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By Mike Johnson on 2010-07-13 21:20:41
*Kane interrupted a Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes match then cut a promo saying Jack Swagger was a liar and was going to get revenge tonight.

*A recap of the Mysterio/Swagger feud was shown. 

*Rey Mysterio was interviewed in the back saying he was too hurt to wrestle Sunday and was going to forfeit the title tonight. Then he said he wasn't serious and that karma would work against Swagger for taking out the Undertaker.

*Jack Swagger was shown talking on the phone to some unknown person who said they were stuck in traffic and would be there as soon as they could. 

*Drew Mcintyre beat Christian with the double arm DDT in a solid match. 

*The Alberto Del Rio promo from last week was shown.

*A video recapping CM Punk cashing in the money in the bank is shown when he beat Jeff Hardy. Hardy was shown and mentioned by name.

*The SES is in the ring. Punk talks about winning the briefcase and Big Show interrupts. Show brought a ladder with him. Show said he was out here because of Money in the Bank and to entertain. Punk said he wanted to see Show do a 450 and by that he means seeing his 450 pounds falling off a ladder. Show tried to climb the ladder and it broke so he got a step ladder and said that wouldn't work either. Then he had the crew bring out a massive ladder. It looked like two ladders put together. Punk distracted Show as SES members jumped him. Punk climbed the ladder but Show made a comeback and climbed the ladder. Show grabbed Punk and pulled his mask off exposing his bald head for the first time. Show put on the mask and left. Good segment.

*Jack Swagger was on the phone again and the mystery person said their driver was lost but promised to be there.

*Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters vs. Layla and Trent Baretta. Rosa came out distracting the Dudebusters and Masters took them out. Kelly pinned Layla with the rocker dropper. The guys did not tag in. Very short match.Matt Hardy came out and cut a promo saying he was going to win Sunday and cash in the title shot that night.

* Dolph Ziggler beat Hardy with the Zig Zag after Vickie provided a distraction.

* A limo pulls up and Swagger greets him. I believe it's his Dad.

* Swagger comes to the ring with his Dad. Swagger says he can prove he didn't have anything to do with the Undertaker situation. He says that weekend he was with his Dad. He showed pics of him and his Dad working out from that day. Then he shows pics of them winning a fishing tournament. Then pics of them winning an eating contest are shown when Kane comes out. Kane says he doesn't believe him and Swagger shows more pics as Kane grabs him. Swagger hits Kane with the mic and puts on the ankle lock. Mysterio hits a 619 on Swagger then leaves. Kane grabs both Swaggers but Jack gets away. Kane chokeslams Daddy Swagger as Jack watches. Kane then tombstoned Daddy Swagger as Jack watched again. Swagger then walked out. Kane was left standing as the show ended.

*The Dark match is Mysterio and Swagger in a cage match for the world title. Mysterio beat Swagger with a top rope splash in a cage match.

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