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By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-25 09:53:48
As Dave Scherer wrote yesterday, word has been making the rounds in recent days that the Milton Wilpon/Peter Karoftis/Sean Davis Florida upstart, which we know now has been named Worldwide Wrestling Promotions, was pushing back its planned Fall launch for January 2011. 

The delay was confirmed to the roster and staff of WWP in an email early this morning from Sean Davis, real name R. Sean Pascoe, who noted they now planned to launch in the early part of 2011, but didn't have a firm date.

In the email, which acquired from numerous sources, Davis wrote that "the financing side" of the company told the wrestling side, "our original time table is not at all feasible. While we were all committed to launching in October we know now that has become an impossible goal.  Our new goal is to start operations in the first part of the new year however we do not as of today have a firm date.  That unfortunately means that contracts will have to be changed to a new starting date."

Pascoe went on to explain that while he "fought this decision KICKING AND SCREAMING (literally)", that the "corporate side of the company" feels the delay has to happen.  He warned the roster that "unfortunately it comes down to either this move is made or this company does not move forward."

Pascoe told the wrestlers and staffers that they would be issued contract addendums drawn up by WWP's attorney and if the talent didn't wish to sign them, he understood.  Pascoe told those emailed, "You will still be welcome to come back to work for us in the future once we are up and running in the early part of the new year. For those of you that sign the contract addendums you will be receiving extra shares of company stock and the addendums will also spell out our full health and benefits plan that will be made available to you."

Pascoe noted that the company has been hit with "more than our fair share of bumps", blaming it on "many forces in the wrestling business."  Pascoe wrote these forces were "doing whatever they can to sabotage everything we are trying to do and doing everything in their power to make sure that this company will never launch. I can promise you though that no matter how many hurdles we have to jump over that there are people here dedicated to doing everything they can to make sure this company WILL launch and we will be a long time player in this industry."

Pascoe declared that WWP was not launching "a new independent promotion or something that is going to be on the long list of fly by night wrestling companies that have come and gone."  He wrote that they are planning on "becoming over the next decade the premiere wrestling company in the world" but that "obviously does not happen overnight."

Pascoe also promised details on several deals that the company had completed in "the next few weeks."

As all this is going on can confirm that representatives of the upstart WWP have been reaching out to a number of known power players in the business, including Paul Heyman and Jerry Jarrett.

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