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By Mike Johnson on 2010-07-30 09:30:00
With CHIKARA's announcement that one of the all time greatest in-ring workers ever, female star Manami Toyota, would be making her American in-ring debut this September in Maryland and New York City, it seemed like the perfect time for the YouTube Classic to spotlight the tremendously talented Ms. Toyota.

Below is Toyota's great match against the monstrous Aja Kong from the November 1994 All Japan Women Big Egg Universe event in Japan. If you like Divas and Knockouts, be prepared to get taken to a whole new level in women's professional wrestling:

Note from Mike: This video is believed to have entered into public domain. No rights or claim to ownership of video footage given or implied.

If you have a future suggestion for classic wrestling footage to be featured via YouTube (within the obvious legal restrictions), email

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