for the F5 but Younger rolled him up.  Younger avoided a sliding kick and hit a package bomb for a two count.  Younger went for a Gringokiller but Doi dropped down, slamming Younger down face-first into a Pedigree type move.  Doi followed that up with a cannonball in the corner.  He nailed the Doi-5 and then a series of slaps.  He drilled Younger with a charging dropkick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Naruki Doi!

The match told a really good story of Younger trying to make his name and it was interesting watching the crowd go from "eh" on the substitution to getting into the match.  While it was unfortunate for Dragon Kid to miss the PPV, it opened up a real opportunity for Younger and like he promised, he really made the most of it.  Doi has shown to be a hell of a worker over the last year and this was a pleasant surprise in that he gave Younger a lot, so when Doi beat him, it meant something and wasn't just a glorified squash.

Backstage, Mike Quackenbush introduces someone that hates Kamikaze USA as much as CHIKARA does, saying he went to him to be their partner tonight.  Masato Yoshino came out and promised he was going to take out YAMATO tonight.


Nicole is Nicole Matthews of the SHIMMER Canadian Ninjas, one of my favorite acts on the indies.  They went back and forth early.  Reed caught Swann with a belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Swann scored with a kick but was caught with a German suplex for a two count.  Swan drilled him with a twisting kick and a standing moonsault press, then a standing 450 splash for the pin. 

Your winner, Rich Swann!

Brodie Lee hit the ring and laid waste to everyone, including the referee and Nicole.   Lee took the mic and said he didn't care if it was a man, a woman or a child.  He said if something is in front of him, he's going to mow it over.  He said the next time he comes to DGUSA, he's aiming for a Japanese star. 

The match itself was short but Swann showed a hell of a lot of promise as an athlete when it comes to the aerial stuff.  Reed looked solid and Nicole took a hell of a boot to the face as well.  DGUSA has done a nice barebones build to Lee being a real threat here.  You have to enjoy the slow burning build to a no nonsense kickass monster heel.

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs said that he had a night off and wasn't wrestling, but he was here and would be looking for Jon Moxley.  Typical good promo from Jacobs, who in a lot of ways is the DGUSA equivalent of Raven in ECW when it comes to the smart promos and ability to recreate himself.


Kamikaze USA attacked their opponents before the bell.  YAMATO and Quackenbush battled in the ring.   Everyone else battled outside the ring.  Moxley and YAMATO choked and worked over Quack.  It settled into a traditional tag.  Quack knocked YAMATO and Moxley out of the ring.  He hit a standing moonsault to the floor on Team Kamikaze.   Yoshino and Tozawa went nuts going back and forth.  Akuma and Hallowicked joined the fray.   Jigsaw and Hallowicked worked on Akuma.   Tozawa took out Hallowicked.  Moxley chokeslammed him for a two count.

YAMATO chopped away at Hallowicked and drilled him with a running forearm in the corner.  Kamikaze USA worked over Hallowicked in the corner.    Akuma went for a move off the top but Jigsaw turned it into a super rana.  He made the tag to Hallowicked who went back and forth with Tozawa.  Tozawa nailed a Saito suplex.  Kazimake USA laid waste to the CHIKARA team and all worked over Hallowicked, pinning him.

Hallowicked has been eliminated.

Jigsaw battled with Tozawa and Akuma.  He nailed a double stomp and then a suplex on Akuma.  Moxley broke up the pin.  Quack hit the scene and he and Jigsaw worked over Moxley with a doubleteam kick to the face.  CHIKARA tripleteamed Moxley with a series of kicks into the corner.  Yoshino hit an awesome missile dropkick off the top on YAMATO.   Jigsaw nailed a brainbuster on Moxley, scoring a two count.  Moxley came back with a cross face chickenwing into a suplex.  Jigsaw kicked out at one and came back with a kick but was cut off with a superkick.  Jigsaw kicked up at one.  Moxley grabbed a chair and slammed it over Jigsaw's head. 

Moxley was DQ'd and eliminated!

Jimmy Jacobs hit the ring and speared Moxley.  They brawled out.

YAMATO hit a brainbuster on Jigsaw and pinned him.

Jigsaw has been eliminated!

Tozawa and Yoshino went back and forth with fast paced spots.  Yoshino missed a missile dropkick. Tozawa missed a top rope headbutt.  Yoshino missed a senton and was caught with a German suplex.  Tozawa caught Yoshino with a kick but Quack broke up the pinfall.  Akuma hit the scene and drilled Quack with a tombstone into a reverse lungblower to the gut.  Akuma hit a 450 splash for a two count.   Quack whipped Akuma into YAMATO.  He wheelbarrowed Akuma into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

Akuma has been eliminated!

YAMATO and Yoshino went back and forth.  YAMATO missed his knockout kick.  Yoshino hit a sick looking head scissors for a two count.  Yoshino spear for a two count.  Tozawa broke up the pin.  All four battled in the ring.  Quack accidentally nailed his partner, Yoshino with a forearm.  YAMATO and Tozawa worked over Quack.  Quack grabs YAMATO in a crucifix and runs him into a slam position, then cradles him for a two count.  YAMATO came back with a choke sleeper and hit a back suplex on Quack.  Tozawa hit a bridging German for a two count but Yoshino broke it up.  Yoshino and YAMATO battled back and forth.

YAMATO kicked Yoshino low.  Quack returned the favor. The babyfaces locked in stereo submissions and both tapped.

YAMATO and Tozawa have been eliminated.

Your winners, CHIKARA!

So much FUN but as you can imagine, this was extremely fast paced and I couldn't even hope to keep up with them move for move.  As a blow off to the CHIKARA vs. Kamikaze feud that began on the first PPV, this was a really good one.  Lots of back and forth action and unique sequences.  The Jacobs attack made total sense and was smartly set up with the promo, although I would have had it earlier on the PPV so it didn't telegraph it so much.  One thing that really shined here was Masato Yoshino's work.  I don't know that he would get over the same in say WWE or TNA, but for a promotion of this style, his work and charisma really stands out.


Hulk did his dance in the ring and at the end, ripped off his hair, revealing that he was wearing a wig as he had lost a hair match in Japan.   I'm not sure who's idea it was to have him shave his head but I thinj it really hurt his look.  It was pretty smart to send him out with the wig as a bridge to explain what happened to him, but grow that hair back.

They lock up and Hulk backs up Mochizuki to the ropes.  Clean break.  They lock up again with Hulk pushed against the ropes.  This time, Mochizuki chops him across the chest.  Mochizuki kicks Hulk stiffly but Hulk comes back with a dropkick.   They go back and forth and it's a face-off.  Mochizuki takes down Hulk, who fires back.  They exchange stiff kicks with Hulk getting the worst of it.  Hulk tossed Mochizuki over the top to the floor and they battle on the floor.

Back in the ring, Hulk dropkicked Mochizuki in the knee, taking him down.  Hulk focuses on his knee and uses a stepover toehold to wear down Mochizuki,.  He continued to work on Mochizuki's leg, focusing on the ankle as well before a rope break forced him to release.  Hulk went right back after the leg, kicking at the hamstring.  He turned Mochizuki into a standing Sharpshooter but Mochizuki again got to the ropes.  He came back to drill Hulk with a kick to the chest.  He missed a charge, but came off the ropes to kick Hulk off the ropes, then hit a charging kick, sending Hulk to the floor.

Mochizuki followed Hulk to the floor.  Hulk went for a kick but Mochizuki ducked and Hulk kicked the ringpost.  Mochizuki nailed a shinbreaker on the apron.  He locked in a leglock.  Hulk tried to kick him off but was unsuccessful.  Hulk finally fights his way to the ropes.  Mochizuki goes for another shinbreaker but doesn't get it.  Instead, he hits a running kick to Hulk's shinbreaker.  Mochizuki locked in a figure four leglock in the middle.  Hulk fought to turn it but Mochizuki rolled through and Hulk was trapped again.  Hulk was almost pinned while in the move.

Hulk finally made his way to his feet and began kicking at Mochizuki.  Mochizuki kept challenging him to bring it on before delivering one of his own that sent Hulk upside down.  Mochizuki locked in an ankle lock in the center of the ring and scissored Hulk's leg.  Hulk made it to the ropes but was holding his leg.  His kicks had lost their spring when he went after Mochizuki.  Both men went for Yakuza Kicks and drilled the other in the head.  Hulk charged but was sent up and over to the apron.  He came back with a springboard missile dropkick.

Hulk nailed a standing moonsault off the top to the floor on Mochizuki.  Back in the ring, Hulk used a series of kicks to sweep Mochizuki's legs and hit a standing moonsault press for a two count.  He nailed an overhead kick and an uranage   They battled back and forth with kicks and strikes.  Mochizuki tied Hulk to the tree of woe.  He began drilling Hulk with kicks to the chest.  He went for a hesitation dropkick but faked out Hulk, who began pulling himself up.  He attacked Hulk, who crumpled into the corner. 

Mochizuki went for a back suplex but Hulk landed on his feet and killed Mochizuki.  He hit several fast offensive maneuvers until Mochizuki came with a series of stiff kicks.  Mochizuki hit a twisting suplex for a two count.  Hulk went to the top but Mochizuki leaped and caught him with a superplex.  He grabbed Hulk and placed him across the center turnbuckle.  He charged with a spinning kick to the gut.  Fans began rallying Hulk.

Mochizuki went for a back suplex but Hulk landed on his feet and caught him with an EVO.  Fans began chanting, "This is wrestling."  Hulk's kick was blocked.  They began going back and forth with stiff strikes.  Hulk caught Mochizuki with a stiff kick.  He placed Mochizuki on the top rope and came off the top with an EVO.  Mochizuki kicked up at two.  Hulk came back with a Phoenix Splash for a two count.  The timekeeper rang the bell.  Hulk caught Mochizuki with a cradle and scored the pin.

Your winner, BxB Hulk!

Two words: Simply awesome.  The PPV main event is phenomenal.

A woman in goth makeup and a white dress, rolled into the ring.  Hulk looked confused and shocked.  Kamikaze USA attacked Hulk.  Jon Moxley said they took his hair in Japan and they took his dancing girl (she was Hulk's dancer Wrestlemania weekend), so now they are going to finish the job.  They began working over Hulk and beat him down to close the PPV.  Interesting way to close out the show, since usually DGUSA has someone standing triumphant at the end and this time around, it's the heels beating the hell out of their champion - plus it gives the heels their heat back after the CHIKARA loss.

Final Thoughts: Insanely good PPV.  Hulk vs. Mochizuki and the Four Way are absolutely must see matches.  The four way is the type of matches wrestlers hang their hat on as being "made" while the title match was another worthy notch in Hulk's belt when it comes to great quality wrestling.  The Elimination match is a lot of fun and has some great sequences, while also feeling like a worthy war to end that rivalry.  There's nothing really critical one can say about the show except that one wishes the company had a larger platform to show themselves off and more money for production purposes.  Hopefully that comes in time, because I really wish I could be watching these shows in HD, but I'm thankful to be watching wrestling at this level regularly in the United States....I didn't cover them but loved the look backs at the first year in DGUSA as well.  Smart way to pump up those DVD sales....For more on the promotion, visit


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