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By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-13 20:07:16

WWE Diva Tiffany, real name Taryn Terrell was actually arrested at 8 AM on Sunday 8/8 in West Los Angeles, California.  She was charged with a misdemeanor  (I believe assault, but the police report I was provided did not make that clear) against her husband, WWE star Drew McIntyre.

A domestic disturbance between the two led to both security and later police being called to a hotel, which is not named in the report.  Terrell was taken into custody and booked into the Van Nuys Valley Jail at 10:26 AM.  She was released on $20,000 bail at 4:55 PM later that afternoon.

McIntyre was not taken into custody or charged.

Terrell is scheduled for a hearing on 9/2 at the Los Angeles Municipal Court, Division 141.  WWE immediately sent Terrell home once they were made aware of the situation.

The earlier date and location of her arrest were incorrect and I apologize for the error.  The confusion in the dates seemed to come from Terrell not being at TV in San Jose this past Tuesday.

There is a lot of talk among WWE performers that Terrell may end up released as she was in town representing the company as part of Summerslam week and performers have been let go in the past when there were incidents at hotels during Wrestlemania week. 

As of right now, the official stance is that Terrell is "indefinitely suspended."


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