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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-09 10:42:48
Mick Foley wrote a long blog about his charity work with R.A.I.N.N. (Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network) at this link.   It's a really jarring, touching read and I advise everyone to check it out. Foley donated all of his advance royalties for "Countdown to Lockdown" to the charity, just to give everyone an idea of how important the cause is to him.

Foley is also currently campaigning on his twitter account to help raise additional funds for the charity, which you can do by visiting and voting for the charity, pushing them into a top spot to receive funding from Pepsi's Refresh Everything charity fund.  You can also vote via text by texting 102552 to Pepsi (73774) - PLEASE NOTE your standard messaging rates will apply.

While Foley's legacy will likely end up being that his writing broke down the walls for wrestling books or the crazy bumps he took, a big part of it should also be the great amount of volunteerism and charity work he undertook during a time period of his life where he easily could have sat back and done nothing, for he had made his money after the WWE run.

Besides, after all those bumps he took for fans, isn't a few mouse clicks or a text the least anyone can do for Cactus Jack?

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