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By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-28 11:30:14

With WWE airing the 900th edition of Monday Night Raw this Monday, here are the complete results of the very first WWF Monday Night Raw, held on 1/11/93 at the Manhattan Center, showing a very different company and landscape for their business at the time:

Dark Matches:

*Bob Backlund defeated Damien Damento by DQ when Damento refused to release a choke against the ropes.

*Cheetah (the future Rocco Rock) pinned Johnny Rotten (the future Johnny Grunge) with a moonsault. The ropes were too loose for Cheetah (shortened version of Cheetah Kid, a masked persona Ted Petty did regularly on the independents) to do many of his usual springboard type maneuevers.

Live Raw Broadcast:

*Yokozuna pinned Koko B. Ware with the Banzai Splash.

*The Steiners defeated the Executioners (Barry Hardy & Dwayne 'Gillberg' Gill under masks). Doink The Clown showed up in the crowd in one of Matt Borne's debut appearances in that persona after Scott nailed the Frankensteiner one of of the Execs.

*Vince McMahon interviewed Razor Ramon to build to Bret Hart vs. Ramon at the 1993 Royal Rumble PPV.

*WWF Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels pinned Max Moon (Paul Diamond). During Moon's entrance, he accidentally shot a fireball into the face of a ringside cameraman, who returned during the match to resume his work to a big pop.

*Tito Santana pinned Iron Mike Sharpe with the Flying Forearm smash in a dark match that was held live in the venue as a Rumble PPV Event Center aired on the TV episode.

*The Undertaker pinned Damien Damento with a tombstone.

WWF Mania:

*Yokozuna pinned Jimmy Powers with the Banzai Splash.


*Crush defeated Bam Bam Bigelow by DQ when Doink the Clown came to ringside and tripped him. Crush and Doink had a brief brawl before Crush ran him off to close the taping.

Notes: Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett and Randy Savage were the announcers....The episode featured an ongoing vignette where Bobby Heenan, manning different disguises tried to gain entry to the "sold out" venue....Tickets for the taping were all general admission and only $12.

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