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By Buck Woodward on 2010-08-08 19:51:41
Welcome to our coverage of TNA Hardcore Justice.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

The PPV opened with a "slide show" style video package of old still photos from ECW, with voiceovers from various stars putting over their past.  They spliced in some shots of the outside of the ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, as it looks today.  The package ended with Tommy Dreamer saying this was their "Last Stand". 

Ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis welcomed us to the show, as the fans chanted "ECW", and introduced the "Human Suplex Machine", Taz.  Taz welcomed the fans to Hardcore Justice, and there was a "Taz" chant.  Taz said he had looked into the eyes of the wrestlers in the back, and it was going to "get extreme" tonight.  There was another "ECW" chant.  Taz said that there have been "haters and doubters" about what they did "back in the day."  Taz said they were about more than just "violence" and that they revolutionized the business.  Taz said this was a shoot, and that anyone who wants to "piss" on what they did "never got it, is never going to get it, and can kiss his ass".  Taz then did his classic closing line, "I'm Taz, the Human Suplex Machine, beat me if you can, survive if I let you!" 

Tazz then joined Mike Tenay at the announce table, for the opening six man tag, refereed by John Finnegan. 

The FBI (Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke, Tracy Smothers with Big Sal E. Graziano) vs. Kid Kash, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger.

Kid Kash got a "welcome back" chant as he came out.  Tenay said Diamond & Swinger were angry with the FBI because the FBI got a title match with Mikey Whipwreck & Tajiri at the Hammerstein Ballroom ten years ago.  DeAngelis did full introductions for each wrestler.  Tony Mamaluke was introduced as "Tony Luke", even though there was a "TM" on his tights.  There was a huge chant for Guido as he was introduced.  There ring was bathed in blue light after the bell for some reason, with the lights on the audience dimmed. 

Kid Kash and Guido started, and there was a "Where's My Pizza?" chant as Kash and Guido exchanged early pinfall and rollup attempts.  Tony Luke tagged in, and Mike Tenay explained that there were names they couldn't use for legal reasons, thus the "tribute" to South Philly's best sandwich shop.  Swinger tagged in and hit Tony with a back suplex.  Tony whipped Swinger into Diamond and tagged out to Smothers.  Tracy and Diamond faced off, with Smothers hitting a series of shots and a side kick, then elbowed DIamond, sending him to the floor.  There was an "FBI" chant.  Simon took the mic and said "Simon has a problem."  The fans chanted "Shut The F*** Up" as Taz wondered if they were in Philly.  Diamond blamed Kash for them not being a "fine oiled machine" then said they can outdance the FBI.  Diamond said they were going to have an "Extreme Dance Off".   Diamond and Swinger danced, while Kash just watched.  Tracy got on the mic and said Michael Jackson was rolling in his grave.  Smothers said if they can't dance better than them, "everybody dies" and the FBI danced.  Big Sal then got in the ring and danced, to an ovation.  Kash, Swinger and Diamond cleared out the FBI, except Sal.  Sal knocked Swinger and Diamond out of the ring, and we had a huge brawl on the floor.  Kid Kash then launched himself off referee John Finnegan, into a springboard off the top rope and into a flip dive onto the pile on the floor. 

The match then settled back down, with Kash hitting Tony with a backbreaker for a two count.  Kash and Luke chopped each other, then Luke hit a clothesline.  Luke charged Kash, who powerslammed him into the turnbuckles.  Guido tagged in and knocked Diamond and Swinger off the apron before hitting Kash with a series of kicks, a bodypress and a legsweep.  Guido dropkicked Kash, but Swinger broke up the cover.  Luke went to the ropes, but Diamond stopped him.  Swinger and Kash went to double superplex Luke, but Tracy and Guido got in and we had a Tower powerbomb/superplex spot.  Everyone started hitting their finishers, including Diamond hitting the Simon Series on Guido, Kash giving Luke a Moneymaker and Guido giving Kash a Sicilian Slice and more.  Guido hit the Tomikaze (UnPretteier) on Diamond for the pin at the ten minute mark. 

Winners: The FBI (Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke, Tracy Smothers with Big Sal E. Graziano)

Mike Tenay talked about calling the show, and said if Joey Styles had been "contractually available" he would give up the announce seat to him.  Tenay and Taz then explained that due to Jerry Lynn's back injury, tonight's main event would be Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu. 

They had a "Where Are They Now?" segment, with taped comments from ECW founder Tod Gordon, Pitbull Gary Wolfe and The Blue Meanie.  They thanked the fans for their support.

They then had an "I Remember" segment with AJ Styles talking about the famous Tommy Dreamer vs. The Sandman caning angle. 

Al Snow did a backstage promo with Head, telling Head to "stop chanting those letters" because Head was going to get them in trouble.  Stevie Richards tried to calm Snow, who began ranting about his old WWF gimmicks.  Super Nova, in Hollywood Nova gear, showed up, and they joked about how his blue shirt had no logo on it, due to legal issues.  Nova then brought in a Blue Meanie imposter, with Snow joking that "legally, we can't even get the real guy!"  The Meanie imposter had "BV2.0" on his shirt.  Nova said it was like replacing a character on a TV show.  Richards then said that tonight was his night to prove something to the fans and his peers, and that he had a match to get ready for, leaving Nova and the fake Meanie. 

C.W. Anderson vs. 2 Cold Scorpio.

Mike Kehner is the referee for this one.  Scorpio got a nice ovation and chant, while Taz talked about how Scorpio and Dean Malenko broke his neck during a match where Taz teamed with Eddie Guerrero.  Scorpio and Anderson exchanged arm locks and holds.  Scorpio offered a handshake, but Anderson spat at him.  Anderson threw some punches, then they traded shots until Anderson put Scorpio in a headlock.  Scorpio tossed him in the ropes and leapfrogged him, then hit a dropkick.  Scorpio sent Anderson to the floor, then hit a corkscrew plancha, getting an "ECW" chant.  Scorpio hit a top rope bodypress for a two count.  They traded forearm shots, then Anderson hit a superkick for a two count.  Anderson stomped on Scorpio's arm, then threw him into a corner, shoulder first.  Anderson kept working on the arm, but Scorpio hit a back kick, and unloaded with punches until Anderson blasted him with a left hand for a two count.  

Anderson went to pick Scorpio up off the mat, but Scorpio hit a legsweep for two.  They traded some pinfall reversals, then Anderson ducked a superkick and backdropped Scorpio to the apron.  Scorpio got back in and hit a rolling capo kick in the corner, then hit a somersault senton on Anderson.  Scorpio went for a moonsault, but Anderson got his knees up, then hit Scorpio with a spinebuster for a two count.  There was a chant for Scorpio.  Anderson hit some forearms, but then ran into a Scorpio superkick.  Scorpio went to the top rope and dropped the Bomb (moonsault legdrop) for the pin at the seven minute mark. 

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio.

After the match, Scorpio pulled Anderson back into the ring and held out his hand.  They shook hands and Scorpio held up his arm. 

Another "I Remember" segment.  Velvet Sky said there are similarities between ECW and TNA.  Matt Morgan talked about being a bouncer at Bar Anticipation, where "the Philadelphia promotion" ran a show. Mr. Anderson also put over the "Philly based promotion". 

Backstage, Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso talked about the classic Jerry Lynn-RVD feud, and Van Dam said Lynn was training so hard, he hurt himself.  Van Dam said he had to think about his opponent for tonight, and that there are many loose ends from back in the day, like his TV title reign.  Van Dam said, if this is going to be for one night only, he had to pick Sabu to be his opponent.  Bill Alfonso said he would "call it right now the middle" and manage both men.  Van Dam did the old "Sabu/RVD" post and Bill Alfonso blew his whistle. 

PJ Polaco (Justin Credible) vs. Stevie Richards.

Credible was wearing one of his ECW-era Justin Credible shirts.  Richards was accompanied by Nova and "Blue Tillie", the Meanie impersonator.  Credible was referred to as PJ Polaco, although the fans chanted "Justin Credible".  Richards got a chant for his introduction as well.  Credible hit Richards with a shoulderblock at the start, then Richards grabbed a headlock.  Richards hit his own shoulderblock, backing off Credible.  Credible hit some knees to the gut, then chopped Richards.  Richard returned fire and whipped Credible into the corner.  Credible was then slid into the ringpost, groin first.  The battled went to the floor, where Credible hit a suplex.  Credible got back in the ring and hit a slingshot splash onto Richards on the floor.  Credible stomped Richards in a corner, then pulled him out into a powerbomb for a two count.  Credible gave Richards a jawbreaker, then stomped him in a corner.  

Richards reversed a whip and sent Credible into a corner.  Credible tried to leapfrog him, but Richards tossed Credible to the floor.  There was a "We Want Meanie" chant as Tillie did Meanie mannerisms on the floor.  Richards hit Credible with an elbow and a side slam.  Richards hit a powerbomb for a two count.  Richards went to the middle rope, but jumped into a Credible superkick for a two count. Credible hit the That's Incredible spinning tombstone piledriver.  Credible covered, but pulled Richards up at two, then argued with Nova.  Credible stood over Richards and said "That's not just the coolest, that's not just the best, that's..." and Richards jumped up and superkicked him for the pin at the six minute mark. 

Winner: Stevie Richards.

Post-match, Credible took a Singapore Cane and blasted Richards with it.  The lights went out, and when they came back on, The Sandman was in the ring.  Sandman smiled at Credible, who looked incredulous.  Credible swung his cane, but Sandman ducked it and hit the White Russian Legsweep.  Sandman then blasted Credible with a caneshot. Sandman broke Credible's cane in half then stood over Credible.  There was a "Welcome back" chant starting up as they went to the next video package. 

They had a "Where Are They Know?" segment, and showed Francine with her little daughter Molly.  Francine thanked the fans, TNA, and gave best wishes to everyone she worked with in ECW. Francine noted she was retired, but had a great 15 year run in wrestling. 

Coverage continued on the next page. 


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