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By Mike Johnson on 2010-07-12 09:57:00
Metro Pro Wrestling, the independent promotion designed to bring local professional wrestling back to the Kansas City area, appears to be dead on arrival.  The promotion, which taped three hours of television at the Memorial Hall for a TV slot that was advertised to have cleared several local Comcast and Time-Warner systems, quietly shut down their official website and Facebook page last week and a number of wrestlers who worked the first taping have been told the project is dead.

The promotion's lone show featured Trevor Murdoch, Tommy Dreamer, NWA champion Adam Pearce, Angel Medina of the ECW Baldies, Michael Strider, Mark Sterling, Jeremy Wyatt, Brett Young, Steve Girthy, Steve Fender, Derek Stone, Paul Diamond, Domino Rivera, the Hooligans, Nate Bash, and Ben Sailer, among others as their talent roster. 

The creative end was headed by former WWE creative team member and director of the "K.C. on the Mat" documentary Chris Gough, who had high hopes of building a viable local independents.  Dave Marquez working on production and appearing as ring announcer.  I was told that the Memorial Hall owners were heavily involved with the financial end of the first taping, which was said to have drawn a disappointing number and have run too long as a show.  Still, very sad to see a potential new promotion die out so quickly.

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