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By Mike Johnson on 2010-07-20 10:00:00
Whatever happened to Big Vision Entertainment?  It seemed like every 30 seconds they had a new DVD out for wrestling but then nothing.  How do they go from being a popular DVD company with an MTV series to basically disappearing?

You can blame the economy.  Big Vision still exists on paper but have suspended operations for many months.  They had a number of hardships in the last few years, including a distributor go belly up without payment owed made to the company, buying practices for Best Buy changing, other retail outlets like Circuit City going out of business, etc.  With no money coming in, BVE in turn began to owe others and soon money was running tight. Employees were working on deferred payments for a long time but with no turnaround in sight, the company is sort of sitting there in suspended animation, waiting for some sort of financing to get them going again. Whether that happens remains to be seen.

If indeed Tara has returned to TNA as the mysterious motorcycle rider why not bring back Roxxi? Its only fair. There was no clear or logical reason to let Roxxi go in the first place.

Sometimes, life isn't fair.  TNA had an idea in mind for Tara when they signed her to a new deal.  Right now, they don't have something in place for Roxxi.

On a recent TNA Impact! I was most impressed by the all out brawl between Sarita and her former tag team partner Taylor Wilde. Both women were incredible. Great back and forth action. Sarita has had experience in physical fighting in Mexico. Wilde, although not known as a rough fighter really showed me something. She never backed down. She stood toe to toe with a more seasoned and much traveled competitor. I expect great things between these two amazing women if given the chance. Hopefully this won't be the last we see these two. What did you think of the fight between Sarita and Wilde?

As I wrote last week in my TNA Impact thoughts, it was a great brawl.  I thought it was one of the best things on last week's Impact.  It was the most personality we've seen thus far out of Sarita and Wilde looked awesome as well.

Where/When is the next WWE Wrestlemania taking place?

The first weekend in April 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia Dome.

Who is booking TNA right now if Hogan and Easy E is not there?

The current creative team of Vince Russo and Matt Conway are still in place, although Tommy Dreamer is heading up the ECW aspects of the current direction.

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