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By Manuel Gonzales on 2010-07-19 08:10:42

IWA held their July 17 event, marking their 11th Anniversary event, named Summer Attitude, at the Pepin Cestero Arena at Bayamon. PRW reader Revel reported the action, stating that close to 300 fans attended the event.

The event started with a wall video on what has happened at the promotion in their 11 years.

1-Barbie Boy defeated Enigma & Starky & Empio in an extreme combat division match.

2-Genesis defeated Zoe The Golden Princess to win the IWA Ladies Title.

3-The Kongs defeated Reinstein & Renegado del Infierno when Xix Xavany interfered and Renegado turne don Reinstein.

4-Lash defeated Julian Jamrock with help from heel referee Atlético while using the ropes as leverage. Lash retained the XCD Title.

5-In A Triple Threat Match for the Caribbean Title, Rico Casanova defeated Mike Reed & Ash Rubinsky. After the match Ash attacked Rico for a while.

6-Spectro defeated Xix Xavant on a casket match.

7-In a Death Cage match Ricky Cruzz defeated Rick Stanley to win the Undisputed IWA Title. On a moment of the match Stanley escaped from the cage, move that clearly make him the winner, but heel referee Atlético was arguing with Cruzz on the casket, while outside the outside referee was distracted with Gilbert, so there came Dennis Rivera came in and throwed Stanley back to the cage so match continued. After the match Stanley demanded a rematch and Rivera asked for a title shot. Cruzz came in as well and demanded a title shot as well because his ‘friend’ Cruzz didn’t helped him when he had his problems. Then Noel Rodriguez came with the Jose Miguel Cup and said that he was the winner of the cup that earned a title shot so he wanted his title shot as well. Cruzz accepted their challenge at Armagedon.

8-Bryan Danielson defeated QT Marshall to win the IWA Puerto Rican Title by submission.

9-With Bronco as special referee, Savio Vega defeated Savio Vega. Bravo had a knux that Bronco handled him, but Bronco slopped him before using it. Savio kicked Bravo. Bronco handcuffed Bravo and praised Savio and then Bronco attacked Savio. Heels came and praised Bronco. Bronco call Miguel Perez and asked him to join him. Miguel said no and eventually was attacked. Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodriguez did the save.

10-Noel Rodriguez defeated Gilbert on a coal miners match. Referee was knocked and Gilbert took the title but referee was still knocked. Noel climbed and attacked Gilbert and took the title at the moment that referee was waking up, declaring him as the winner and new Intercontinental champion. Bronco came in asn ordered his guys to attack Noel until Savio Vega came to save. Then Bryan Danielson came and attacked Savio from behind. Bronco passed a knux to Danielson and attacked Savio while Bronco attacked Noel.

After all was calmed Noel challenged Bronco and Savio challenged Danielson.

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